5 Interesting Facts About Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball is a sport much like badminton or tennis, similarly using a net and paddles. It has existed since the 1960s but has only recently seen a rise in popularity. Today the sport has over 30 million players. One thing that has helped the game become so popular is the equipment used. From a portable net to the paddles and balls the equipment the game needs is a fascinating combination of professional and casual gear. Aside from these basic facets of the sport, there are some extra pieces of equipment that fans of the sport might not know are available to them.

5 Interesting Facts About Pickleball Equipment

1. The Material of The Paddle Can Affect Your Shots

For players looking to get the best out of their performance, a carbon fiber pickleball paddle can help them level up their game. While the material of the paddle may not seem like it’s an important choice, those who take the game seriously will appreciate the benefits a higher-quality gear can provide. Because carbon fiber paddles are stiffer and lighter than other paddles, athletes can get a faster and more accurate swing when they play. As a result of this improved swing, they can reduce mishits and increase their precision. While it may not seem like a major benefit on paper, in practice selecting a carbon fiber paddle can make a huge difference for those looking to maximize their performance.

2. You May Need to Periodically Clean Your Paddle

Carbon fiber paddles have proven to be the superior choice for those looking to upgrade their gear to the next level. There is one slight drawback though: they need to be cleaned periodically. Each time a carbon fiber paddle makes contact with the ball, small plastic fibers from the ball get stuck in the grooves of the paddle. If too many of these fibers accumulate it can affect the level of spin the paddle can generate with each swing. To keep working at maximum efficiency it’s important to use a paddle eraser. A paddle eraser is capable of cleaning off these particles in a few rubs and can even clean off additional flaws like dirt and scratches. The ability to keep your gear in tip-top shape makes a paddle eraser a must-have for even casual fans of pickleball.

3. You Can Customize Your Paddle

While some people may be comfortable using whatever paddle they have on hand, others will be more picky and have specific qualities they’re looking for in their gear. One of the best ways to customize your paddle is with lead tape strips. By using this tape players can adjust the weight of their paddle to suit their preference. They can apply the tape to either their handle or the perimeter of their paddle head as needed. Additionally, there is a variety of overwrap grips that can be added to the paddle to help players in particularly hot climates. These overhand grips help to stabilize the athlete’s grip on their paddle while also absorbing moisture from sweat. This helps prevent the paddle from moving in the hand during play and ensures a consistent swing in even the hottest climates.

4. There’s a Variety of Equipment That Can Help Protect Athletes From Injury

Pickleball may not seem like a sport where athletes are prone to injury, but like in any sport accidents can happen. For people looking to protect themselves while playing, there’s a variety of equipment that can provide that security. Protective sleeves are available for elbows, knees, and wrists. They provide support and safety to joints on the body that see the most use during a game thereby working to mitigate injuries. Sleeves also come in a variety of colors for those looking to add some fashionable flair to their look.

5. Take The Game Anywhere With a Portable Net

While there are plenty of courts where pickleball can be played, not everyone is going to have one close by. This is where portable nets come in. This essential piece of equipment is easy to set up and allows anyone to play pickleball anywhere they want. When they’re done playing the net rolls up and can be stored in a sleeve that can be slung right your shoulder like any other bag.


Pickleball is a fast-growing sport with plenty of pieces of equipment available for both casual and competitive players alike. From items that add paddle customizability to protective gear for people playing the game, there’s plenty of gear out there to catch the eye of any fan.

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