Top 10 English Writing Course in India

There is writing everywhere. We can not imagine life without writing. Earlier, people used to work on handwriting. Writing more will help you communicate your ideas clearly and construct sentences that adhere to grammatical conventions. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other elements that you practice in writing will assist you to improve your vocal communication skills. You can make a good impression and land a new job by developing good communication skills when writing. With the aid of your writing abilities, you can also convey confidence to others. The ability to outlook, and express your information improves as you read more and your creativity and ideas will give better outcomes when you write.

English Writing Course in India

List of Top 10 English writing course in India

1. Henry Harvin

Your ability and confidence as an English writer will improve after taking the English Writing Course in India by Henry Harvin. Additionally, it will improve your ability to quickly and fluently comprehend lengthy documents. You will be able to compose lengthy paragraphs and sentences in English quickly after completing the English Writing Course in India. You will be able to comprehend the local word list and understand the accents of native speakers with the help of focused writing sessions. Henry Harvin helps in getting ready for international English exams like the TOEFL and IELTS.

As per the CEFR, the course is divided into different levels –

  • A1: The Beginners Level – At this level, you will learn the fundamentals of English, including how to write short sentences in the language and how to pronounce words.
  • A2: Pre-intermediate Level – At this level, you will study sentence construction, grammatical rules, sentence reading, etc.
  • B1: The Intermediate Level – Here, you will learn reading and writing in English at this level. English sentence and phrase structure will be taught to the students.
  • B2: The Upper Intermediate Level – At this level, you will learn the key concepts in lengthy texts and chapters. The candidate will begin to communicate in English for extended periods.
  • C1: The Advanced Level – At this level, you will be able to handle challenging texts and speeches of the English Writing course. They will be fluent in the language and have a strong command of it.

Key features

  • The course involves 9-in-Course
    • Training – Online live interaction with the duration of 40 hours for levels A1-B2, and 50 hours for level C1.
    • Projects: The ability to complete assignments for writing blogs and essays, social media postings, self-introductions, emails to coworkers, implementation in the sector, etc.
    • Internship: Internship to obtain practical writing course experience in English.
    • Certification: Gain recognition for your competence by obtaining a Hallmarked Certification of the English Writing Course from the Government of India approved and Award-Winning Henry Harvin institute.
    • Placement: Get a 1-Year 100% Placement Support Guarantee after Successful Completion.
    • E-Learning: Online examinations, a wealth of tools and techniques, and more are available through e-learning.
    • Masterclass: 52+ Masterclass Sessions are available to you for the development of crucial soft skills.
    • Hackathons: Free access to competitions and hackathons hosted by #AskHenry.
    • Membership: For the English Writing course at Henry Harvin® Language Academy, get a 1-Year Gold Membership.


  • Focus on learning the essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and diction of the English language.
  • You can study English from the basics with the curriculum for the English Writing Course, starting with sentence structure and paragraph writing.
  • Trainers are well-reputed from respected industries with practical knowledge and experience in English writing.
  • E-learning with access to ample techniques and tools, assessments, video recordings, etc.

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  • English language course for kids
  • Business English teacher course

2. BritishCouncil

This is the foremost authority on English education with online self-study, live classrooms, and one-on-one courses with private instructors. To assist you with developing your English and achieving your goals, they provide a secure and welcoming learning atmosphere. 

Key features

  • With their self-study tools, learn at your own pace. And flexible self-study online courses, LearnEnglish subscribers can improve their English for the workplace.
  • Qualified tutors can help you learn English online. These one-on-one sessions will center on a customized approach to increase your reading, writing, and speaking English proficiency as well as your confidence.
  • With complete confidence, you take the IELTS exam. Personalized private and group instruction will help you get the desired score.

3. Udemy

The goal of this course is to help students write more effectively in English. Both an introduction to effective English writing and a refresher course for those who need to be reminded of the basics of English writing are provided by this course. People with advanced writing skills are not recommended for this course.

Key features

  • The objectives of the English writing course in India are to refresh their memory of fundamentals and enhance their technical writing abilities.
  • Gaining knowledge of English writing structure and boosting confidence are the main objectives.
  • This is a great course for those who want to develop their writing abilities for academic purposes, professional success, or personal learning and development.

4. Coursera

You can succeed in any college-level course or career field with the knowledge and abilities you gain from this Specialization. You will gain knowledge about how to conduct rigorous academic research and eloquently communicate your views in an academic setting. All of the knowledge you’ve learned throughout these classes will be put to use in your final capstone project, which can be an academic or professional research paper on a topic of your choice.

Key features

  • A Coursera Specialization is a collection of classes that aid in skill mastery. Start by enrolling immediately in the Specialization, or browse through its courses and select the one you want to take first. 
  • You instantly become a subscriber to the entire Specialization when you enroll in a course that is a component of it.
  • For projects including the specialization in English writing course in India and receiving your certificate, you must complete the project(s).

5. The Oxford academy

The English writing course in India at Oxford Academy strives to cultivate a passion for language and literature as well as a critical analysis of all literary genres. Students can enhance their skills in analytical writing, persuasive research, and effective communication practice.

Key features

  • Oxford’s English writing course in India are customized, with reading and writing assignments depending on each student’s interests and skills.
  • With a personalized and adequately challenging curriculum, Oxford’s English trainers strive to increase each student’s confidence and assist all in realizing their potential.

6. WizMantra 

The go-to resource for writing advice if you are looking to improve your abilities or pursue a profession as an English writer. WizMantra, an online learning center, uses cutting-edge technology and the expertise of qualified instructors to assist eager learners and aspirant students in developing and enhancing their writing abilities. They have excellent and experienced tutors to teach both the fundamentals and more complex writing techniques. You will be proficient in writing and presenting your ideas through it to succeed in school, secondary education, higher education, internships, or in your workplace culture.

Key features

  • You will be given enduring tasks and materials to help you become a fantastic writer with faultless vocabulary and grammar.
  • With short breaks, a few quizzes, and other activities, instructors make studying enjoyable.
  • Learning will be simple and clear because the tutors are well-trained, skilled in their professions, and multilingual.

7. British English Academy

The institute provides classes that assist you in achieving all of these objectives and aspirations as well as educating you on any communication problems you could run into in the future. It aids in comprehending what others are saying and what they mean, and it improves your vocabulary so you can carry on the conversation including English writing skills.

Key features

  • English writing course in India at British English Academy is carefully designed to take you step-by-step through the entire English language.
  • English language fundamentals that are useful for all beginners to improve their English writing skills.
  • The course assists in strengthening comprehension, grammar, and fluency in English writing.

8. Alison

With the help of these free online English writing classes, you will learn the techniques and many writing tenets required to properly communicate in English.  To make a positive impact on your readers, your writing must include proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Learn English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and writing strategies by taking one of these free online courses right now.

Key features

  • Depending on the field you choose, Alison offers free courses in business, travel, hospitality, and even journalism.
  • About renowned authors like William Shakespeare and particular historical eras like the Romantic, Gothic, and Postcolonial movements, Alison offers free courses. Also available are modules on feminist and postmodern writing. 
  • Sign up for these free courses after you feel confident reading English to broaden your vocabulary and general knowledge as well as your intellect.

9. Futurelearn

You may study the fundamentals of academic writing in this course, which has also been designed to help you improve your English language abilities. You will become more proficient in certain fundamental aspects of “academic” language, discover the steps involved in writing an essay, and create one on your own. As a result, at the end of the course, you’ll be able to write a solid, fundamental academic essay. You will also learn how to organize an essay, write in an academic style, and utilize tools to evaluate other learners’ and your writing.

Key features

  • Learn by combining bite-sized videos, lengthy and brief articles, audio, and hands-on exercises.
  • Take advantage of social learning’s potential and be motivated by a global community of learners.
  • Use notifications and the Progress page to direct your learning as you progress through the course.

10. Multibhashi

The ed-tech platform Multibhashi uses audio-visual training sessions and app-based learning to effectively and creatively support online learning. It is a pioneer in offering educational solutions across a variety of fields. With its unparalleled competence in translation, transcription, content generation, etc. in Indian as well as other languages, it is also one of the most reputable service providers in the business-to-business sector.

Key features

  • The English writing course in India, with both alternatives to meet your learning needs, whether you want to learn in a group or require the instructor’s undivided attention.
  • Can assist you because they have a group of skilled transcribers with a track record of 99% accuracy.
  • One can communicate with the instructor in real time, ask questions, get doubts answered, and put the skills they’ve learned into practice using our audio-visual online learning sessions.


The foundation of our communication is writing. The procedure relies on our brain activity and how we combine our thoughts. It’s not just about academic paper assistance or essay assignments. Writing has a greater significance. Many people hunt for someone to place an order with a paper writing service and pay for it. You can opt for any of the top English writing course in India and enhance your career goals.


Q1. I know English but can not write properly. What shall I do?

Ans. Commonly, people speak English, but during writing, we need to be conscious and know basic grammar. English writing needs a deep understanding of English grammar and vocabulary.

If you are wanting to join some of the English writing course in India, you can enroll in one of the above-mentioned lists

Q2. How is writing helpful?

Ans. Writing is always helpful to attract readers effectively. There are many contexts where we can not convey our expressions. But if you can write effectively you can express your thoughts in the best conceptual manner.

Q3. How to enroll for an online English writing course in India?

Ans. You can enroll in any of the institutes at your convenience. Based on your requirements and the conditions of the institutes you can join the English writing course in India.

Q4. What is the age to start taking an English writing course in India?

Ans. There are no such age criteria to start learning. But taking a course after completion of the intermediate is recommended.

Q5. Which is the best institute to join for the English writing course in India?

Ans. As mentioned above, you can select any of those. All the institutes are the best in their teachings.

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