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There are more than a billion websites on the internet trying to establish themselves. With all these options, it becomes difficult for search engines to rank them. Therefore, they have set criteria such as authority and credibility to rank them.
Many online marketers are well aware of SEO terms like page rank, backlinks, keywords, and more, but only a few might know of domain authority and how it affects the position of a website. Domain authority acts as the key performance metrics that determine how well your website is performing on the search engine. Let’s take a deeper look into what domain authority is and how domain authority checker tools can come into use.

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What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a metric used by website owners to understand how search engine algorithms rank your website based on authority and credibility. The metric basically gauges how your site performs against other webs in the same niche as yours. The domain authority is a score based on a scale of 100 and there are various factors that can affect this score of a website.
There are other key elements that make up the DA, website’s age, popularity, backlinks, and rank. The more score you have on the domain authority’s scale of 100, the better you perform than others in your industry on Google.

What Is a Domain Authority Checker?

A DA checker is a tool in which you can check the domain authority of one or more websites. You may feed in your website’s URL along with your competitor’s link to ascertain where you stand and how others are performing.
The domain authority score that you achieve from these tools can later be used to increase the strength of your site. You can also keep a check on your competitors and adjust or change your strategies to catch up with rivals.

How to Improve Domain Authority?

There is no particular guidebook to influence domain authority metrics. What works for one website may not work for others. So, you should keep experimenting before you settle on one specific strategy. However, some of the tested strategies are discussed below.

Create marketable content

In the online market, content is the king! Quality content that attracts readers and provides valuable information increases domain authority to an impressive score. Content that is worthy of readers’ time gets shared frequently and is more likely to be picked up by major publishers. As your content gets noticed, your website comes to everyone’s attention, thus increasing traffic.
When you implement a content marketing strategy, use a domain authority checker to see how your scores move. An upward movement will indicate that your content is improving the website’s performance.

Diversify backlinks

Once you have developed content of top-notch quality, next would be to get a backlink from high authority blogs. You will not gain any benefit from publishing guest posts on a single authority blog and get backlinks from the same domain. This is a blunder most marketers make. Instead, you should look for backlinks from a range of different authority websites. It would definitely increase your domain authority.
Moreover, try to collaborate with other websites in your industry by publishing your guest posts on their websites. Pick up a website you think has good domain authority and submit your guest posts. This is another effective way to attract an audience. You can check the DA of these websites using a domain authority checker and submit guest posts on one with the highest domain authority.

Build strong interlinks

When you publish a new page with links to old ones with higher authority on your website, you pass on the juice and make the new ones rank better on search engines. But make sure these interlinks should be natural and try not to overdo it in order to obtain the best results.

Best Domain Authority Checker

A domain authority checker should be part of every online marketers’ work ethic. We will have a look at some of the best tools that you would find useful in your work.


The Domain Authority checker by is undoubtedly the best online tool across the internet. Without having to register yourself or pay any fee, navigate to SmallSEOTools website authority checker to check the website da for free. This website da checker produces instant results and can check up to 10 websites at a time and give you accurate results.

Website SEO Checker

Website SEO Checker comes with a huge range of different tools like domain age checker, sitemap generator, spam score checker, keyword difficulty checker and a lot more. You can find all the useful tools in one place. This free tool can check the domain authority of multiple sites at a time and the process is pretty simple.

Bulk DA checker

Bulk DA Checker is yet another incredible free domain authority checker that supports 10 URLs at a time. Once you are done, you can reset the URL’s section and put up new ones. You would also find other useful tools with Bulk DA Checker.

Final Words

The above-discussed domain authority checker tools may help you in analyzing the authority of a website. You can use any one of them as per your desire and analyze the credibility of a site. increase your domain authority

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