Best 8 ways to let him know about your feelings!


“Stop being so cute…

It’s distracting.”

In a world where it is always expected of a man to make the first move. Expressing your feelings to the man of your dreams, can sound quite daring. At times even more adventurous than those adventure rides; that we encounter at the amusement park.

What if he doesn’t feel the same way about me? What if he insults me? What if he breaks all ties with me as a friend? These are common areas of concern when planning to approach a guy. 

Set these aside and make the first move. 

Best 8 ways to let him know about your feelings

Make The First Move!

Wanna know a secret? 

Guys, love it when you make the first move. It is undefined sexy for them. 

Here are 8 ways to let him know that you love him.

1. Find Out About His Relationship Status

First things first! Find out whether or not he is available. Many of you do not seem to consider this. On the contrary, this can be really important when you are planning to ask someone out. 

You have to keep in mind that expressing your feelings does not sabotage someone else’s relationship. It can act as the worst guilt trip for you.

2. Become Friends

Another important thing that you need to follow. Remember, friendship is the start to all those beautiful relationships in the world. It is important to become friends first before you jump into a romantic relationship. 

For instance, you’ve expressed your feelings to the man of your dreams. He feels the same about you. You guys start dating. The Selena Gomez song ‘Can’t keep my hands to myself’ becomes your relationship anthem. 

Then you have the first fight; …and you do not know how to communicate. Here’s where friendship comes in handy. So that when you fail to communicate as a couple, you can still communicate as friends. 

You’re lucky if you’re friends already. 

3. Know His Take On Love

Again, extremely pertinent when it comes to approaching a guy. It is better to know his take on love before you express your feelings. Imagine you pouring your heart out, and he gives you a ‘whatever’ attitude.  

Rude right?

If you do not want to make a fool out of yourself, gather information beforehand. In case he is not the one who believes in love. Don’t you worry. 

There are plenty of fish in the ocean. *wink*

4. Telling Them That They Are Important.

Everyone enjoys verbal validation. Even if you know that you are important to someone. It is always good to hear it from them. It acts as a reassuring factor to the insecure kid inside you. 

Like actions speak louder than words. On certain occasions, words might speak louder than actions as well. Tell them, how they have created a positive impact in your life.

5. Express Your Vulnerability

It implies you expressing your feelings wholeheartedly, with no boundaries. You have to lower your wall and let them into your world. Your personal space. 

Albeit, this can be extremely problematic or triggering for people who have been in an abusive relationship. Expressing your vulnerable side can trigger them instead.

For others, it may work wonderfully. Sacrificing your, ‘self-security’ for them can actually be a good way of letting them know about your feelings. 

6. Seeking Advice

Ask him how he feels about a particular incident or your choice of food. Seeking his opinion on matters of life, will definitely set a queue for him. This will help them understand that you value their opinion. That their existence is important to you.

It can be as trivial as what ice cream flavor to buy or maybe what to have for dinner. It will also show that you respect them as a person. 

7. Sharing Secrets

Sharing your deepest, darkest secrets with the person, you feel for can do the trick. It forms a small circle or a special bond between the two of you. 

It is one of the most minimalistic ways to tell him that you trust him. We all know that trust and respect are the primary requirements; for any relationship to bloom.

8. Tell Him Those Three Magical Words

Let’s be real; guys can be really dumb. Especially, when you need them to be smart. Even when all of your actions are indicating, to the penultimate possibility. 

While for some guys, they will pretend to not understand a thing and will push you to tell them directly. Guys can sometimes play hard to get as well. Instead of looking for ‘ how to tell him i like him’ out of nervousness. Tell him you love him!


However, I am quite optimistic about the fact that the aforementioned points will be helpful for you. Yet again, like I always tell you, listen to your heart. In matters of the heart, your heart can give you the best answer.

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