Top 5 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

Top 5 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

For developing a website, a programming language that is most widely used is PHP. Rasmus Lerdorf has developed this language. For managing his own site’s personal home page, he used this language. After some time, it got a name Hypertext Preprocessor when a number of improvements and beta tests were conducted on it. Zend Engine 3.0 uses PHP7 which is the PHP’s latest version. As compared to the previous versions, its memory consumption is 50 % better. It helps in improving the application performance about 2 times. For enhancing the development, we can see a lot of PHP frameworks. Also, maintaining the complex applications is possible by a well-structured platform that these frameworks offer. What are the ways to identify the right framework among a number of frameworks? Now I will show you the top 5 PHP development frameworks that speed up development.

1. Laravel

A PHP framework that is most popular is Laravel. Its releasing date is 2011. Laravel is secure and faster. As compared to the other frameworks, handling those applications that are complex and large, becomes easy with Laravel. Caching, sessions, queuing, authentication and routing are the common tasks that it provides and these tasks help in simplifying the development.
Why to use the Laravel framework?
A number of reasons exist for using it:

  • Its installation is very easy.
  • For web applications of all kinds, it is suitable.
  • Its routing is simple and clean.
  • Its database layer and ORM are effective.
  • Export libs and AWS are the third-party libraries which can be easily integrated with this.
  • For tasks that run for longer duration, it offers background jobs and async queue.
  • It supports a number of unit tests also.
  • For building enterprise or B2B sites it offers a more suitable, faster and secure platform.
  • For providing answers and support quickly, it has a community that is growing at a fast rate and is active also.

2. CodeIgniter

In order to develop web applications of all kinds the programmers’ first choice is CodeIgniter. Its releasing date is 2006. It has a number of prebuilt modules and using it is very easy. CodeIgniter is a lightweight framework. CodeIgniter 4 is its latest version which will be released soon. For command line programs you can use it.
Why to use the CodeIgniter framework?
The reasons for using it are:

  • It is faster because of a smaller footprint.
  • It offers easy installation.
  • This framework is straightforward and lightweight.
  • Its architecture type is MVC.
  • It has security features that are built-in with it.
  • Extending and customizing it is very easy.
  • If offers caching of the database as well as of the web page.
  • It handles errors very easily.
  • It has speedier development and its coding requirements are less.
  • In its development stage, it performs the testing stage by stage.
  • It has very good community support.

3. Symfony

In the list, the oldest framework is Symfony. Its releasing date is 2005. For developing applications of large scale this framework is very good. Long-term support, ease of testing, reliability and flexibility are the features that it supports.
Why to use the Symfony framework?
You can use Symfony for a number of reasons:

  • In order to develop enterprise projects of large scale, it is the perfect choice.
  • It has PHP components that are reusable.
  • It offers high flexibility and easy testing.
  • It adheres to a number of design practices and best practices of the website.
  • It is possible to integrate a number of vendor libraries with it.
  • It is sustainable and stable.

4. Zend

A PHP framework that is completely object oriented is Zend. Its releasing date is 2006. It is an extendable framework because of its inheritance and interface features. It helps enterprise clients by delivering applications of high quality because its development has taken place on a smart methodology.
Why to use the Zend framework?
For using Zend framework, a number of reasons exist:

  • For applications of large enterprise level, it is excellent.
  • It is completely object oriented.
  • Its component types are MVC.
  • It has extended classes.
  • It has a simple cloud API.
  • It offers session management and data encryption.
  • It allows integration with those libraries that are external.
  • Its community base is large and it offers good documentation.

5. CakePHP

A PHP framework that uses new components and has better performance is CakePHP. Its releasing date is 2005. For applications of all kinds, this framework is elegant and simple.
Why to use CakePHP framework?

  • Its installation is easy.
  • It offers security features of advanced type.
  • It used MVC pattern.
  • It offers very good class inheritance.
  • You can add plugins, behaviors, helpers and components in it and extend it.
  • It supports CRUD scaffolding.
  • It supports a huge community.
  • It offers very good documentation.

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