Advanced Strategies for Success in the Aviator Game

If you ever played or read any Aviator game review, you already know this crash game with simple gameplay. In Aviator, you can win up to a 10,000x jackpot, using the right strategies. Try these tips to enhance your experience. 

Advanced Strategies for Success in the Aviator Game

A Brief Overview of the Aviator Game Mechanics

Aviator is a crash game by Spribe, crafted in 2019. The goal of Aviator money game is to predict the movements of the virtual plane. At the beginning of the round, it begins to fly and then crashes at a random coefficient. While the plane flies, your bet is rising, but at the very moment it crashes, you lose everything. Here are the details you may need: 

  • Software: Spribe 
  • Min bet: $0.1
  • Max bet: $100
  • Aviator win, or Max. jackpot: 10,000

To win in Aviator, use basic and advanced strategies. 

Basic Strategies for Winning

First of all, consider the basics of winning in casino games and crash games particularly: 

  1. Select casinos with crash-game bonuses. 
  2. Set the deposit limits.
  3. Use the Auto-bet feature to play automatically. 

However, to enhance the chances of the Aviator game win, you should try advanced mechanisms popular among professional gamblers. 

Creating a winning streak in Aviator

Playing Aviator in several rounds is the best strategy. The thing is, Spribe provided a perfect feature for Aviator winning strategy – you can see the results of all previous rounds, as recent winnings. This way you can analyze the game without even spending your own money and use game streak to determine the best strategy. 

Strategic Bets

The way you place bets also matters hugely. Experienced players use betting strategies to calculate possible wins and losses: 

  • Martingale strategy. This technique means that each time you lose, you should double the bet. For example, if you placed a stake of $5 and lost, next time place a stake of $10. 
  • Reversed double bet. This strategy is for high-rollers and offers you to double bet each time you WIN. 
  • Fibonacci system. Use the Fibonacci sequence to each next bet. In this sequence, the next number is the sum of two previous numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on. 

These are overall rules. You can try them at any game, including slots, crash, and even table games like poker, where the amount of bet is crucial. 

Advanced Techniques in Aviator

Spribe also offers unique Aviator techniques to try. First, it is the opportunity to place two bets at once. It allows you to practice another strategy: first, place two bets simultaneously. When the aircraft reaches the coefficient that is equal to ONE of your bets, cash out the first stake. This way you prevent the loss of your own money. Next, track the aircraft to cash out the second at a more risky, but also more beneficial moment. 

For players who don’t want to calculate too much, the auto-bet feature is a must. This option allows you to place bets and consider their amount automatically, while you can just enjoy the game. 

Finally, remember that you only can win when playing at reliable platforms and gambling responsibly. Using casino strategies requires discipline and self-control. Otherwise, you risk losing your money. Use Aviator strategies only on protected websites with fair rules and official licenses. 

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