Find the Best Place to Play Basketball Online?

Basketball is a game that you can enjoy online or offline. The NBA also contributes to the basketball fandom. Since school, throwing a ball into a basket has always brought an adrenaline rush. Today, games have shifted from the court to digital spaces. You can play basketball online games on Android and iOS, and it’s often hard to tell which of these games you enjoy. 

Before diving into the other apps and sites that allow players to play basketball, you should also learn about sites where you can place bets on basketball matches. 

Play Basketball Online


PlaySQR gets a special mention. They have the following features;

  • Up-to-date sports betting odds are given
  • Amazing sound effects, graphics, and massive bonuses
  • A variety of games to choose from
  • Stunning and trusted vendors

PlaySQR provides an easy-to-use betting platform that enables you to wager on sports events taking place all over the world. You can view the number of games available in each sport, as well as all the current sports, up top. Choose basketball to view the many leagues that may be further filtered or just scroll down to see them all.

The ability to choose between several odds kinds from the main menu is a convenient feature of the PlaySQR website. PlaySQR offers a live betting in-play function. Expanding the live odds of a game is not possible even though the first layout is comparable to that of the main sports betting page.

MPL fantasy 

Create a team and a dream team with your favorite characters. That’s what MPL fantasy basketball games need. It is one of the few basketball games where you can choose the player of your choice and test your basketball knowledge. Choose players from popular teams such as the Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Miami Heat. Sports bets are common in this game.

Carefully select point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards, and centers, and later select a star player for your fantasy basketball team to continue registration. 

NBA 2k20

This is one of the most popular basketball simulation games online. This is a top-class online basketball game in terms of user ratings. There are a wide range of game modes such as Play Now, My Career, and MyGM 2.0. With the graphics of this game, it will be one of the best basketball games ever. Players have advanced movements such as escape wrapped behind, shutter chop steps, fake step backs (Lucadonica’s trademark), and new mock gods. In addition, it features proper upgrades to improve foot placement, momentum, and movement. Improvements also help to get better reactions. 

Basketball battle

This is a must play basketball arcade game that must be on your playlist. This is a PvP game played by two players in one place. You need to score more than your opponent before you run out of time. The graphics are great, but it’s all about powerful slam dunks and tap shots. Currently available on Android and iOS devices, it’s the perfect mobile game. A split-screen option is also an additional bonus on your tablet. With numerous tweaks and upgrades, this game will please you. Again, the graphics aren’t top-notch, but the basketball battle is noteworthy.

Basketball skills

One of the best basketball games, especially in the arcade genre. Test your basketball skills in various game modes such as arcade, time attack, and distance mode. There are 10 balls to use in each round. As you progress through rounds and slam dunks, scoring becomes more difficult. Get as many hoops as you can within the timer in Time Attack mode. Basketball is supplied indefinitely. However, you should dunk as many times as you can.

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is one of the most popular online basketball games on Android devices. Consistency is maintained thanks to regular updates. You want to try this game. All you have to do is choose players from all over the world, challenge them in one-on-one battles, and show off your skills. You can customize your character according to you. There are two game modes, 1v1 battle, and shootout. In racing shooting mode, you need to defeat your opponent in the timer. When it comes to online basketball, the graphics must be eye-catching, and Basketball Stars has just that. This free game has access to several levels, but you can unlock even more after paying. 

NBA live mobile

If you’re enthusiastic about following a basketball game online or otherwise, you should be familiar with names like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James. As one of the most popular online basketball games on Android, you can choose teams such as basketball legends, bulls, and lakes. Therefore, like a basketball idol, you are an expert in basketball movements such as dribbling, transferring, and blocking. The graphics are smooth, fast, and impressive. There are five game modes: Showdown, Season, League, Campaign, and Arena. Another remarkable feature is the ability to create your character with your face. This gives your game a realistic appeal. In terms of control, it’s a bit stickier than other online basketball games. You can also indulge in some sports bets here. 


Before placing your bets, always inquire about the site on which you will be betting. This will help your chances of winning and securing the bet. If you play basketball online, you can try these fantasy leagues and live out your All-Stars dream. 

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