The meteoric rise of Dream 11 and it’s popularity has taken the cricket nation of India by storm.

We are here to help you setting your lineup and increase your chances of winning your competitions.

Find our Dream 11 predictions for today match, team lineups and other tips for fantasy cricket with Dream 11.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-


Dream 11 has turned into India’s biggest fantasy based game and has quickly spawned a number of similar cricket betting apps to crop up as well. While the following explainer of ‘How to play Dream11’ is based on the Dream11 app, it is usable for most other similar fantasy sports apps as well.

Also, cricket is by far the most popular game on the Dream11 app so we will be using that as an example but Dream  11 also offers Football, Hockey, Basketball, and Kabaddi as well.


Getting started playing Dream11 is quite easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Download the app
Register your account
Deposit funds to your Dream11 account
Select match
Create your team – and win!
There are more nuances to it than that, but it is really simple to get started. Here are some more details on the various steps.

How to WIn Dream11

Download the app

For Apple users: The Dream11 app is available to be downloaded for free from the App Store on Apple devices. Just open the App Store on your Apple device and press download. You will be required to register with a username and password as well as keep a name for your team.

For Android users: Google Play Store has some restrictions which prevent it from offering money games on its store. If you download the app from the Google Play Store then you will be restricted to playing free games only. To download the full version of the Dream11 app on Android, a few more steps are involved.

  • Google “Download Dream11 android app”
  • Click on the link
  • You will see a link saying “ Download APK”. Click on it.
  • A warning pop up will be shown. Click okay.
  • The dream11.apk will be downloaded. Click on “Open”.
  • You will get a security popup saying “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”. There will be two options underneath. Click on “Settings”.
  • Toggle the option to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Click on install when the Dream11 popup prompts you.
  • Click on Open to start playing Dream11.
  • Check out the video below to have MS Dhoni help you through the process:

Register on Dream11

You can click on the ‘Let’s Play’ Button if you are a new user or Log In if you have already made an account in the past. New users can use Facebook, Google, their mobile number, or register with Dream11 directly.

Select Match

You will see a list of upcoming matches on the Dream11 home screen. The matches are usually arranged as per the ones scheduled to start the earliest but the app will try to promote international matches above others deemed less popular.

Click on any match that you want to play. For the purpose of this article, we will select the South Africa vs England match.

Create Team

This is the fun part and where you can show off your cricket knowledge!

The Dream11 app will guide you through the process of team formation keeping a few rules in place.

Only 7 players maximum can be picked from one team
The minimum required players from each category must be filled
The total value of the players selected must not exceed 100
A captain and a vice-captain must be chosen after the team has been created.
Dream11 is pretty good with its cues to make the learning curve very easy. You will be prompted to make changes if any of the above rules are not being met.


Tips while creating Dream11 team

There are a couple of things that must be kept in mind while creating a successful Dream11 team.

Keep the conditions in mind while picking your team. If the match is being played on a green, seaming wicket, then opening batsmen or spinners may not be a very good choice to keep on your side.
Follow the pitch report and the toss. The conditions at the time of the start of the match can be quite different from when you made the team. Dream11 also allows you to make changes to your team right up until the match starts. Picking a player in your Dream11 team that is not actually playing the match is a rookie mistake and will reduce your chances of winning dramatically.
Keep the contest your playing in mind while picking your team. If you want to try and win the big pools with lakhs of players then take more risks to try and differentiate your team. Every player will pick 11 out of the 22 players in the match. Try and look beyond the obvious to rise up the rankings. On the other hand, smaller contests with lesser participants can be played in a safer more conventional manner.
Captain and Vice-Captain are everything. Your Dream11 Captain is going to get 2x points while the VC will get 1.5x points. You must get them right to have a shot at winning the big prizes. Make these choices very carefully.
Know the points system. There are points for Runs, boundary bonus, Six bonus, half-century or century. Similarly, bowlers get points for every wicket, four or five wicket-hauls, and maiden overs. Economy rate, catches, run-outs, and strike rates also carry points. The points can vary from different formats of cricket so be sure to check them out ahead of joining the contests.
Join Contests

There are ‘Mega Contests’ where the prize pool can be in crores of rupees or smaller contests with smaller prize money. The chances of winning are more in the smaller contests and so they are more attractive to regular players. Choose a contest as per the amount of money you can comfortably stake (and lose).

You can make multiple teams and enter them in the same pool or in different pools.

Sit back and relax

Dream11 will lock the teams after the cutoff time and allow no changes to any side. You can view the other teams at the time of cutoff. The points are also updated as the match goes on, usually with about an over’s lag.

The results of the contest are announced after the match is over and all the points have been updated. You will get a notification on your email ID or phone number letting you know of the contest joined and any prize money won.

How to deposit money in Dream11?

Dream11 is like any of the other betting sites – you need pre-pay your account to start competing, no credit playing here.

There is a small icon in the top left-hand corner of the home screen. You can click on that to reveal many options, one of which is ‘My Balance’. You can click on this to see your current balance on the Dream11 app.

There is an option to ‘Add Cash’ right below your balance as well. Click on the option to go to the next page. You can choose the amount you want to add here. By clicking on the ‘Add Cash’ option once again, you will then be taken to the payments page.

Options to add money via Debit card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Wallets (like Paytm), or UPI are available.

How to withdraw money from Dream11?

To withdraw money, users must have verified their Mobile number, their Email address, their PAN number, and their Bank Account. Click on the ‘My Balance’ option and follow the prompts from there.

Once all of these have been verified, the winnings can be removed from Dream11’s app directly into your account.

dream 11


We paid one the more successful Dream11 players to share some of his secrets.

Here is what he had to say:

Earlier, before the latest rule update, choosing a team in Dream11 was more strategic. However, with users now allowed to change their teams until the official match start time, a lot of luck factor is introduced now there isn’t as much research required as it used to be.

More often than not, picking eleven certain starters used to do the trick which was more strategic as one had to keep track of the latest happenings in the cricketing world.

However, with the new changes, the luck factor is introduced with almost all teams likely to have all its players playing. One thing which I’d like to point out is that you can advise users to not to join a contest until the last thirty minutes as joining early and then forgetting to change the team after the toss could prove to be a difference in a win and a loss.

Another important strategy which I follow is to try and pick top-order batsmen from both sides. T20 is a short format and there is a high probability that players coming down the order may not get to bat – which means they will be wasted as far as scoring points in fantasy cricket are concerned. Also, try to pick the wicket-keeper who plays higher in the batting order.

Bowling-wise, I pick the bowlers who are more likely to bowl during the death overs. Since batsmen have no option but to go at the bowlers, the chances of getting a wicket or more are high which create a difference of 10 points.

There are a couple of other important things that I consider while picking a team. I usually take into account the kind of surface. If the surface is good for fast bowlers – I make my dream11 bowling unit pacer-heavy, and similarly, I include bowlers if the wicket is spinner friendly.

Captains and Vice Captains are important in the game. For Captain, I try to pick a player who bats in the top-order and bowls well with the bat. For example – Sunil Narine and to a certain extent Suresh Raina. Same goes for the vice-captain as well.

I usually try to keep it simple and follow the following main points. Obviously, it varies a tad match to match, I do not deviate drastically from this strategy.

Ensure to pick only the certain starters or pick the team/join contest only after the toss, that is, after getting to know who is playing and who is sitting out.
Pick maximum players from the top order as they get the most number of deliveries to face.
Pick bowlers who are likely to ball at the death.
Pick players/make captain and VC who is likely to contribute in as many departments of the game as possible. Sometimes, this point is impossible to follow as there are a few batsmen who are very consistent and are known to play big knocks – like Kohli, AB de Villiers, David Warner, Rohit Sharma etc.
Always take the nature of the surface into consideration.
I’ve mentioned above the basic outline of the strategy I follow.

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