10 Startup Blogs Indian Entrepreneurs Must Regularly Visit

In this post I give pointers to 10 startup blogs which an Indian entrepreneur or anyone interested in setting up a startup blogs in India must visit:

Here is a List of top 10 startup blogs indian entrepreneurs must regularly visit

  1. Businessinsider: Among other content, this blog has comprehensive posts on how to setup a business in India, legal issues surrounding this process and other considerations.
  2. VentureWoods: A community blog by the best of the best in Indian startup and venture capital circle.
  3. Startupindia: A blog by Indian Government.
  4. Startups.in: A (relatively) old and big blog.
  5. Startupblog: Another good blog focusing on featuring Indian startups and startup related news
  6. IndianWeb2: As its name says, a blog on Indian Web2.0 startups.
  7. Proto.in Blog: The official blog of Proto.in.
  8. Techpluto: Everything about technology and startups.
  9. Readree: This blog, written by my friend Karan, is mainly on Tech news about startups and use of media by startups.
  10. Trak.in: Tracks Indian business and startup scene.

Have I missed any blogs? Please let me know.

By the way, if you want to avoid the hassle of individually visiting all the above mentioned blogs, have a look at Thetechpanda India. It aggregates posts from all these blogs plus startup jobs, events, news, etc.

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