Which is Most Preferred In Business Industry-Automated or Human Translations?

There are different languages worldwide, which is why we have a language barrier. And every day, people would need a translator because they might not understand the words they hear or read, especially regarding business. People would go to Google translate, but some would prefer someone who can translate the language. 

This is the sole reason why there is what we call a human translation and a machine translation. People might need machine translation, but some people need machine translation. This is dependent on the needs of that individual or a business company. 

And because of that, people need to learn human and machine translation. People also need to know which is more accurate and effective. There are numerous translation companies in the world. 

There are translation companies that use machine translation, and there are translation companies that use machine translation. To know which is more fit for you, you first need to understand your needs in terms of translation services. There is no question that human and machine translations have different ways of translating a language. 

Which is Most Preferred In Business Industry

But there is also no question about how translators, whether machine or human, have helped people to understand each other better. People would argue that human translation is much better and more accurate. In human translation, words and phrases with many different meanings can be identified. 

There are also grammatical and cultural differences that human translators, not machine translators, can spot. On the other hand, some people prefer machine translation. 

So in this article, we will talk about human vs. machine/automated translation and how it can benefit your business. We will also compare the two in terms of their advantages and disadvantages. Let us start!

What Is Human Translation?

Human translation is using a professional human translator. They are highly qualified people in translating languages. These people are often native speakers. 

With that, they can understand the meaning of the words or phrases. For years, translation services have been using skilled linguists. They can ensure the experience and competence of these human translators

Human translators can be native speakers. And so, if you need a professional translation service, you must pick an excellent and quality professional translation agency. Human translation is more flexible than machine translation. 

This is because if the machine translation detects a word or a phrase that it cannot compute, it can ignore or overlook the words or phrases. With that, the result might not be outstanding. People can use their intellect to interpret based on experiences to translate better. 

Advantages Of Human Translation

  1. Human translators can interpret context and translate the meaning of the words or phrases and not just translate the words.
  2. Human translators can review their output and provide a check for the quality of their work. 
  3. Human translators can use creative language, including puns, metaphors, slogans, etc. 
  4. Human translators can understand the idiomatic differences between languages.
  5. Human translators can detect pieces within the content that machine translation cannot find.

Disadvantages Of Human Translation

  1. The turnaround time is longer.
  2. Human translators rarely work for free.
  3. If you use a translation agency with access to thousands of translators, you are limited to the languages the translator can understand.

What Is Machine Translation?

Machine translation uses highly advanced algorithms to translate words or phrases. With that, it is more developed than Google translate. A neural machine translation means that the translation software is learning while solving. 

The machine can learn more in natural ways of phrasing sentences. A machine translator is also much faster than a human translator. It is quicker to translate text, and they can remember the words or phrases they have solved in the past. 

But the pitfall of machine translation is they cannot comprehend the words or phrases they are translating because they are just machines. They translate using mathematics and algorithms. They can solve problems not because of their knowledge and familiarity but because of algorithms, which sometimes cause problems. 

Machine translations translate words or phrases, but they cannot fully comprehend the whole meaning of the words. Machine translation uses a machine like a phone or a computer and has Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn continuously.

Advantages Of Machine Translation

  1. There are plenty of readily available free tools, like Google Translate, Skype Translator, and many more
  2. There is a quick turnaround time
  3. You can be able to translate between multiple languages with just one tool
  4. Translation technology is constantly improving

Disadvantages Of Machine Translation

  1. The level of accuracy can be deficient
  2. The accuracy can be inconsistent across different languages
  3. Machines cannot translate context


Human translation and machine translation are both beneficial when it comes to your business, especially if your business yearns to attract foreign customers. Business people, like in the casino industry, can truly benefit from having to engage their business in translations, just like at casinotoplists, so they can translate your website’s language or any other documents that your clients need.  

However, both of them are equipped with pros and cons. So with that, you need to identify your needs first in terms of translation to pick between the two.

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