Best 32 Inch LED TV in India

Television since the beginning has been a source of entertainment with and with time the aspect of a Television has also changed to a great extent. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the best 32 inch LED TV present in India, which can provide you with whole new experience.

In this article, we will discuss the best 32-inch LED TV present in India, which can provide you with whole new experience.

With the modern development of everything around us, the designs, material, and quality keep changing as there is an advancement of technology around us. Similarly, people couldn’t have imagined the working of a Television back when JL Baird invented and mesmerized people worldwide. Still, we are making every possible new advancement to the legacy that JL Baird left us behind.

With the basic initial model of a Television to the new lastest models with LED/LCD display and a ‘Smart’ approach to the things, televisions slowly become our companions. With some new features and companies selling the best of their models, let’s see the best 32 inch LED TV of India that can surely enhance your experience with a Television.

Top 10 Best 32 inch LED TV in India 2020

1. Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED Smart TV

32 inch LED TVSony Bravia TVs never fail to surprise us with their quality. Similarly, this 32 inch LED TV comes with a full HD resolution with a refresh rate of 50 Hz and supports the functioning of HDR and has the feature of Sony X- Reality Pro. It’s functioning, and operating system is based on Linux and supports the connectivity of Wi-Fi but is not available as an Android supporting TV.

32 Inch Display with LED screen and HD resolution
A screen resolution of 1920 x 1080
Comes with 2 HDMI and 2 USB Ports
Full connectivity to Wi-Fi
Besides the necessary descriptions and features, this 32 inch LED TV comes with in-built applications like Netflix, Youtube, etc. and has seamless internet connectivity with USB Tethering. For people looking for the best screen resolutions and picture display, they should always consider this TV their first choice.

2. LG 32LM560BPTC

32 inch LED TVLG has always been a benchmark company for digital appliances, especially Televisions. Here, this 32 inch LED TV comes with a full HD resolution and has a refresh rate of 50 Hz. The company has provided the IPS panel feature with this TV, which provides users with the best viewing angles according to their needs.

32 inch LED TV screen Display
Comes with 2 HDMI ports & 1 USB Port
Wi-Fi supported
This TV mainly runs with LG’s WebOS and provides access to all possible applications to be downloaded on to the TV. Moreover, this TV comes with HDR support and has DTS Virtual: X with Dolby Audio to give you a fulfilling experience with pictures and phenomenal sound as well. People looking for a standard 32 inch LED TV with full features without any confusion can select this Television.

3. Samsung UA32N4300AR

32 inch LED TVSamsung never fails to amaze people with its quality and its features. This 32 Inch LED TV comes with an HD screen resolution and a refresh rate of 50 Hz. This TV can be considered mainly as a smart TV and not only provides the best pictures with HD resolution backed up with a powerful sound system, it also has immense Smart features and can serve as an all-round system for people.

32 inch LED TV
720p Screen Resolution
90W power consumptions
2 HDMI Ports & 1 USB Port
Full connectivity to Wi-Fi
This television runs with Samsung’s TizenOS with every possible application which can enhance your streaming through accessible channels. There are some more features present on the TV, which can serve as personal computers and a cloud system.


This 32 inch LED TV comes with a 720p resolution with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. It is backed-up with Android and has a Play Store that can be used to download applications of your use. Moreover, it contains the PatchWall UI that provides two UI Options for people to choose from. This 32 inch LED TV is accompanied by a voice-enabled remote, which has a 360-degree functionality.

32 inch LED TV Display
Screen Resolution of 1366 x 768
Almost 50w Power consumption
This TV by MI is supported with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB Ports and can be the best choice for people who frequently like to connect their phones with the TV and continuously use ports. The TV is attached with Google Assistant for the TV and supports a built-in Chromecast and numerous applications like Netflix, Prime Videos, etc.


This TV is a 32 inch LED TV and comes with a resolution of 720p and is run on the functioning of Fire TV OS and provides a Fire TV UI. This TV is accompanied by a remote identical to Fire TV Stick and supports Alexa’s operation. People who love using Alexa can connect their other appliances with it, making your TV function like a smart TV.

32 inch LED TV
HD Ready Screen Display
3 HDMI ports & 1 USB Port
Connectivity to Wi-Fi
Like every Smart TV, there is a set of in-built applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5, etc. with numerous benefits with the ease of functioning on the TV.

6. Sony KLV-32R202F

32 inch LED TVThis 32 inch LED TV comes with a 720p display with a refresh rate of 50 Hz. Unlike other TVs, this is not a Smart TV and is mainly built for people just to watch the TV and have an experience without getting involved in Smart Features. However, it comes with an FM radio which can be used by people on the TV.

32 inch LED TV
Screen Resolution of 1366 x 768
Power consumption of 47 Watts
2 HDMI Ports
This TV has a 20W sound output with USB and HDMI Ports for Connectivity. However, it might not be the best option for people who need a Smart TV.

7. Panasonic 32 inch LED TV TH-32F250DX

32 inch LED TVThis TV has the best and high backlight motion rate of 100 Hz and best for people who like watching action or high-speed movies. It is equipped with an IPS LED Panel, an angle of 176 degrees, which can be set according to the user’s need. It contains a Vivid Digital Pro Technology with a Hexa Chroma Drive and helps deliver deeper blacks in the dark Scenes.

720p Display Resolution
2.1 Built-in Woofer
Bluetooth Connectivity
2 HDMI Ports & 1 USB Port
This is not a Smart TV yet can be connected to the Firestick or Chromecast to enable Youtube, Netflix, and other applications. It has some pretty useful features for users and can be helpful to a great extent.

8. Samsung Series 4 HD Ready LED TV UA32N4100ARLXL

32 inch LED TVThis can be an ideal option for people who love fantastic sound qualities with bright and vivid picture quality. This 32 inch LED TV of Samsung comes with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and has a Clear HD content. Moreover, it has a picture quality of 200, making it an ideal choice for people and coming with 40W four-channel speakers accompanied by a Dolby Digital system, which also enables the Bluetooth connectivity.

32 inch LED TV Display
Facilitates Bluetooth
2 HDMI & 1 USB Port
Wi-Fi Direct Screen Mirroring
It has a screen resolution of 1388 x 768 resolution, but it is not a Smart TV. Although most of the functions are enabled in this segment, there is just a small lack of Smart TV, which does not come with built-in applications.

9. Sanyo Kaizen Series HD Ready Smart TV XT-32A170H

With a value of money and decent smart features available, this 32 inch LED TV comes with an HD ready Resolution with 1366 x 768 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The display of the TV is bezel-less, just like TVs produced through renowned companies like OnePlus.

32 inch LED TV
1366 x 768 pixels resolutions
Smart TV
Other than the necessary specifications, people can find a 20W superior box speaker and Dolby Digital Sound Processing. Android OS and a Quad-core processor accompany the TV. With 8 GB storage and 1 GB RAM, people can have access to Apps like Netflix, Prime, etc.

10. LG 32 inch HD Ready LED TV 32LK526BPTA

32 inch LED TVThis 32 inch LED TV comes with an excellent display quality and different user-friendly modes like Cricket, Cinema, etc. It comes with 1366 x 768 pixels with IPS Panel that can be set up to an angle of 178 degrees. Accompanied by 20W sound output and Dolby Digital Plus Technology, it is a golden choice for people who love Television with Great picture and sound quality.

Comes with different Modes

2 HDMI Ports and 1 USB Port
This is not a Smart TV yet has some best functions. Coming with an FM- Radio, people can enjoy its usage to a great extent without worrying about Smart TV.


With these top 10 best 32 inch LED TV in India, people can choose the best Televisions according to their aspect and enjoy different features according to their selection depending upon their needs.

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