Solar Panel Price of different Manufacturers in Mumbai, India

Solar Panel Prices of different Manufacturers in Mumbai, India | Solar Panel Cost in India for Home Use

Two types of brands or manufacturers sell solar panel in Mumbai, India. There are Indian brands, and then there are international brands. Please note that if subsidy on solar installation is available in your state, then only panels from Mumbai, Indian manufacturers will be able to fetch you a subsidy. To check if a subsidy is available in your state, you will have to talk to executives at your state renewable energy development authority (details are given below). From a quality perspective, the top Mumbai, Indian brands are quite competitive as compared to International brand. So here is the list of some top Mumbai, Indian brands:

ManufacturerMin PriceMax Price
Vikram SolarRs 19/WattRs 30/Watt
Waaree SolarRs 19/WattRs 28/Watt
LuminousRs 24/WattRs 58/Watt
Tata Power SolarRs 20/WattRs 62/Watt
Adani SolarRs 18/WattRs 35/Watt
Microtek SolarRs 25/WattRs 60/Watt

Solar Panel System Price in Mumbai, India

The price of the total system would depend on the type of solar panel system you go for. We have explained different types of solar panel systems in the next few sections.

In case you go for an off-grid solar panel system in mumbai, which includes panels, inverter, charge controller, batteries, wiring, structure, connectors, junction box, etc. It would cost anywhere between Rs 70,000 to Rs 1,20,000 per kW depending on the panels and inverter that you go for. To check the system size (in kW) that you need to install, use the calculator on this page below.

In case you go for a grid-connected solar panel system, which includes panels, inverters, wiring, structure, connectors, junction boxes, etc. It would cost anywhere between Rs 45,000 to Rs 80,000 per kW. To check the size that you need, read the sizing section in this page below.

To find the right type of system that is ideal for you, check the section below on types of solar panel systems.

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Ideal Solar Panel System Type for your home

There are two types of Solar Panels Systems:

Off-Grid Solar Panel System:

This type of system is ideal when you have regular power cuts in your house, and you are looking for a power backup solution. This system consists of a Solar Panel, MPPT Charge Controller, Inverter and a battery bank. The role of a Solar Panel is to convert light into energy (or electricity). The Charge Controller makes sure that the right amount of electric current is generated and passed on to the battery. This prevents any damage to the batteries. The batteries are the storage tank that store all the energy or electricity generated. The inverter is like a car engine, which helps run the appliances by taking electricity stored in the batteries.

Grid Connected Solar Panel System:

If your purpose of implementing solar is to reduce your electricity bill, then a grid-connected system is an ideal system. In a grid-connected system, there are no batteries. The electricity generated is used in your house. If extra is produced, then it is sold to your electricity distribution company. If your electricity consumption is more than the production from the solar panels, then it is compensated by the grid. This system has an inverter and a net-meter.

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