Peps Mattress Qualities to Consider for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

What does a perfect night’s sleep include? It incorporates a peak level of comfort in all sorts of sleeping postures. One should be able to repose without getting disturbed by the creaking sound. Few hours of undisturbed sleep after toiling hard during the day is what everyone craves. Rest should be such that one wakes up fresh the next morning. Mattresses play a vital role in realising such a rewarding sleep. The quality of the mattress, its material, texture etc. should not create a hindrance. Instead, mattresses should elevate the level of ease and comfort. Several mattress brands have entered the Indian market with claims of assuring sound sleep. However, only a few of these brands manage to live up to the expectation, and Peps mattress is one among them. Whether you wish to buy a single bed mattress or a King size one, Peps mattress caters to everyone’s requirements. So, if you’re on the hunt for a mattress to enrich your night’s sleep, Peps mattress should be your perfect companion. Here are some qualities that you should consider while purchasing a Peps mattress

Peps Mattress Qualities to Consider for a Perfect Night's Sleep

  • Firmness: People have different preferences when it comes to the firmness of the mattress. Some go for a very firm and rigid base, while others require soft, cushioning material. Some people may prefer something in between — not too stiff or soft. The Spring Koil mattress from Peps comes with a rigid and firm core. However, the rigidity does not diminish the comfort. The fabric is still mushy and very soothing on the body. Moreover, the mattress maintains its shape even after hours of continuous usage. However, if you do not prefer a rigid and robust base, Peps mattress has options in the non-spring category. For instance, the Peps Spine Guard Memory Foam mattress allows utmost ease on the back of its soft, unflinching core.
  • Mattresses should ensure zero back problems: People encounter back issues due to two main reasons. Firstly, if the mattress’ quality is sub-standard, backaches become a common feature. Secondly, few people possess the habit of getting into uncomfortable postures while reposing. When the mattress does not adjust to changing sleeping positions, people wake up with sore backs. In the long run, these sore backs develop into some critical spinal disorders. So, while purchasing a Peps mattress, choose wisely. Certain mattresses are tailor-made for those who keep getting themselves tangled in cramped postures. For instance, the Spine Guard mattress, staying true to its name, protects the back. The foam adjusts and supports the changing curves of your body. The spinal cord remains aligned, and you don’t need to exert excessive pressure on certain parts of your body.

  • Material: You can either opt for Bonnell Spring or Foam based mattress. The former is known for providing greater support. It does not suffer from sagging issues and is highly durable. However, Foam based mattress feels lighter and more pleasant on the body. It has more bounce, and responds to even the slightest of movements. Peps mattress has numerous options in both these categories. Choose the one that complements your requirements, and ensure perfect sleep every night. 

  • Luxury: Peps mattress extends the provision of revelling in luxury too. If you possess the budget to spend generously, do not hesitate to purchase a dream mattress. The Grand Palais mattress from Peps infuses a royal fervour. The posh Belgian fabric has a calming effect on the body. It gets accompanied by a generous thickness that further elevates the grandeur. The Double-Decker mattress is a notch above all other variants in terms of magnificence.

  • Temperature regulation: The luxurious Double-Decker mattress from Peps possesses an advanced foam called Talalay. This groundbreaking material boasts the highest level of elasticity. It is the most enduring among all other variants. Moreover, it has a unique feature of temperature regulation. The body heat radiates into the mattress on the back of the mattresses’ enhanced breathability. Thus, during hot summers, the mattress imparts a cooling touch. And during winters, it keeps you warm and cosy. 

  • Microbe-resistant: A perfect night’s sleep is only feasible in a clean, hygienic environment. Mattresses tend to attract microbes and dust after some period of usage. So, opt for a mattress that offers resistance to these issues. The Organica mattress from Peps, for instance, keeps dust mites and other pests at bay. The environment-friendly latex and the cotton enhances air circulation. Hence, you’re assured of unperturbed sleep throughout the night. No external issues can act as a hindrance. 

  • Sound-proof: To ensure undisturbed, peaceful rest, the mattress should not create any sound while you move. When someone wakes up by the slightest of noise, having a sound-resistant mattress becomes a necessity.  Peps mattress offers a variant called Vivah, which is adept in this quality. Thus, you can afford to be your restless self even in a state of deep sleep without waking up your partner.

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