The Future of online casino games in India

Consistently improving gaming technology and high usage of the internet all over the world are the reason why online casino games are becoming increasingly popular. It has been evaluated that approximately 80% of India’s 1.38 billion population has a hand in online gambling. The abovementioned number contributes to 15% of online casino players worldwide.

As opposed to the numbers, some parts of the world are yet to accept gambling. For some people, online casino games are a part of their leisure activity and for others, it is still an inhibition. The presence of a limited number of brick-and-mortar casinos can be considered as a bang of justification for what we are trying to say. About certain state governments and society’s moral fabric, gambling lies in the grey area. Even though gambling is popular and loved by a lot of people in India, playing online casino games is still a big taboo and an intricate topic of argument and analysis.

Despite the confusion regarding online gambling’s reputation in India, the iGaming sector is most likely to experience more growth. Let’s see what is expected.

The Future of online casino games in India

1. An increase in the number of users in India

An estimated 750 million Indians make use of smartphones today. It is believed that this number will go up to 1 billion as the internet is tightening its grip in rural areas. The amalgamation of the internet and steady technological developments in the field of iGaming have made the growth of real money casino games online possible. Players can also play a sportsbook along with the best online casino games in India from their mobile. This has given rise to “gaming on the go”. To promote the idea of gaming on the go, many operators have started offering user-friendly apps and mobile-optimized websites.

2. Modification of online casinos in India

Besides competitions and huge rewards, punters seem to love the idea of relatable themes and a staggering casino environment. It has been observed that players are more likely to be inclined towards an online casino that is easy to operate and offers games that they are skilled enough to play. That is why a lot of casinos are now adding variants of Teen Patti and Indian flush to their gaming lobby. Other popular that seem to be made it to the list are Andar Bahar, Texas Hold’em and Rummy. Along with the online casino games in India, a fair amount of emphasis is being laid upon the user interface of the website and casino apps. The UI is deliberately being made easy to navigate to make it accessible to the players who are not very tech-savvy. These are contributing factors to India’s rapid expansion of the online gambling industry.

3. Cricket is contributing to the popularity of casino games

Being the sport with maximum traction and popularity, cricket has created an extensive betting market. A good range of the Indian population follows cricket. Cricket enthusiasts enjoy making predictions on local and international games. In India, bookmakers can rely on a variety of strong domestic leagues. The most renowned leagues are Ranji Trophy, the Duleep Trophy and the NKP Salve Challenger Trophy. Cricket betting is gaining popularity because cricket rules are easy to understand and straightforward. This makes it easier for anyone to bet on the sports. The merger of cricket and online casinos is creating quite a buzz. Online gambling’s magnification as an industry is directly proportional to the popularity of cricket.

4. The youth contribution

India is the second most populous country in the world and there is no denying that majority of them are young people. As per the stats, 75% of the Indian population is below 45 years of age. A lot of online casino players are between 25-45 years of age and online casino games are an alternative entertainment product for them. The online casino operators cannot disregard the fact that young people are very proficient at using computers and smartphones. It is easier for them to navigate through the website and keep pace with the emerging trends. If bookmakers and game developers give due importance to pivotal aspects like these, they will grow exponentially. Creating online casino games and gambling products keeping this demographic in mind is the answer to the growth of online casinos.

Will the law be able to sustain?

As of now, various forms of online gambling are outlawed in India. As per the Public Gaming act of 1867, profits made via betting are prohibited. Although, in special cases, wagers on horse riding are allowed. Moreover, some laws permit games of skill and chance which ultimately allows one casino game. 

The law of 1867, allows participation in games that require skills and disallows participation in games of luck. One loophole that is making all the difference is that the law does not differentiate between the game of chance and a game of skill. The vagueness of laws is another contributing factor to the exponential growth of the iGaming industry, mainly at state levels.

For online gambling to make a legal entrance in India, states must do better. To assemble this industry, it would need the passing of friendly legislation. Attempts on the state level to manage online gambling would also help.

How does the future of online gambling appear?

As per the reports, the industry of online gambling compensates for over 15% of the world’s gambling activity. This should not come as a shocker because India has had a strong gambling history no matter what laws state right now. Keeping history aside, India is a country which is technologically evolved and comprises people who are flexible and receptive in terms of accepting the latest technology. As per the research reports, 80% of the Indian population participates in some form of gambling at least once a year. As per the experts, by 2024, the number will increase by 40%.

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A fair amount of insistence can be observed on the government to adopt and establish a modern legislative approach toward the regulation of gambling in the country. The tax opportunities that the igaming industry extends might not be the right fit for a developing nation. Some nations have set up their separate gambling industries to nourish their economies. This must be considered, especially when India as a country suffered great economic losses in the COVID-19 pandemic. In any case, the gambling industry in India is bound to flourish because of technological access to millions. 

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