The 3 Best Cricket Podcasts That You Must Subscribe To

There is no shortage of cricket content in India and in general around the cricketing world. There is always something you can find whether you are searching for stats, today match prediction, interviews, anecdotes, or just cricket history. 

A number of former cricketers (particularly from Pakistan) have become YouTubers, there are some podcasts by pundits of the game, and an ever-growing number of cricket websites that offer genuinely good content. 

We are here to share three cricket podcasts with you that make our daily commute/run on the treadmill/drive a pleasure. This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are always subjective opinions but these are three that we think will appeal to cricket lovers no matter where they are from. 

Best Cricket Podcasts

Red Inker by Jarrod Kimber 

Jarrod Kimber is perhaps one of the best-known independent cricket journalists in the world right now. He started with a blog (cricketwithballs) that quickly grew popular for its often polarizing opinion but has since gone on to work with some of the leading cricket websites, commentated on matches, and even worked as a cricket analyst with teams in leading T20 competitions around the world. 

Red Inker is about cricket stories that he finds interesting and that could be anything. It could be a story about a former Kenyan superstar, a New Zealand fast-bowler that never made quite made it big, a fellow cricket journalist, or anything else. 

Each and every episode is worth listening to and often shared a unique perspective on stories you may have heard, or instances that you may not have known at all. 

If you are a true cricket fan and interested in knowing more about this wonderful game of ours then listen to Red Inker. We cannot recommend it enough. 

CricViz Podcast

Freddie Wilde and Ben Jones are the best analysts of the game that we have today. CricViz has been a pioneer in giving a new life to stats collection, their analysis, and their real-world application. 

Listening to their match previews or analysis of matches played is an absolute pleasure. They are going to debunk popular myths with cold-hard stats and often make the commonly held beliefs appear completely stupid. 

They also do a deep dive on player match-ups ahead of important series and matches that give you a lot of insight into the game. Who is the best left-hander against right-arm fast-bowling? Are Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli susceptible to leg-spin? Is Rishab Pant all that he is hyped to be?

These are just a few examples of the gems that you will come across. They cover most international matches and some of the big leagues but not everything. Considering their methods, that is probably not likely to happen anytime soon either. 

If you are a fan of cricket betting tips, strategy, tactics, and planning then this is the podcast for you. 

22 Yarns with Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav Kapoor has a superb knack for getting his guests to open up and be themselves. His podcast is an interview-style podcast where he calls a different guest on each episode. He is well-connected enough to be able to call on some of the best names of the game. 

Gaurav Kapoor does not concentrate just on cricketers, though, and you will find cricket producers, commentators, and other personalities at the fringes of the game. 

This is not a podcast where the guests are going to be faced with tough questions or be made to say anything controversial. Gaurav Kapoor is firmly on the side of the guests and giving them full tosses one after the other. 

That can be grating but GK certainly has the knack of engaging the listener and not making each episode into a self-congratulatory vehicle for his guests. Well worth a listen to hear interesting anecdotes from the world of cricket. 

Karan Singh

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