5 Best PDF Merger Tools – Free and Paid For Windows 10/8/7

Portable Document Format or in short PDF is a popular file format used for the presentation of documents. People prefer to send their invoices and other business documents in PDF form, due to the convenience of handling this format. However, when multiple PDF files need to be sent in a single email, it can be burdensome and delay the proceeding of the email. So it is best to put PDF files together with the help of a PDF merger tool, to ease the hassle of sending many files together.

5 Best PDF Merger Tools

Here is a List Of 5 Best PDF Merger Tools – Free and Paid For Windows 10/8/7

  • 1. Soda PDF
  • 2. 2pdf.com
  • 3. Small PDF
  • 4. Online2PDF
  • 5. ILovePDF

1. Soda PDF

 It is one of the latest software tools invented for merging PDF files very easily. It operates efficiently on Windows and MAC operating systems. Users can upload PDF files instantly on this software program, saving their time while merging many PDF files. As this software is connected to Google Drive and Dropbox, users can easily have access to their PDF files stored in the cloud whenever needed. This software tool can be used to merge PDF files both online and offline. Therefore, users can upload PDF files from their desktop or the cloud, wherever they have saved their important files. Then they need to click on the ‘merge’ button on the screen after all the required files are uploaded. Finally, the merged version can be downloaded on the computer hard drive or maybe saved on the cloud.

2. 2pdf.com

This is considered one of the best free software tools used for merging PDF files. Its innovatively designed menu helps users to upload and merge their PDF files very speedily. They only need to visit the website of 2pdf.com and select the required PDF files from their computers or mobiles for uploading there. If some PDF files need to be compressed, the PDF merging software of this website makes that job easier. The merging process starts automatically once all the files are uploaded to the software. Then a link appears on the screen, which provides a merged PDF file that should be downloaded on the device of the user. People can also choose PDF files stored in Google Drive or Dropbox, for uploading on this website. Moreover, there are more features added to this software, to make its use more convenient for all. However, users need to download the merged file within 24 hours of uploading their files; else the merged copy will be automatically deleted from the system of 2pdf.com after that period for maintaining the privacy of users.

3. Small PDF

This software allows the merger of an unlimited number of PDF files. Moreover, it is associated with other software programs that enable the conversion of PDF documents from other formats and vice versa. It keeps all files secure, as all individual PDF files are automatically deleted after merging. Though it is not a free software tool, new users can have a free trial for 14 days to decide whether they need to spend on buying it. Users can upload all the PDF files saved on their computers or mobiles, by clicking the ‘Upload’ button. Then they need to click the ‘Merge’ button to initiate the merging procedure instantly. People can save the merged PDF file to Google Drive or Dropbox, to keep the documents safe.

4. Online2PDF

This website allows the conversion of PDF files into various other formats, including Word doc. Thus, people can merge multiple PDF files here and then convert that single PDF file into other formats, keeping the data of all the pages intact. However, due to the limited size of this software, it is not possible to upload and merge more than 20 PDF files at a time here. The total size of files should not be more than 150 MB and each user can merge only the maximum of100 files on this website. People prefer using this online PDF converter due to its convenient features, which demands the least effort of users.

5. ILovePDF

It is a simple software tool, without much complication. Users can easily merge all the required PDF files at a time and get out a single PDF document by using this software. Each merged file is usually named by the brand name of ILovePDF, which can be changed after downloading the file on the device of the user. Thus, the entire operation of this merging software is very simple, just like the user-friendly interface of this app. Moreover, it is associated with other software programs that have other special functions. So users find it more convenient for accomplishing all types of changes in their PDF files. Thus, it provides one-stop answers to all PDF-related problems that people normally face at their workplaces.
Though there are several merging software tools, the above-mentioned 5 are known to be the best ones to merge PDF files irrespective of their sizes. These tools have made jobs much easier for many business owners, as they can send and keep all records in a single PDF file.

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