Top 5 Hidden Features Of Google Chrome

I bet you all know about the Google Chrome web browser, and that is why you are here to know about the top 5 secret features – right? So, in my opinion, web browsers are” the gateways to the Internet.” 

However, these browsers are not as simple as they look. Especially when it comes to Google Chrome, there are a plethora of features that most people do not know. But knowing them would reduce a lot of your efforts. 

Are you excited to learn more about them? Then read this post from end to end to get correct insights about using certain unknown features of Google Chrome

Hidden Features Of Google Chrome

The Top 5 Hidden Features Of Google Chrome

The choice regarding the use of browsers depends from one person to another on this planet. But still, Google Chrome occupies approximately 65% of the market. Although there are significant confusions regarding which web browser is the best one, Chrome always wins the debate.

Why do you think Chrome is so ubiquitous in the intensely competitive market where rivals like Mozilla, Microsoft Edge are there? It is owing to the easy usability and polished user interface. These two attributes have made Google Chrome the solo winner. 

But how many of us know the hidden features that Google Chrome carries? With the passage of time, it has undergone several updates, and each time various new features have been added. But, unfortunately, most of these have remained unexplored all along. 

Nevertheless, from this guide, today, you will come to know all those undisclosed options of Google Chrome. 

1. You Can Cast Your Screen

Did you know that you can cast whatever you see on the computer screen on the Television screen Chrome? Does that sound impossible to you? Yes, it does, but trust me, it’s not. The cast-functionality of Google Chrome is equipped with such an advanced design that helps you turn this impossible thing into possible.   

2. Quick Search

I am sure many of you have used this feature but unknowingly- right?  So let me explain to you in detail here. While you are reading a page, you see a particular word that is unknown to you, right-click on it after highlighting and click Search Google for [The intended Text].

You will see a newly opened tab with the result of the highlighted word. I expect that this feature would amaze and save some valuable time at the same time. Enjoy it now! 

3. Integrated Music Control 

Many of us like to listen to music while reading or writing something. Google Chrome has made our lives so much easier with its special attributes. Now you can read on Google and change the songs on the same page. 

All this is possible due to the in-built music controller of Google Chrome. You can easily access it from the menu bar -there is a tiny icon of a music note. Furthermore, by clicking the buttons, you can adjust everything to the song playing; for example, seek, forward, backward, pause/play.  

4. Chrome Omnibox

Are you confused with the term? Wait a minute, Chrome’s Omnibox is the same thing as the Address bar. So even before you complete typing your search keyword, you will get the answer to the fundamental questions. 

For example, you want to go to an article in the Wall Street Journal directly. Now, this Omnibox will allow you to directly reach there without navigating through the homepage of Wall Street Journal. Sounds Cool,  right? To activate this feature, all you have to do is follow this route:

Settings > Search Engine >Manage Search Engines>Click Add> Include the site URL> 

5. Include Articles To The Reading List 

Do you want to add your essential reading resources to a separate list? No need to worry. With Google Chrome’s exclusive features, you can now save those articles in the Reading List. The best part is that you can access these websites any time without an internet connection.  

So now you can study for your assignments or projects in a little relaxed manner. There is no need to read online study materials in a hurry and study them at your convenience. It is because Chrome is safely storing your articles in its Reading List.  


Now that you know the five secret features of Google Chrome, you should not waste a  single second anymore. Open Google Chrome and check each of these out to get a hands-on experience. I am confident you will love these new properties of your “Same Old Google Chrome.”

Is there anything where you would like more extended elaboration? Do not hesitate to mention in the comment area below; we can’t wait to hear you out.  

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