Top 10 Best fitness apps for android in India

In this article, we see Top 10 Fitness Apps. Due to the change in the way of stress and work in today’s time, it becomes very difficult to take care of your health. Then the person thinks of going to the gym to keep his body fit, but you cannot go due to lack of time and laziness. But we will say here that just by going to the gym, we cannot fit just by lifting weights.

Yes, there is not a single way to fit only by going to the gym, if you use only these exercises on a daily basis by adopting some exercises at home, it can prove to be helpful in bringing your body to your desired shape. So we have brought for you some 10 exciting applications available on play-store for some home workouts and some outdoor workouts, so let’s look Top 10 best Fitness Apps for android:

Best fitness apps for android

Attractive top 10 Best Fitness apps to take care of your health

1. 30 Day Fit Challenge

30 Day Fit Challenge is primarily based on the psycho-cybernetics theory of Maxwell Maltz. Accordingly, it takes 21 days for your brain to be physically and mentally affected by anything. This is a home workout application where you help in exercising all kinds of equipment without any extras, you have given a great set of groups/sets in the application.

First of all, you have to submit your length and weight here so that you can help in choosing a workout according to your BMI. Apart from full-body workouts, you have just given the exercise set of hand, leg, or chest. The exercise set is divided into simple, medium and hard 3 sections.

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2. Home Workout

As the name suggests, this application has also been created keeping in mind those people who want to exercise at home. Here you also provide a full-body workout, as well as a special place such as hand, foot or chest’s exercise.

Here you have seen 100 different animation videos so you do not have any problem understanding the workout. In the Home Workout application, you also have the facility of Stretch Routine, Progress Report, and Custom-Workout Reminder.

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3. Google Fit

Google Fit is a great workout tracker introduced by Google. Here you also have the ability to record your activity through phone sensors and record activities. With the help of the application, you can also note your pace, distance, etc. with measuring information.

In Google Fit, you also have the facility to connect to other applications like Nike +, Run Keeper, MI Fit etc. Apart from this, you will also get coaching tips based on your exercise. Let’s see 4th Fitness Apps:

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4. JEFIT Workout Tracker

JEFIT is your gym trainer in a way that tracks your fitness and brings you a compelling fitness program. Here you get 1300 exercise, about which you can get all the information available through an animated video available only in the application.

You get the facility of progress reports, round settings, workout reports, cloud synchronization etc. Here you have the facility to create different custom programs for 3, 4 or 5 days. This is a free application that has the option of some paid features for which you will have to spend a few bucks.

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5. Nike + Run Club

Nike + Run Club is a fairly good running application. It is able to do almost all basic work for the user. You can also customize your walking path with ease on your way here. Here, you have provided workshops with music, achievements as well as different exercises for every part of the body.

The most important thing is that this application is completely free, that means all features are available for use. Apart from this, the suggestions and instructions of some players have also been made available to the personal coach. If you want a basic application and that too free it can prove to be a good option for you.

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6. ManFIT

ManFIT is a free application, especially for those people who want to work out at home instead of the gym. Here you get a very user-friendly interface that is capable of meeting every need of any basic user. You can choose different workouts such as back-workouts, leg workouts, chest workouts, etc. with the help of the application.

Animated video and voice guides are also provided here along with the professional trainer to see and understand any exercise without any hassle. Here too, you have been given some extra features as a power training program so that you can achieve your goal with little or little effort according to your need and time. Lets forward to next Fitness Apps.

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7. Sworkit Workout & Fitness Plans

Sworit is a great workout application in which you also get an Exercise Planner so that you can easily see your calorie information as well as track your fitness. In the application, you also get custom workout options which have been made keeping your routine in mind for 1 week to 6 weeks.

In the Sworkit workout application, you can easily have 5-minute small stretch exercises or a long workout session for the day of the holiday. With a full-body workout, here’s a little bit of activity that will help improve your fitness plan.

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8. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal or Calorie Counter-MyFitnessPal may prove to be a good option for weight loss. Here you can find out about 6 million different types of mines and their effect on your health easily, but if your food item is not available in the database then you can add it to yourself as well.

It is a very attractive application to eat canned food because you can easily scan the QR code placed above the box and learn the information and the number of calories available in it. In addition to having more than 350 exercises, you can add any of your activities or exercise to it.

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9. Runtastic Apps

Runtastic will prove to be a great application for those people who exercise on a daily basis. In the application, you can record its running, walking and biking with the help of GPS and get its report. The Runtastic application can also create graphs and tables in its details through your fitness report.

Here you also have the option to cheer with a voice coach, live tracking. You also have Android smart band/smartwatch support in it so that you can easily share your favorite band/watch data on social media.

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10. Smart Application (Fitbit, Mi-Fit etc.)

With the growing trend of smart band or smartwatch, the company’s fitness apps are also offered with Xiaomi, Fitbit, Garman and Wear OS smartwatch, such as Fitbit, Mi-Fit etc. In this application, you can also get options like step tracker, distance measurement, heart rate. These fitness apps can also track your fitness through data from smart band or smartwatch.

Here some applications can be added to other fitness apps such as Google Fit, MyFitnessPal etc. All these applications are available freely on the Play Store but for smart band/smartwatch you will have to pay the price.

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All the above-mentioned applications can be downloaded free through the Google Play Store on the Android platform but in some applications, some extra options will have to spend a certain amount. If you liked all these Top 10 Fitness Apps or used any other application besides these, then share your experience in the comment box below!!!

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