8 most important tools every gamer should have

Gaming is a fun activity that is enhanced when a gamer connects with other gamers while competing. Apart from improving interaction within gaming enthusiasts, connecting with other gamers online can help one perform different functionalities.
Game developers have also decided to up their services. This has led to the development of numerous tools that can be used to enhance gamers’ experiences. The 8 most important tools every gamer should have as a hardcore gamer are listed below and their functions explained.

Here is a List Of 8 most important tools every gamer should have

  • 1. VPN
  • 2. Discord
  • 3. Steam
  • 4. OBS Studio
  • 5. KeyTweak
  • 6. Razor Cortex
  • 7. GPU-Z
  • 8. CCleaner

1. VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that encrypts online data sent between your device’s network and your internet service provider. By doing this, it protects you from malicious individuals that breach your network.
A VPN for gaming benefits gamers by performing several functions. First, it protects you against disgruntled gamers that would want to attack your network or get personal information about you. VPNs hide a user’s IP address by masking it with another server’s location.
Second, it allows you to access games that are permanently or temporarily restricted from your location. You can use a VPN to perform this function when you connect to a server in a location where users can access the game.
Furthermore, a VPN Master decreases lagging and ping times. It ultimately speeds up the time in which online data flows into and out of your device from the game server.

When using the VPN, there is usually no limit to the data bandwidth. You should particularly find this when using the best free VPN for Windows.”

2. Discord

Discord is a chat application that was built for gamers to facilitate communication between one another. On Discord, several gamers connect with one another to discuss the various news and updates that are being experienced in the gaming space. Discord is rated high by gamers particularly because of its incentivizing user interface and its capable servers.
The chatting application which is safe for gamers to use is free and is compatible with both mobile and PC. Voice communication is also available on the chat application. In the past, gamers made use of Skype to facilitate communication. The introduction of Discord, however, has simplified the whole gaming communication experience.

3. Steam

Steam is famously known in the gaming space as a tool that comprises a very large number of online games. These online games offer gamers the opportunity to interact with each other and compete against one another for a long period of time. Apart from being a gaming library, Steam possesses a forum where gamers can share their experiences, comment on the best games they’ve played in the library, and so on.
One of the reasons Steam is highly used by gamers is that it allows games Windows-compatible games to be played on Mac and Linux operating systems. The software also satisfies gamers because of its scalability and development over the years.

4. OBS Studio

Have you ever made a one-in-a-lifetime move on a game and suddenly regretted not being able to record that moment? Well, OBS Studio serves to eliminate that kind of situation by allowing you to record all of your gaming moments in real-time. What’s more, it also captures audio and makes provision for mixing both video and audio.
OBS Studio takes video recording a step further by allowing users to edit videos until a particular scene can be recreated.

5. KeyTweak

There are two different types of gamers when it comes to keyboard input. The first is totally comfortable with the input methods on their keyboards and can quickly adapt to using new input methods in a short period of time. The second set of gamers has a preset input method for their keyboards which is used for a good number of games. Because of this, they find it hard to acclimatize to using new input methods.
If you fall into the second category, KeyTweak is for you. KeyTweak allows you to modify the input methods on a keyboard even if a game obstructs you from performing that function. With this software, you can change the values of various keys and map certain keys to access shortcuts. You could also use it for combo functions in games.

6. Razor Cortex

One of the most important factors about playing a game is seamless flow. Gamers need an uninterrupted flow of audio and video to enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest. It’s the reason why several in the gaming space rig up PCs with great specifications. However, there are times that with all the rigging, gaming performance could still fall short of expectation.
This is where Razor Cortex works its magic. With this awesome application, you can enhance gaming performance just by clicking a button. Razor Cortex would boost RAM performance, give FPS statistics, and generally improve gaming performance. Once you use the application, you’re sure of glitch-free gaming experience.

7. GPU-Z

GPU-Z is a tool that provides necessary data related to your video card. A video card is the chief processing unit for graphics and can make or mar your gaming experience. Since your computer’s video card is possibly the most important unit for gaming in your PC, you will need to consistently observe its performance with the GPU-Z tool.
GPU-Z provides varying data on your graphics processing like memory frequency, temperature, fan speed, and so on.

8. CCleaner

As has been said several times over, the performance of your computer can make certain you either rue or enjoy your experience with games. CCleaner optimizes your computer’s performance by fixing several issues, offering auto-maintenance, performing auto-backups, and so on. CCleaner also makes provision for the display of important PC information.

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The application has been downloaded 2.5 billion times which implies that it is possibly used by usual PC users. If non-gamers use the CCleaner app to improve their systems’ performance, why shouldn’t you?

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