Who is the best Female Astrologer in India? Top 5

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about India’s best female astrologer who will help you in taking decisions of your life, because today is the time or earlier, people who followed astrology have always progressed in life. Therefore, today we will guide you about some best female astrologers whom you can contact and get your problems solved, So first let us tell you how it will help you so that your future will be better.

How Can Astrology Help?

How do Astrologers help you? This question arises in everyone’s mind that in today’s time it is difficult to trust anyone, Astrologers provide important information about people so that they can be helped less, where can they be? Help in marriage related and in many other ways, through the medium of Astrologer, man can understand his deeds and fate, and can achieve his goals. From a scientific point of view, its effect may be controversial, but people put their faith in it and resort to it. They try to improve their lives through astrology.

Best Female Astrologer in India

Top 5 Best Female Astrologers in India.

1. Dr. Sohini Sastri

Best Astrologer in India

She is a well-renowned and popular astrologer in India. She does not need any eloquent introduction. Dr. Sohini has received various national awards and is recognized as the best astrologer not only in Kolkata and Delhi but also the Best Astrologer in India by many media houses like Business Standards, Times of India, Hindustan Times, etc. She has been felicitated by several universities and honored with degrees like D.Litt and Doctorate. She is a popular choice for famous business persons and Bollywood celebrities due to her outstanding achievements and track record. Different leading digital media and internet polls have nominated her as one of the Top 5 Astrologers in India.

She not only has expertise in Vedic astrology but also has knowledge of numerology, Vastu Shashtra, and palmistry. She has a firm belief in Karma and says our whole world is the Abode of God. She is also a member of many national and international astrology associations such as the Astrological Research Project, Asian Astrologer of Congress, Astrological Association of Great Britain, Bangiya Astro Medical Research Center, and Federation of Australian Astrologers, etc.

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2. Swetta Jumaani

astrologer in india

She is the daughter of famous Astro numerologist Bansilal Jumaani and sister of Sanjay B. Jumaani. She has studied Astro numerology under the guidance of her father. She was interested in numerology and astrology as a child and even used to advise her relatives and close friends at that time. She also predicted in 2004 that the city of Pune would see huge development as well as a real estate boom, which would put it on the international map. She is also known for writing columns and articles for various leading newspapers and magazines. She has also been featured on various television and radio channels.

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3. Vijayalakshmi Krishnan

She is a well-known Indian astrologer. She has been practicing astrology for the past twenty years and has more than 50,000 consultations to her credit. She has great intuitive power, which she believes is a gift of God. She has helped thousands of people to navigate through the difficulties of life and align with their true paths. She makes sure that her clients understand the horoscope so that they can identify the source of the problem and guide them to move ahead. She believes in the concept of past lives, and the bad karma from a previous life can affect us in this life. She expertises in identifying such karma and suggesting effective remedies. She has a rich experience in Numerology, Karmic Astrology, Gemology, medical astrology, etc.

4. Dr. Jai Madaan

Jai Madaan Astrologer

When I meet people, I want to know the ideas which prevail on their respective minds, their journey, their experiences and lessons. I often think, wouldn’t it be the same for them to want to know me. So as we all march ahead, my passage through time so far, here I wish to share with you.Born and brought up in Delhi (India), I was always spiritually bent. Childhood days saw me intrigued by the nature of things and experiences around, which found me interested in feeling and understanding the vibes of
people and places.

5. Dr. Radha Bharadwaj

Dr. Radha Bharadwaj ji is the only astrologer you need to find if you want quality astrology service. She has made a name for herself as one of the most dependable and trusted astrologers thanks to her extraordinary expertise and in-depth understanding in the subject of astrology.

Numerous people have benefited from Dr. Radha Bharadwaj’s extraordinary perceptions and precise prophecies in navigating the challenges of life. Her commitment to offering direction and solutions for different life situations is very admirable. Dr. Radha Bharadwaj Ji provides insightful astrological remedies based on each individual’s particular situation, whether it be related to profession, relationships, health, or finances.

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FAQs Related Best Female Astrologer in India.

Q1. Who is the famous woman astrologer?

The famous woman astrologer is Dr. Radha Bhardwaj, followed by Manopravesh Swami Ramananda Guruji, Suryavansham Srinivas Sharma Ji, VS Acharya, Vedantham Surya Narayana. Let us take a look at the best and famous woman astrologer one by one.

Q2. Who is the famous female numerologist in India?

Sheelaa M Bajaj is a renowned Numerologist and tarot card reader, revered for her mastery in Life coaching, Feng shui, Baby names, and Business name analysis. As a certified facilitator, she imparts wisdom through master level courses across various esoteric sciences.

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