10 Tips for Maintaining or Raising the Value of Your Home

Do you feel like the value of your house might be affected due to some pending maintenance work? If that’s the case, you must start maintaining your house or doing tasks that can increase its value if you want to sell it at a higher price. Following these 10 maintenance tips can boost your home’s worth.

10 Tips for Maintaining or Raising the Value of Your Home

10 Tips for Maintaining or Raising the Value of Your Home

Paint your House

Painting the house can make it attractive and maintained, increasing its value. When you show your house or take pictures of it, your house will look beautiful. Use neutral tones when painting the house so it looks decent and not flashy. 

Update Finishes

Many buyers prefer houses with new finishes around the home to avoid fixing them when moving in. Updating the finishes is like getting energy-efficient appliances or bulbs, it will not only keep your house maintained but also increase its value. Buyers usually don’t want any pending repair work when they are looking for a new home, so updating or replacing finishes is one way through which you can maintain your home and at the same time attract buyers.  

Deep Clean and Organize 

One way of keeping your home maintained is by deep cleaning it every now and then. Before offering your home for a survey, ensure you have cleaned the house well. Organize your house by removing the extra clutter so it doesn’t look messy. Get your carpets and rugs washed, and make sure the overall house smells good. 

Kitchen Upgrade 

The kitchen plays a key role in increasing the value of homes these days. As most of the time is spent in the kitchen, presentable and well-maintained kitchens attract potential buyers. You can replace the old counters and cabinets to give your kitchen a new look.

Make an Addition to Your Home

Making additions like a gym, swimming pool, or patio into your home can be very expensive. However, if you do it sensibly, it can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. You can add a gym or office as an addition to your home. Moreover, adding a guest suite or covered patio is wise to increase the house’s value. Refer to an expert before taking this huge step.

Maintain the Flooring

Many buyers concentrate on the flooring more than other areas of the house. When you are about to sell the home, update your flooring so you get a good price for the house. You can also remove the carpets from your home and use vinyl flooring, as it requires less maintenance. However, flooring can be expensive, but it will benefit the home’s value in the long run.

Fix the Electrical Wiring 

Maintenance works such as fixing the electrical wiring are essential for home safety. Many buyers focus on the switches’ quality and the house’s wiring for safety purposes. Inspect your house every 4-5 months to ensure the electrical wiring works well. 

Remove the Items that are Affecting the Air Quality

Appoint professionals to check the air quality of your house. Usually, old carpets cause the air quality to worsen, causing bad odor and bacteria. Remove the old carpets and go for natural flooring like laminate floors. It will be simpler to clean and maintain, causing the home’s value to increase. 

Inspect Roof Damage

If you find cracks in the roof, you must fix them. You must call a roofing contractor so he can examine your roof and suggest you the next step. Try to find the main cause of roof damage so the issue doesn’t repeat. Regular Inspections like these will help ensure the safety of your home and maintain it while increasing its value.

Maintain the AC 

Ensuring that the ACs around your house are working is essential. Sometimes the ACs are working but aren’t working to their fullest due to dust accumulation. Clean the AC filters by washing them yourself or calling an air conditioner maintenance service so all the repairs can be done, leaving your AC working efficiently. Regular inspections of your home’s exterior, furnishings, HVAC, plumbing, security, and electrical systems will help you avoid malfunctions, save money, and keep your house looking its best.

Tips on Making Your House Energy Efficient 

An energy-efficient house ensures minimum wastage of electricity and almost no emission of greenhouse gases. 

Make Improvements in the HVAC System

You don’t have to replace your HVAC system completely. Make it more eco-friendly by updating your appliances and replacing your old thermostat with a smart one. Doing so will reduce the electricity bills in the long run as the HVAC system won’t have to work hard. 

Energy Efficient Furnace

Install an energy-efficient furnace as it will save electricity. If you don’t feel like replacing the old furnace with a new one, you can just service the old furnace by getting it cleaned. Replace the furnace filters after every four months to ensure efficiency and long life of the furnace. 

Add Energy-Efficient Windows

As old windows allow the air to pass by easily, they don’t keep the temperature maintained inside the house, causing an increase in electricity bills. Therefore, installing new windows will increase the value of your house as they will retain the air temperature inside the house. 

Upsides of Regular Maintenance

While routine inspections and regular maintenance can increase the resale value of your home, it has several other benefits as well.

Prevents Additional Damage 

Going for regular maintenance might seem expensive but it prevents the additional cost you might have to pay if you are not overlooking the appliances or house areas that require maintenance. For example, ignoring a water leak and letting the water drip can cause your walls to ruin and roofs to crack. 

Insurance Validation 

You might consider insurance to cover the leakage from your water heater that is causing your basement to flood. However, your insurance will not cover replacement or repair costs if you weren’t maintaining the water heater as insurance requires homeowners to keep equipment in good condition. Hence maintenance validates insurance applications.

Increases the Lifespan of Appliances

One advantage of regular maintenance is that it increases the life of appliances. If you are overlooking maintenance of your dishwasher, washing machine, AC, or your refrigerator, a point will come when they will not give their best performances. Regular inspections and checks will keep the appliance smooth for many years. 


Keep a checklist to add items around the house that need maintenance or replacement. Walk around your house and closely inspect everything that is broken or on the edge of being broken. The small fixtures add up, leaving a bad impression on interested buyers. Follow the tips to maintain your house so you can increase its value.

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