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Dream11 Prediction For Today’s Match and Fantasy Cricket Tips

How To Create Your Own Cricket Fantasy Team?

Dream 11 Prediction For Today’s Match, Fantasy Cricket is a sports game where users create teams with 11 players from a total of 25 to 30. When a match has started, users get points for 11 players based on how they perform in the ‘real’ match. Points will be given for runs, wickets, catches and more.


Creating Your Own Team

You can start by choosing a match you want to play. Then, create your team by selecting 11 players, complete with a captain and vice-captain. Your team should consist of 3 batsmen, 3 bowlers, an all-rounder, and a wicket-keeper.

You must select your fantasy cricket team by staying in your budget of 100 credits, meaning that only a maximum of 7 players can be picked from any given side. If any player chosen by you does not feature in the playing 11, you will not be rewarded any points.


Scoring High In Fantasy Cricket / Understand The Points System 

These tips may not be applied to all websites, as each website has their own points system for ranking users. Most sites will consist of the basic attributes like runs, wickets, catches and strike rate. Some sites have a different system based on match types, such as ODI, Test, and T20. Choose your players based on the match type, if a site offers points for it.


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Recent Performances 

To know if a player is in good form, look at their recent performances. If they have been doing well on their last matches, it is highly possible that they will continue doing well in upcoming matches. Batsmen will usually stay in matches longer, so they will score more. Bowlers in the death bowlers also get higher points due to the batting team giving away a lot of wickets trying to hit big.

Update Selections After The Toss

Once the toss is over, you will find out from the captains who are in the Playing XI and who is not. In the few minutes before a match starts, update your selection to ensure all your 11 players are in the 22 of the match.

Star Players 


Most sites offer different types of star players, such as captain, vice-captain, silver, gold and more. These players earn almost twice the points. Usually, all-rounders are chosen for star players since they get all the points in all departments.

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Try to choose from all types of players, if you choose most batsmen, you will not get enough points for bowlers and not all batsmen will score points. All-rounders are important because they can score on the batting and bowling side as well. They are sometimes also good fielders, too. Wicket keepers are important since they also score points for catches, stumping, run-outs, and runs. An ideal composition would include 4 batsmen, 1 wicket-keeper, 2 all-rounders and 4 bowlers.

Balancing Teams


Try not to choose favourites and do not choose more than 6 players from a team. In a CSK vs RCB match, you may want to choose your maximum players from your team but this should be avoided.

Reasons Why You Should Play Fantasy Cricket


Cricket season is well upon us. Whether on the pitch or online, the anticipation is building up. The competition is starting to heat up online as well, as Fantasy Cricket barrels on at full speed. If you have yet to give it a try, it’s about time that you do so!

Wondering where you can play Fantasy Cricket? There are quite a few websites that host it. If you haven’t given it a try yet, perhaps the better question is why you should play Fantasy Cricket. Some people play it for the prizes, but many more just play for the fun of it. Some love the feeling of scaling up the leader boards and gaining national recognition among other players.

Still remain apprehensive about the idea? Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should try Fantasy Cricket:

Dream 11 Prediction For Today’s Match

You Get To Create Your Very Own Team

Do you have a child? How does it feel when they get top marks in school or manage to score for the football team? Incredible, right? That’s your baby out there! Fantasy Cricket isn’t exactly like having a child, but the rewarding feeling of putting together your own team and leading them to victory is unlike any other. When a member performs incredibly or your team wins a particularly challenging match, the excitement is sure to send you jumping up from your seat.

You Can Play At Any Time

Since Fantasy Cricket is played online, you can enjoy it at any hour. Whether you’ve got some time free after work or you’re looking for something to do over the weekend, Fantasy Cricket is there for you. You don’t have to wait to watch a match or head to the sports bar and pay for drinks and appetizers to watch your team. All you have to do is head home and enjoy a game in the comfort of your favorite chair.

You Get To Compete (And Win!) Against Other People

Everyone knows that one person that thinks they’re an expert at cricket, even when they’ve gotten confused about the rules time and time again. Want to prove that they aren’t all that? Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket is the perfect opportunity! Not only will you get the chance to beat them at their own game, but you may even make a new friend.

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You Learn A Lot More About The Sport

BAN-vs-ZIM DReam11 Fantasy Cricket Prediction

In the process of forming your team, switching players around, and thinking of strategies throughout the tournament, you’ll learn quite a bit about cricket. When you love something, you enjoy learning about the little details of the game, be it the strengths and weaknesses of different characters or incredible strategies that seem too good to be true.


You May Even Win Prizes!


As if everything we’ve already covered wasn’t enough, there’s a possibility to win prizes with Fantasy Cricket! There are incredible rewards given out every day. Why not get started on putting together your first team? Who knows – you may be the lucky winner!


Good Strategies / For Fantasy Cricket Leagues (Grand League And Small League)


Since Dream 11 Prediction fantasy cricket is a skill-based game, you need to have a certain amount of skill to win. A fantasy team can be best created by someone who knows what they’re doing. This means that they understand pitch, good form, and performance needed. There are many sources online for a fantasy cricket league. First, here are some things to understand before jumping in:


Studying pitch is important for choosing a good player for your fantasy league team. There are different pitches such as flat batting tracks and bowler or spinner wickets. Besides understanding the nature of the pitch, observing how the pitch as affected recent matches will also be crucial as it will give you an idea of what kind of players you want for your team.



Picking a player purely on status is not wise and might not go your way. Even if you favor a different team, don’t go based on that. It is best to judge a player’s current form and how steadily they have been performing in more recent games. As much as you may like a certain team, in fantasy cricket, you should not be biased.

It is highly possible that your team won’t be performing very well or your player is out of form. Players tend to select known players that give the highest number of points for their performance, but they have a huge price tag and are often not the greatest to play. It’s more important to balance big names and upcoming talent in your team.

Top Order Batsmen


Top order batsmen are usually the ones who play the maximum number of overs, in case of T20 cricket games. If they are in performance, they are guaranteed to give you a maximum number of points and help you in your team score.



All-rounders play a very special, yet important role in the team because they help balance out the side and with the ability to both bat and ball, they are usually the first names on the team. They will offer a balance to the team and can help with points with their ability to clear the boundary line and take wickets.


Captain And Vice Captain

An unspoken rule is to always opt for the player who is in a good form as your captain or vice-captain because they usually give you additional points. It is wise to have an all-rounder as your captain vice-captain as they are the ones who will execute both with the bat and the ball, thus giving you most points in the game to the team.


Tips For Improving

If you’re having trouble winning your fantasy cricket games, the problem might be in your knowledge about the game. You might not be familiar with the players, teams, point systems, or pitch conditions. All of these factors have a real impact on how you should plan your roster to win more games on a regular basis.

By learning the rules and the intricacies of the game, you can be more deliberate about your strategies and the styles of your opponent. It’s all about number munching, so you need to make sure you have a pen and paper ready at hand so you can record all the data and make changes accordingly.

To help you with this, here are the top 4 tips you can use to improve your fantasy cricket team. By following these great tips, you’ll see your rankings on the leaderboard rise in a matter of days. Let’s see what these tips are.


Tip 1: Use A Data-Driven Approach To The Game

As a sports fan, it’s understandable that you have favourite players who you want to include on your team. Sure they might be great players, but do they fit with the dynamic of your team? Perhaps you have a bowler who’s incredible on a grassy patch but on that particular game, you might need someone who’s better at pitching on a dusty patch.

If you make a decision entirely on your emotional attachment to the players or a certain play style, you’ll become a stagnant fantasy cricket player. If this is the case, your win rate will suffer immensely, as your opponents will start to learn how to beat you and they will do so consistently.


Tip 2: Do Your Research

The league’s trend might be shifting in one direction, and you have to keep up with it in order to have a chance at winning more games. Research what types of players are doing well and for what reason, as this might give you an idea for how to strategize for your future games.


Tip 3: Trust The Process

If you have a plan based on well-researched information, it might not pay off now, but you might not need to do a complete overhaul of your entire team.

It’s possible that your problems could be fixed with the small adjustments, as your game plan has already been laid out perfectly. If you have a good understanding of your roster and your strategy, you need to trust it and be patient with the progression of your team.


Tip 4: Invest Some Time Into Improving Your Roster

You can expect to have a good team by following a guide online, as there will often be another guide out there that tells people how to beat your team.

You need to invest some time into strategizing and building a unique roster with an elaborate plan on how to beat your opponents. This will help to make the fantasy games more fun as well, as you will have direct control over how the games go.

Frequently Asked Question About Dream11 Prediction

Does dream11 really give money?

it really give you money if u win the league. Earning money on Dream11 depends on your skill of prediction about what will happen in the actual match and luck too. It depends on your prediction skills, its a game of skill.

How can I play dream11 for free?

As noted in another answer, you can play the practice games for free. You simply download the app, scroll through the available option and select the practice games which are clearly indicated. You’ll be able to play, but obviously you cannot win any money.

Can you win money playing Dream11?

Absolutely. Dream11 offers a lot of options to play and win money. The prize money can range from as less as Rs 15.00 to a pool of Rs. 5 crore for its mega-games. The amount of money needed to enter these contests vary as does the number of participants playing each contest.

Is Dream11 fixed?

No. There is no evidence to suggest that Dream11 is fixed or that there is anything underhanded going on in the manner in which the contests are being run. The entire process, as you will learn, is pretty transparent.


  • Getting started playing Dream11 is quite easy. Just follow these simple steps:
  • Download the app
  • Register your account
  • Deposit funds to your Dream11 account
  • Select match
  • Create your team – and win!