How much does a Content Writer earn in India?

Life would have been boring with content, to create something with one’s own capability is content. Therefore, in the category of content creation, content writers play a considerable role.

Even people who don’t like to read, maybe out of desperation, search for something quickly on the internet and open up an article, wading through to get their job done. Content writers get the minimum amount of 3.5 lakh, based on their years of experience.

How much does a Content Writer earn in India

What is content writing?

An ardent reader can be the best content writer, as they are always reading something or the other. They know what tone to use while writing in different styles. Content writing is all about picking up a topic then thinking about it without any help from the internet at first. 

Jot down the points that pop up in mind, google about it, and start writing. It’s all about planning, organizing, visiting sources, collecting information, and using it correctly in writing. This is the art of content writing. The more detailed and conversational article you can produce the more fun it will be while reading it. 

Content can be created on various topics. It includes blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts. Specific platforms as well need content. Reading content can be educational too. Anything that we don’t understand at once, confront it the next time by guzzling through the content. A degree in literature and mass communication is expected from a content writer.

Purpose of content writer/writing 

The purpose of a content writer is to present proper and heavy material and earn rewards. They create print and digital companies that showcase the products and services they offer. Content that precisely contemplates company ideals should be prioritized by the writer. 

The three purposes for content writing are to inform, opine and persuade. For generations now, the backbone of non-fiction writing is advising. When writing content, avoid giving opinions as it causes arguments and debates unnecessarily and can be confusing at times.

When something is going on in our minds, and we want to share it with people, writing is supreme. Compelling content is the trickiest to write, and one needs to find a balance between conferring opinions and being criticized. Writing content that serves the reader’s purpose can give a running start to the content writing career.

How to create a good content

Content writing is a great way to get people to talk about your company, products. It also can create a community. The first thing to keep in mind while creating content is to explain why you are making it. Define your content marketing goal, acknowledge your plan early will eventually chaperone decisions as developing a marketing strategy, for instance, what are we making? And where are we going to administer our content?.

Research and understand your audience is a must. Compelling content does not come from an idea that you alone want to write and talk about. It needs involvement, feedback, and supervision of the audience. However, you can connect with your audience through the content by showing empathy and understanding for their situation. 

Here are some building blocks that will surely help to create content worth reading.

>craft a compelling headline 

Let the heading catch the eye of the reader at once.

>hook readers with an exciting instigation

Don’t let the audience put down the article aside before completing it.

>write for the audience 

Whatever you write, it’s for the readers, it’s them who will enjoy reading it.

>narrow the article’s focus

Focus on the keywords, don’t let the writing scatter all over the place.

>be winsome

Be exciting and humorous.

>use your unique brand voice

Use the voice that is given to you by your company. Let your company be heard. 

>give readers what they are looking for

Always remember, you only provide what the readers are asking for.

>carry an outline

An outline will make the work easier.

>refer tools and the processes you use

Share some of the facts with the readers that you have gathered to enlighten them on a particular topic.

>build trust

Without trustworthy information, a reader won’t even complete reading the article you wrote, staying awake all night.

How many content writers are there in India, and how much do they earn

We Indians have the number for content writing. In India, the most searched jobs online are for content writing. Compared to other countries, India shows a significant share of 73.87 percent for content writer jobs. The search volume is 26309, according to SEMrush, the online visibility management, and content marketing SaaS platform. Australia has 32.24 percent, UK has 31.66 percent, 30.68 for Canada, and 30.27 for the USA.

As for beginners who have just entered the field, learning the tips and tricks, gaining knowledge, and spreading it to the targeted audiences are offered 8000 to 10000 per month. Content writers with experience of years of hard work and sheer objective in keeping a reader occupied with an article earn about 20,000 to 25,000 per year.


Content writing is an easy job once you grasp the techniques, be attentive to what you are thinking, and put it in an organized way, answering and solving questions as briefly as possible. 

Reading good content is informative and fun; there are plenty of ways to learn how to create one. However, with time one gets used to how the content writing world works; it needs patience and creative, analytical skill.

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