How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in 10 Easy Steps

If you want to protect your vehicle, but you don’t have a lot of money, the best alternative for you is to know what the cheap car insurance is on the market. This is especially recommended if your car is second-hand, in which case there is little point in taking out an expensive policy.

Now, how to get cheap insurance? You need to know some tips that will help you save and at the same time protect your car. It is an unavoidable investment, unless you want to expose yourself to the corresponding sanctions by law. Let’s see what you can do to save on car insurance. 

Tips to make car insurance cheaper

The insurance law in Spain stipulates the obligation to maintain civil liability insurance. According to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), up to 2.6 million vehicles circulate without their respective insurance on the country’s roads. 130,000 fines are imposed each year for this reason, with an average fine of €1,500.

Getting cheap car insurance is not impossible; you just have to keep in mind a series of basic criteria. We leave you with 10 tips that you should keep in mind during the search.

How to get cheap car insurance

10 Easy Tips to Get Cheap Car Insurance

1. Limited coverage

When insurance is taken out for a cheap second-hand sports car, the requirements are lower than if it is done for a new car. Therefore, if you want to save a little, choose a limited coverage, that is, one that has the most basic benefits. This will result in lower fees.

Indeed, comprehensive insurance is not for all cars. These are recommended only for those who do not exceed 3 years of distribution. Excess insurance is suggested for vehicles between 3 and 5 years old, and from this moment on, third-party insurance can be considered mandatory.

2. Clean history

Insurers generally offer better prices or discounts to drivers with a better loss record. Hence, if you do not have fines or have been involved in accidents, you can get your car insurance cheaper.

Speeding tickets are especially concerning to insurers, so the more you get, the worse. If you want cheaper car insurance, show that the insurer will have few risks with you.

3. Purchase your policy online

Many insurance companies usually have promotions on their website to encourage the purchase of a policy without leaving home. This is not only a cheaper option, but it will help you avoid paperwork and waiting to be served in a physical office.

4. Use comparators

The best way to get the right insurance for cheap cars or a cheap sports car is by using the comparators on the web. These gather in a single place valuable information on the policies, conditions and prices of the best insurers in the market, such as Mapfre, Allianz, Pelayo, Zurich, Caser, Reale Seguros, among others.

Thanks to the comparators, you have a global vision of what each company offers without having to go to each one’s website, which makes it easier to make the right choice of insurance for your second-hand car. Contrasting the options will allow you to get cheap insurance for your vehicle.

5. Read comments from others

One of the best ways to find out how good the service offered by an insurer is is by reading the comments of those who have already taken out car insurance with it.

Many insurance companies include a section for comments or customer testimonials on their website, however, we advise you to also read on other websites so that you can see both the good and the bad opinion. Doing this will allow you to have a more realistic view of the service.

6. Keep in mind the criteria of insurers

If you want to take out cheap car insurance, you should know what the variables that increase its value are. Let’s look at some of the most important ones that insurers consider:

  • Have a car with a diesel engine.
  • The make and market price of the vehicle.
  • The power of the engine (it is considered a risk factor for a possible accident).
  • The extras that the car has.
  • The color of the vehicle (some insurers value this detail).
  • Heavy use (for example, if you use it every day to work).

7. Do not split payments

All insurers offer you the possibility of splitting the payment. Although at first it may seem like a way to save, the truth is that a single payment may suit you. The reason for this is that some companies offer a discount for paying the full cost. Find out if the insurer you have contracted does the same, so you can save in the process.

Remember that sincerity is very important when hiring car insurance. White lies or white lies with the aim of reducing the price of the policy are nothing more than a form of fraud.

8. Group all insurances in the same company

Currently, there are many insurance companies that not only offer coverage for our vehicle. They also have health or life products. Gathering all our policies under the same insurer will give us greater negotiating power. Getting discounts that can reach 15%.

If this is your case, call each of them and express your intention to unify your products. You can also choose the cheapest vehicle insurance, like the ones you can find in a comparator, and from there start the transfer of the rest.

9. Analyze the situation when the end of the contract is approaching

One of the most common mistakes that we usually make when hiring an insurer for our vehicle is to renew the policy when it ends without analyzing the market situation. Whenever the end of our contract approaches, we must assess all the options that exist in the market.

The field of insurance is continually launching new offers and promotions according to the situation we find. For this reason, we can find different times of the year when we can access much more competitive prices.

10. Beware of extras

If this is going to be your first insurance and you have not yet bought the car, keep in mind that the most powerful models and with the greatest number of extras always pay more for car insurance.

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