7 Best gaming laptop under 60000 with i7 processor and 8 Gb Ram

Today you will know about a list of laptops coming at a price under 60000 to 70,000 range. These laptops can handle high-end gaming and video editing as well.

You will get an i7 10th generation processor and Gtx 1050 for the graphics card on the list of best gaming laptop under 60000 with i7 processor and 8 gb ram mentioned below.

So let’s check that list.

Best gaming laptop under 60000 with i7 processor

7 Best gaming laptop under 60000 with i7 processor With 8 gb Ram in India 2021

Best Gaming Latops under 60000PriceLink
1. Mi Notebook 14 Horizon EditionRs. 59,999Amazon Link
2. Acer Aspire 5Rs. 58,899Amazon Link
3. Hp Pavilion Gaming LaptopRs. 68,143Amazon Link
4. Asus Vivobook s14Rs. 63,350Amazon Link
5. Hp 15sRs. 58,903Amazon Link
6. Dell Vostro 3400Rs. 66,399Amazon Link
7. Asus Tuf F15Rs. 61,999Amazon Link

1. Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition (Rs. 59,999)

Best Laptops under 60000

This laptop is from Xiaomi. It has an i7 processor that helps you to do your regular tasks and some high-end tasks easily.

This i7 Processor comes under the 10th generation, it performs very well on the laptops which come under this budget.

For the graphics card, you will get an mx350 graphics card on this laptop. It can handle some medium graphic games easily.

This graphics card may perform slowly while you’re playing modern games on this laptop. However, you can use cloud gaming to play high gaming like Control on a Low-end pc.

2. Acer Aspire 5 (Rs. 58,899)

Best gaming laptop under 60000

This laptop comes on a budget segment and it offers the latest generation i5 processor. It can handle your routine tasks easily.

For the memory, you will get 8GB ddr4 memory. This memory is more than enough for lag-free working on a laptop.

Also, it comes with a huge 512 SSD storage. It is enough for storing huge files on your laptop. Even you can expend the storage in future as per your needs.

You will get the latest Intel Iris Graphics on this laptop that helps you to play some medium games on this laptop.

However, you may face problems while playing modern games on this laptop.

3. Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop (Rs. 68,143)

Best Gaming Laptop under 60000

Hp is a good brand for laptops. This laptop is a gaming laptop that means you will get a decent dedicated graphics card on this laptop.

As per the processor, it has Ryzen 5 4600h processor. It can handle high-end games easily. But still, a processor is not only required for gaming.

For gaming, you will get Gtx 1650 4GB graphics card on this laptop. It can run modern games on 1080p resolution.

However, you have to play games in medium or low settings for the best experience. You will get 8 Gb DDr4 memory on this laptop. It is enough for 1080p resolution gaming.

Also, this laptop comes with M.2 slot. It also has the Backlit keyword for an even better gaming experience.

4. Asus Vivobook s14 (Rs. 63,350)

best gaming laptop under 60000 with i7 processor

Asus Vivobook laptops are great for budget-friendly users. You will get decent working performance from this laptop.

Also, it has a decent i5 11th generation processor faster working on this laptop. It comes with fast 512 Gb SSD storage that has great reading and writing speed.

You will get 8Gb DDR4 memory on this laptop. It has 14 inches LED-backlit FHD display with the anti-glare feature.

However, you will get integrated graphics on this laptop. That means you may face issues while playing modern games on this laptop. But still, it performs great for normal working.

5. Hp 15s (Rs. 58,903)

i7 laptop under 60000

This laptop comes with a cool-looking design. The processor on this laptop is I5-1035G1. However, this processor performs lower as compared to the i7 10th generation processor or the i5 11th generation processor.

Also, you will get 8GB ddr4 memory on this laptop for normal working. This laptop is not enough for handling modern games as there is no dedicated graphics card available on it.

However, you can use this laptop for normal and routine works. But still, it comes with a great display 15.6 inches display and 1TB storage.

On this laptop, you will get an intel UHD integrated graphics card for gaming.

6. Dell Vostro 3400 (Rs. 66,399)

Best gaming laptop under 60000 with i7 processor

Dell laptops are also great for routine usage. This laptop comes with the latest generation i5 processor.

It performs faster as compared to normal processors. Also, you will get decent performance on your laptop.
It has a dedicated Nvidia Mx330 graphics card. However, it not that much powerful. But still, better than integrated GPU.

Also, you will get 8 Gb DDR4 Memory on this laptop with 512 Gb Fast SSD storage. It has 14 inches FHD display.

7. Asus Tuf F15 (61,999)

This is an amazing laptop if you want to play games. It has i5 10 generation processor and Gtx 1650 4GB Graphics card.

However, the price of this laptop is high currently. But still, normally the price of this laptop comes under 60000.

Also, this laptop has 256 SSD storage and 1 Tb of huge HDD storage. It has a 144 Hz display which is great for gaming.

Even it is an IPS display that comes with 15.6 inches screen size. However, if your budget is tight then you can check laptop under 50000.

How to pick a laptop.

If you have a budget of 60000 rupees then you should spend some time finding the best laptop for yourself.

The processor is the most important part of your computer. So, always try to buy a laptop with the best processor. On this budget, you will get a maximum i7 10 generation processor in Mi Notebook 14.


Ram is responsible for the smooth working of a laptop. So try as much ram as possible. On this budget, 8 Gb ram is the minimum required.


It is important if you want to use your laptop for a long time. So buying a laptop with an IPS display panel is treated as better as compared to a TN display panel.

Also, you can check the screen as per your need.


You can use SSD storage if you want a better loading speed on your laptop. But still, it will come with less storage capacity.

So if you want more storage capacity then check HDD Storage. It performs slower but it has more storage capacity.

Graphics card

A Graphics card on a laptop is the most important factor if you want to play games on it. But still, on this budget, you will get a maximum GTX 1650 graphics card. It is responsible for a maximum of 1080p resolution gaming.


If you want a laptop for normal working and some gaming then you can check Mi notebook 14.

However, if you want a laptop that gives you the best gaming experience on this budget then you can check the Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop.

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