Enhance Your Inverter Battery Charging by Following These Steps

The inverter battery is as important as the inverter itself because neither can function without the other. Therefore, it’s important that you take care of the inverter battery as much as you would for your inverter unit.  

In this article, we will look at a few things that you can do to ensure that the inverter battery charging is optimized and gets you the backup that it promises to deliver! 

Enhance Your Inverter Battery Charging by Following These Steps

Ensure a Healthy Battery Check Regime 

It’s important to run a health check on the battery to ensure that it is performing at its peak. But, before you do that, always ensure that the battery has been fully charged for at least 10-15 hours before you decide to run a diagnosis. 

Since the inverter needs to be removed from the front panel and requires that you detach it from the wall socket as well, it’s best to call in a professional if you find it difficult to do it yourself. This periodic maintenance check will ensure that your inverter battery charging is optimized. 

Checking Acid Levels 

Maintaining proper acid levels in the battery is an important factor that contributes heavily to how efficiently your inverter battery gets charged. Therefore, ensure that the acid levels are the same in all of the battery cells for optimal inverter battery charging. 

You would need to open the float indicator to top up the batteries. However, only fill it up to the specified levels to ensure the safe functioning of the batteries.

Here’s a tip, if the color of the acid has changed to either brown or black, it means that the battery has been contaminated and is reaching the end of its lifecycle. If it’s colorless, then everything is OK, and the battery’s health is fine. 

Clean the Battery Terminals 

A lead acid battery produces lead sulfate. This lead sulfate accumulates at the terminals during the normal course of operations of the battery. However, if left uncleaned, it can increase the amount of electrical resistance and reduce the flow of current from the inverter to the converter. Use warm water and a soft brush to clean it off periodically.

Check For Damaged Wires 

Always ensure that there are no breaks or melts in the insulation of the wiring. This is not only bad for inverter battery charging but could significantly increase the risk of short-circuiting and fire hazards. So, make it a practice to keep a check on the wires, and if anything looks off place, then immediately fix the wire. 

Don’t let Dirt Accumulate 

Dirt is bad for electrical components, and any accumulation of dirt on the battery’s surface could lead to reduced inverter battery charging. So, like everything else in your home, try to keep the batteries as clean as possible . 

Apart from these points, there are a few other things like keeping the battery away from moisture and in a dry and well-ventilated place that can go a long way in ensuring that your batteries keep performing at their peak. 

Moreover, it’s also important to buy the right kind of battery that is of high quality. You can find several batteries across the range of power and budget options on Luminous. These batteries are known to deliver absolute value for money and are designed to ensure optimal performance due to the high-quality materials and components used in manufacturing . 

So, if your old inverter battery is giving up or has neared the end of its lifecycle, do check out the range of batteries that are optimized for optimal inverter battery charging and power delivery. 

Now that you know how you can keep your inverter batteries in perfect working condition. Go ahead and check the batteries to see if they need a little bit of sprucing up!

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