Top 6 Indoor Air Purification Solutions to Care for Your Air

Fresh air is essential nowadays as pollution is increasing at a rapid pace. A breath of fresh and pure air is all you need to start your day with full enthusiasm and positive vibes. The COVID-19 pandemic has made all of us aware of the significance of fresh and clean air. 

The technological industry is growing fast and innovating some of the most required resources that are helpful for living a healthy and ailment-free life. According to the World Health Organisation, 50% of illnesses are caused or aggravated due to pollution. 

Indoor Air Purification Solutions

Let’s take a vivid look at some of the air purification solutions that are made for offering a healthier ambiance

1. Molekule – Photoelectrochemical Oxidation: 

It is one of the newest invented technologies in the range of air purification. It works by oxidizing the contaminated air and removing the dust that causes harm to the body. This new innovation captures and eradicates microparticles that are as small as 0.1 nanometers in size. This purifier is employed by nanotechnology and the strong chemistry of spare radicals that live on the surface of the filter. This purifier eliminates contaminants, notably mold, bacteria, and viruses, at a molecular scale.

2. PCO Technology Advanced Air Purification

PCO air purification is one of the best air purification solutions in Michigan. This advanced air purification technology significantly mitigates viruses, bacteria, odors, and smoke that are present in the air and on the surfaces. The main feature of this air purifier is that it does not depend on the air passing through the unit; however, it actively disseminates air cleaning molecules into the surrounding environment.

3. Oransi – High-Efficiency Particulate Air Purifier

This is a high-efficiency particulate air purifier that absorbs and filters out allergens, spores, pollen, dust, pet danders, and other indoor particles. The filters embedded inside oransi air purifiers have a thin and well-knitted fibre structure that purifies the air and circulates it back. This purifier is made with advanced technology that tackles customers’ air quality concerns regarding allergies, dust, asthma, pets, mold, odors, and child-related issues.

4. Air0 – Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon by Air 0 is made for eradicating smoke, odors from kitchens, cigarettes, or pets, and gases such as radon, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds. This purifier contains activated charcoal that attracts and absorbs pollutants to the filter surface, allowing clean air. This air purifier has an activated carbon technique that combines the benefits of mechanical and electrical filtration and demolishes polluting gases. 

5. Wynd – Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic precipitators are low-maintenance air purifiers that utilize an electrostatic charge to capture pollutants on internal plates. This purifier is highly efficient in eliminating dust, mold, smoke, and pollen and improves the quality of indoor air that is crucial for a healthy environment. The main feature of this air purifier is that it is portable and easy to carry. The design of this purifier is based on fluid dynamics and utilizes ESP filters and an antimicrobial silver stratum to eradicate indoor germs, allergens, and industrial pollution.

6. Teqoya – Ionic Filter

The Teqoya air ionizer utilizes negative ions to tie dust, pollen, microbes, and odors. This ionizer does not collect dirt particles internally; it simply removes them from the immediate area and releases them to the floor or other surfaces. This ionic filter is developed by a French company specializing in homes, offices, and large indoor areas. This purifier uses the concept of ionic wind and does not generate any noise or ozone. The main feature of this purifier is that it is environmentally friendly because it uses low power and doesn’t need any extra filters. 

Wrapping up,

We have shared some of the best air purifiers for making your indoor area fresh and healthy. Breathe fresh air and stay fresh all day long. 

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