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A Short Story About 1Win Review

The targeting is the main feature of any site on the Internet, that and at 1Win has, it is about this site will be discussed. 1Win is a betting company widely known in the territory of India, the site itself in India will allow you to dive into the world of betting and not only. 1Win itself is a combination of the most successful features of all online bookmakers as well as online casinos. In this bookmaker office, you can bet on a variety of events that may occur in the course of the matches in various disciplines, such as cricket. You can also play all the casino industry attributes, so even casino players can find great fun at 1Win.

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What You Can Find at 1Win India

You can experience all the main functions of the site passing through the various tabs located at the top of the official site. Thanks to the easy transitions, you can go to sections for betting, casinos and so on. Tabs themselves have the following names and functionality:


Section Live concentrates on certain matches of various sports championships, tournaments and leagues, the game which will take place in the current time. The tournaments given to you are taking place directly at the time when you are at this tab, and, accordingly, you can bet on these matches. As this match passes, you can bet on various outcomes that have not occurred with varying odds. This tab is perfect for fans waiting for the right moment to bet on a certain outcome, which you are confident if the site as the match goes on considers that the outcome you have chosen is unlikely, then the odds will vary towards more you benefit and vice versa. Games that will take place at the current moment will be marked with a special icon – a burning light.


The special section called line shows users the matches that will be held in the future, thereby allowing users to bet on certain events in advance. The odds for such matches will change a lot less often and vary slightly, but the number of different outcomes will be much higher than in Live mode. Also, in this section on the left side, you will see a special menu to find matches, this menu allows you to configure the match search for a specific time frame in which various matches will take place, as well as various gaming disciplines matches that will be held in the future, the tab will be live as well as a similar menu but it will display only matches taking place in current time mode.


The casino tab allows users to see a variety of innovations in this industry. In the centre of the screen, you bet shows a kind of top slot machines that users play, sorted by the popularity of the top of a particular machine. Just above you will be asked to choose by what criteria will be given to the user to review the top of the various versions of the attributes of the casino industry. On the left side, there is a table with the flexible settings of the different game attributes where you can search for the individual types of your preferred games.

Live Games

A specific section filled with games with live dealers. Generally, such games are broadcasted online with live presenters, which will communicate with the users. Communication with users takes place by reading the chat in which any user can write. Often in such games, you will compete for the victory with the online presenters.


If you are looking for a tab dedicated to a variety of eSports disciplines then you have found what you need. Here you can find absolutely all of the cybersports matches taking place in the current and future. Themselves cybersports disciplines are related to a variety of gaming genres. The division itself into live and online matches takes place in the upper column. You can also find the disciplines themselves there. On the left side, there will be a list of these very disciplines and the number of planned matches for the line format, or the number of current games for the live format.


If you are ever interested in alternative games for money then you perfectly suitable section called games. The essence of this section is to play special games that can not be attributed to the category of slots. For example, you can play a specific game minesweeper, in this game you have to guess at which of the proposed cells there is no mine, click on a mined cell lose your bet, but if you click on an empty field then you can either take your winnings or move on and increase the set reward risk, guessing a few of these fields you can multiply your bet hundredfold.


the section was added recently, so this special novelty can interest both new users and old ones. The point of this section is a collection of special games where you bet a fixed amount, and it should be noted that most of the games are games with live dealers. When selecting any unknown game you will be immediately shown a special video that will tell users how the game itself is played.


A popular betting format in the world is dedicated to virtual betting. Betting on this format is exactly the same as the usual matches, the only difference is the events themselves, as the games themselves are held in a virtual format. For example, virtual races, virtual jockeys run on a virtual field, and on the outcome of these races, you can bet.

availability of a mobile version.

A Version Designed for Cell Phones From 1Win

The last few years have seen a large increase in activity by various corporations and not just in mobile applications, the reason for this is quite simple, everyone has a smartphone which makes it easy to use all sorts of programs, and you can also use the full functionality of the various programs at any place. Therefore, many bookmakers provide the opportunity for their users to try out the functionality of their sites through more convenient and customized cell phone special applications. 1Win will also offer you to install a mobile app on your website and you can find out how to do it below.

Installation on Cell Phones

The installation process is quite simple and most importantly safe, you need to go to the official website on your phone to download the necessary data. The installation process itself is as follows.

On the official site found through your mobile browser, click on the icon with three stripes.

Scroll down and find the application inscription.

The download will start after confirming the download by tapping on the pop-up window.

For Android, you need to install the downloaded file.

Downloading the mobile application will allow you to get an extra bonus and you can read more about this and other bonuses in the next column.


There’s a wide range of bonuses at 1Win. Any user might be even more impressed by the variety of bonuses you can get beyond the standard ones.

The regular bonuses can include bonuses that are found in most bookmaker’s offices, for example:

  • First deposit bonus of 500%, y this bonus has its own restrictions in the form of a minimum deposit of $ 172 and the maximum of $ 860, as well as this bonus, can only get new users, the bonus will be credited instantly, but the bonus does not end there, if you put the odds higher or equal to 3, you get an additional reward;
  • Cashback in the casino depends on the size of your scrolls, the so-called cashback has its own limitations and bonuses depending on the amount of money you spent on the scrolls. The more money you spend, the greater the cashback;
  • Also, depending on how much money you spend per day, or per week. There are 3 types of awards, Bronze for betting not less than $34, Silver for betting between $34 and $115, and Gold for betting over $115. 

There are also special bonuses, which are quite rare, and most importantly the acquisition of these funds does not require the user to invest a total of 4 types:

  • $100 bonus for downloading the mobile app, just download the mobile app to your smartphone and get the reward to your account;
  • $20 for connecting mobile notifications;
  • Special drawings of promo codes in telegram, 1Win has its own telegram channel where you can access a promo code from time to time, by entering which you will receive a cash reward to your account;
  • For free you can play the lottery every day to get cash into your account.

For more details on all special bonus promotions, please visit the free money tab on the official website.

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