7 Best Women Safety Apps Every Women Should (Must Have)

Women safety is one of the most debatable concerns in our country. Violations, molestation, teasing or crime these infamous scandals are now carried out in broad daylight which has discouraged the boldness of girls to steer out.

Despite this, girls have to be compelled to go to school, college, and tuitions and therefore the working women must make it to their workplace.

When walking alone, it’s best to lift your guards, stay alert and make use of the technology that entertains you and lies well in your handbag – your mobile phone, for your safety.

Best Women Safety Apps

Yes, there are several apps which will be of help if you arrive in a very cramped place.

So, these few applications are the safe and reliable technique to use technology for security purposes. So here I am listing out some best women safety app that can be effective at the time of difficulties.

List of Top 7 Best women safety app

1. Smart 24X7

Smart 24X7

Smart 24X7 is a women safety app that serves the most useful characteristics of getting help in uncertain conditions. This has the SOS electronic messaging service that directly transmits the user’s message to the selected and approved contacts.

Smart 24X7 additionally provides users to send a voice note while transferring the SOS message.

There’s a panic switch within the app pressing which sends the text directly to the connections.

Download Smart 24×7 from here

2. Stay Secure

stay secure

Stay Secure is a safe choice for women. The app also allows the emergency message characteristic for distress conditions. Stay Secure sends the alert message to the five saved emergency connections on pressing the power buttons five times.

Along with this, the users can also use the free SOS SMS service that sends the message to 5 contacts. Keep Secure also gives the saved contacts to trace user’s place and works without the internet connection.

Download App from here

3. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

VithU is the most common emergency app that’s activated as soon as you press the power key on your mobile phone twice. It will send alert data to the user’s emergency connections every 2 minutes.

The message reads “I am in danger. I want help. Follow my mentioned location. Besides this, the application gives the link of user’s place in every 2 minutes to notify the receiver with updated location.

VithU Android App Download here

4. Secure Her App

While talking about the females security, the first essential characteristic should be examined how spontaneously it react in panic conditions. This is one of the most active women safety apps if you live in a lonely place away from family and friends.

This works on a similar function to send the emergency message but needs only double tapping the app icon. Secure Her additionally responds to the distress message with a call to make sure that the desired help reaches to the user on time.

5. Watch Over Me App

Watch Over Me App

The Watch Over Me App is the easiest to use. The location tracking is the most demanded action to ensure the safety of women. The chosen associations can know the user’s location using the app and users can also designate the time allowed to track their GPS location.

In case the user failed to ‘check in’ to the specified place on the pre-mentioned time the app will inform the contacts about it.

Also, during the stressful conditions, users can shake their phone to record everything via phone’s camera. Watch Over Me also notifies the users while entering into the area with the high violation rate.

Download Watch Over Me Android App

6. Nirbhaya


Essentially rendering into being courageous, Nirbhaya is another safety app for women. You can quickly activate just by pressing the button once. You can customize the activation and alert, such as to shaking, touching a button and sending an alert by note or call.

This one required the data plan and GPS functioning. It also addresses the users place after every 2 hours or at a change of 300 meters.

Download Nirbhaya Android App

7. RideSafe


This is a different and unique idea app. RideSafe assures your safety while traveling in a cab, taxi or auto, by automatically identifying a deviation in your route to your stop and it informs to all your chosen connections.

You only require setting your address so this app considers all different path even in case driver takes the alternate route to avoid traffic.

This app also informs your picked contacts about the start of your trip, and your arrival at the destination, via SMS utterly FREE of cost. It works efficiently in any cab or taxi, private or official, anywhere in the division.

Download RideSafe Android App


Technology has developed in such a way that one can use this and benefit themselves and keep them away throughout the time of emergency, all of these applications are functioning on each the android phones likewise as the Apple phones.

All you have to do is download the app and fill the messages and contacts of your close ones whom you’d want to alert at the time of emergency. All the apps are value an attempt.

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