Download vChannel App For PC On Windows 7/8/10, Laptop/Mac

Do you love watching TV shows and movies without spending your money? In that case, you can try using the vChannel app for pc. This program is a free app and can be download from the Android Google Play Store and Apple Appstore.

Using the vChannel app will allow you to watch different TV shows. This includes Sports, Drama, Action, Science, News, Comedy shows and many more.

This app has also a built-in media player, so you won’t be needing an external player to play its video files. Although the vChannel app was made specifically for Android and iOS devices, you can use your computer or laptop to run it.

If you are one of the people who want to download and install vChannel app for PC on Windows or Mac, we, from Dailylist will teach you how to do it. Just follow our steps and you will be able to enjoy watching TV shows from your big computer or laptop monitor screen.



vChannel is everything you need to satisfy all your watching needs to be packaged in a single app. It supports both mobile and desktop platforms, which makes it a perfect choice for a variety of users all around the world. With the app, you can access any TV channels, videos, television dramas, sports, and everything you want.

This app is suitable for watching TV programs even when you’re going on a trip. With a save button within the app, you can save your video in your playlist and watch them later. There is also a share option so that you can share the videos you enjoyed with your friends through social media.


  1. Compatible with many platforms (Windows, Mac, Android)
  2. Supports Chromecast – faster loading time than other apps
  3. Operates as an RSS feed video player – play a variety of different video files.
  4. Free download and easy to install.
  5. Fast update.
  6. More stable. Reduce errors or glitches.


If you spend most of your time on a PC or if you don’t want to fight over the remote with your kids, vChannel is an ideal option for you to watch TV programs.

Follow the guide below to install vChannel on your device.


You need an Android emulator to start setting up vChannel on your PC. An emulator is a PC’s program that allows you to run Android apps. You can choose to install any emulators. However, we recommend BlueStacks as it is an easy-to-use and friendly application. You can download it on the homepage of BlueStacks here.


After you get an emulator installed on your PC, the next step is to install vChannel on that emulator. Since the emulator is similar to an Android device, you can do the installation just like you do on the Android one.

Click the App Store icon on the main screen. Then search for vChannel on the search bar. And click the Install button. Now it will take you a few minutes to automatically download and install the app.

After that, vChannel is available on the main screen and ready for you to enjoy.

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