Top 5 hard drive recovery software for windows 10/8/7

Summary: Are you feed-up of searching for free hard drive recovery software? I am sure Yes, that is why you are searching best 5 hard drive recovery software for Windows 10, 8, 7, and all versions.
What we do most of the time? We go and search for freeware but it just doesn’t work. We get frustrated and ran to find out the best program. So, today we are going to end this journey of search because it becomes difficult to recover data from crashed hard disk. Here we discuss the top 5 hard drive recovery software for windows which will help you to regain all types of data like images, videos, documents, contacts, etc. From the corrupted, formatted, permanently deleted, crashed, deleted hard drive.

In my opinion, the major 5 components which differentiate the top 5 hard drive deleted file recovery software are:

  • 1. Security
  • 2. Quality
  • 3. Easy to use
  • 4. Compatibility
  • 5. Technical support.

It’s Time to Pick Best Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows 10/7/8

hard drive recovery software for windows

1. SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

This hard drive recovery tool is the complete solution to recover permanently deleted files from FAT, ex-FAT, NTFS. As this is a tool is MVP certified so the user can use this freely. Hard Drive corruption and damage are common issues nowadays as most of the users face. Due to this, SysTools provides an easy way to access the software. This tool recover 100% accurate and secure file recovery. You can download this software any version of Windows to recover deleted files from the hard drive.

  • Security: One of the first priorities of the user is to check security. If your software is secure your data will be secure, that is the thing SysTools provide you in their software. It also tested with the which marks No Adware and No Viruses. It is labeled as a 100% clean utility
  • Quality: The quality of any software is tested when they provide the best outcome without any hindrance. This hard drive recovery software previews all the deleted items in the Software panel so that you can recover them.
  • Easy to use: Usability is another factor that arises in the development factor. If you are able to access the software easily then it is a sign of friendly software. Tool provides you the facility to use friendly. Although they give proper guide with the software to show how to step next.
  • Compatibility: Well in the outdated program have a compatibility issue but this tool is compatible with all the versions including the latest one of Windows (32-bit & 64-bit).
  • Technical Support: While recovering deleted files from the hard drive it is not easy because of several processes. You might have lots of questions in your mind. For that, this software provides knowledge tips, an official website, YouTube videos, etc. There are many products that do not provide technical support for the single user but SysTools provide.
  • Pros: Having a facility to highlight deleted data after Scanning. Provide lifetime subscription. It is cost-effective as compared to others
  • Cons: It doesn’t provide support for MAC OS users.

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2. SoftwarePro Hard Disk Recovery Wizard

SoftwarePro tool is also one of the best software for hard drive recovery. This tool is designed to recover files from crashes, shift delete files, deleted hard drive. The best part of this software is to save and resume a scanned file. This tool is trusted and tested which provides you the best outcome. Tool support file systems such as FAT and NTFS format. It can recover data from internal/external hard drives.

If we talk about their components then yes of course they have high speed and provide accurate results. It is easy to operate as all the guide is available with the software. Although, it is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows which is not possible with the other software. SoftwarePro offers technical support such as e-mail, chat, phone calls, etc. This tool is totally secure and reviewed by users. If you don’t want to lose any data, you may use this product.

3.Stellar Windows Data Recovery

This hard drive recovery tool is one of the top choices of users. This file recovery software can recover all most all types of file types and can recover deleted, damaged, deleted hard drive. This tool also has an option to save and resume a scanned image. It is simple to download and run the application. Stellar is easy to use and recover data, moreover, it offers excellent technical support via videos, emails, chats, etc.

Cons: Having High Cost as compare to others. Proving one 1year subscription for users whereas SysTools having a lifetime.

4.EaseUs Data Recovery

EaseUS has positive feedback across a wide spectrum of customers. Its design reflects convenience for the users. They have a simple and functional user interface. This performs a good file recovery process without any data loss. This accepts most of the Windows versions. Application having automatic sorting recovered files feature. You can also prefer this for hard drive recovery software.

Cons: It is expensive as compare to others. It doesn’t highlight the file after scanning which is deleted by the Shift+ delete button.

5.R-Studio Hard Drive File Recovery

This software finds its place in the top 5 hard drive recovery software. If you are curious about your file recovery, this software is also good to recover deleted data from the hard drive. This hard drive recovery tool uses to support an extensive list of file formats. This file recovery has a feature of Disk Sanitization, by which users can empty old hard drives prior to its disposal.

Cons: It is not perfect for a non-technical person as the interface can be confusing.


After comparing different best 5 hard drive recovery software, it is clear that all have an almost similar type, all will recover your hard drive files. If I talk about the best one from above, I will choose SysTools Software because this hard drive recovery tool provides various features such as fast and cost-effective recovery, it can highlight deleted files after scanning. If you think you could suggest to us or want to ask something, you are free to comment.

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