Top 10 Video chat apps like Omegle for Android

Video chat apps like Omegle for Android have gained immense popularity, providing users with an interactive and spontaneous platform to connect with strangers worldwide. These apps leverage the convenience of Android devices to facilitate real-time, face-to-face conversations, fostering a dynamic and diverse virtual social experience.

Similar to Omegle, these Android-compatible apps offer random pairing, allowing users to meet individuals from different cultures, backgrounds, and regions. The allure of anonymity adds an element of excitement, as users engage in conversations without revealing their true identity. This unique feature, however, comes with both positive and negative aspects, as it offers an unfiltered glimpse into the diversity of human interaction but also poses challenges related to privacy and inappropriate content.

Most of these Android video chat apps incorporate innovative features such as text chat, filters, and interest-based matching, enhancing the overall user experience. While they offer an entertaining way to meet new people, it’s essential for users to exercise caution, as the open nature of these platforms can expose them to unpredictable interactions.

Video chat apps like Omegle for Android

List of top 10 Video chat apps like Omegle for Android

1.  Yalla – Best Omegle Alternative For Meeting Strangers


Yalla is a stunning app like Omegle that lets you connect with random strangers via text, audio, video chats. It features a diverse range of group chat rooms for users to mingle.

The app also has a visually appealing user-interface that’d surely get you to hook in no time. Furthermore, you also use the filter option and meet people sharing your interests, play games, and enjoy.


  • Public Chat Rooms
  • Chat Games
  • Private Conversations
  • Virtual Gifts

Rating: 4.0 

Pricing: Free, In-app purchases

Available on iOS and Android

2.  Azar – Top App Like Omegle For Live Video Chat


Azar is another app like Omegle however, it makes a difference when it comes to delivering user-experience and performance. There’You have to be 18 or over to use this app. It connects you with hundreds of users online looking for a good time, either text, audio, video chats. The app also features a search filter option, so it’d be easier for you to connect with the right person. Not only that, if you’re looking to interact with someone who doesn’t speak your language, but the app also offers a seamless auto-translate feature allowing you to talk freely to anyone from any part of the world.

Main Features

  • Auto-translation
  • Discover new people
  • Add people to your friend list.
  • Stunning filters and backgrounds.

Rating: 4.4

App pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on iOS and Android

3.  Chatous – Amazing App Like Omegle To Chat With Random People


Chatous is a random chat app that is quite popular among the audience on the young side. The features of this app are pretty much the same as Omegle and Azar.

You can video and text chat with strangers as well as use search filters and hashtag features to meet the right person. Moreover, the app also allows you to share expiring photos, videos, and audio during chatting sessions.

Main Features

  • Hashtags to find the right person.
  • Online text and video chat.
  • Share expiring audio, photos, and videos.

Rating: 3.8

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on IOS and Android

4.  HOLLA – An Alternative Of Omegle App With Additional Features


HOLLA is another app like Omegle that helps you connect with new people via text, audio, and video chats. What makes this unique is its voice mode feature that allows you to interact with people who speak the same language. It also features plenty of filters and background themes, and user verification to ensure everyone’s safety. You can also find people that share your passion and interests and have a fun time hanging out.

Main Features

  • Online video calls
  • Connect with the right person.
  • Free text, voice, and video chat

Rating: 4.3

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available exclusively on Android

5.  Topface – Just Like Omegle App But Better In Terms Of Performance


Topface is a popular Russian dating app and a site like Omegle. The majority of its users are only here to mingle and date. Topface provides a platform for strangers to flirt, make text, voice, and video chat. Topface is perfectly safe and even has an option to hide your real identity.

Main Features

  • 100+ million users worldwide.
  • Online video and voice chat
  • Exclusively for dating
  • Ensures anonymity

Rating: 4.5

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on IOS and Android

6.  Rooit – Similar To Omegle App With Adequate Privacy Controls


Rooit is another great app and one of the best Omegle alternatives to meet and date people. The app allows you to chat easily in a wide range of chat rooms without revealing your identity (if you don’t want to). The additional features of Rooit include magnificent themes, role-playing games, and a search filter that helps you meet the right person.

Main Features

  • Play fun games
  • Protected privacy
  • Add attractive themes

Rating: 2.5

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on IOS and Android

7.  AHA – Good Alternative To Omegle App To Meet New People


AHA is a video chatting platform that is quite similar to Omegle app. The app helps you interact with new people across the globe. The app offers a secure platform for people to meet complete strangers, make video calls, and have a fun time. To create an account, you’re required to provide your social media account. Its additional features include visually appealing background themes, stickers, effects, and much more.

Main Features

  • Exclusive video chatting platform
  • Mesmerizing effects and filters
  • Supports multiple languages

Rating: 4.3

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on iOS and Android

8.  Fav Talk – Just Like Omegle App To Interact With Strangers

Fav Talk

Fav Talk is an exclusive text chat app that connects you with people around the globe. It’s quite simple to use the app, all you need todo is create an account and add your interests voilà, you’re ready to talk to anyone around the world.

Additionally, just like Omegle, with Fav Talk, you would only interact with people with similar interests. Furthermore, the app is safe and secure because all the user accounts are verified upon registration.

Main Features

  • Easy user-interface
  • Privacy controls
  • Find people with common interests.

Rating: 3.5

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on iOS and Android

9.  Pikii – Good Omegle Alternative To Connect With Famous People


Pikii is an innovative app like Omegle designed for iPhone and considering the fact that it takes a lot to get your app approved on Apple Store, the app is robust, feature packed and performance-oriented. The app lets you connect with friends, followers, and well-renowned personalities across the globe. You can meet new people, increase your followers, and they’ll receive a notification whenever you go live.

Main Features

  • Connects people with similar interests
  • User-friendly interface
  • Live-streaming
  • Follow your favorite celebrities.

Rating: Unavailable

Pricing: Free

Available exclusively on iOS

10.  MeowChat – It’s Omegle On Speed!


MeowChat is a remarkable blend of fun, engagement, features and above all it is an app like Omegle. The app allows you to interact with new people via text and video chat.

Because most users are single, they’re looking to discover new people to connect to therefore, this app is the best for such individuals who are looking for a good time. Furthermore, the USP of MeowChat is that it offers the users to play games in the app too.

Main Features

  • Live-streaming and make video calls
  • Interact with people around the globe
  • A diverse range of games

Rating: 4

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available exclusive on Android


The rise of video chat apps akin to Omegle for Android reflects a contemporary shift in how people seek and establish connections in the digital realm. These applications bring a global audience together, allowing users to engage in unscripted conversations with strangers, fostering a sense of diversity and spontaneity. The allure of anonymity contributes to the appeal of these platforms, although it necessitates a cautious approach to ensure a safe and respectful virtual environment.

The innovative features embedded in these Android-compatible apps, such as text chat and interest-based matching, amplify the user experience, adding layers of interactivity. However, it is crucial for users to strike a balance between exploration and vigilance, considering the potential pitfalls associated with privacy concerns and inappropriate content.

Ultimately, video chat apps for Android represent a dynamic frontier in online socialization, offering both opportunities for meaningful connections and challenges that demand responsible usage. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the landscape of these platforms, prompting users to navigate the digital space with a blend of curiosity and conscientiousness.

FAQs about apps like Omegle

Q1. Are video chat apps like Omegle safe to use?

Safety can vary, as these apps rely on anonymous interactions. Users should exercise caution, avoid sharing personal information, and report any inappropriate behavior. It’s advisable to read and adhere to the app’s guidelines for a safer experience.

Q2. Do these apps have age restrictions?

Many video chat apps have age restrictions in place to ensure user safety. It’s crucial for users to comply with these guidelines and for parents to monitor their children’s online activities to prevent underage users from accessing potentially inappropriate content.

Q3. How can I maintain privacy while using Omegle-like apps?

Users can enhance privacy by refraining from sharing personal details, using pseudonyms, and disabling location services. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the app’s privacy settings and adjust them accordingly.

Q4. What measures do these apps have to prevent inappropriate content?

Reputable video chat apps implement content moderation tools and reporting mechanisms to curb inappropriate behavior. However, users play a vital role in maintaining a safe environment by reporting any violations and adhering to community guidelines.

Q5. Are there alternatives to Omegle with additional features?

Yes, there are several alternatives with unique features. Some apps offer interest-based matching, filters, and enhanced security features. It’s recommended to explore various options to find an app that aligns with your preferences and priorities for a positive online experience.

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