Best Indian Wearables for Women

It’s not just the grown-ups who appreciate great ethnic attire, many youngsters are showing interest and are embracing Indian ethnic clothing which is one of the main reasons behind the increasing number of designers who are experimenting with silhouettes in order to create the most amazing fusion style. Indian ethnic clothing is gradually making its return to the top of the line. Not only us Indians but also women from the west have displayed their admiration for ethnic brands by wearing fashionable ethnic clothing of top designer brands in recent years. Since this trend began, we can observe Indian ethnic clothes popping up everywhere and, now, traditional clothing isn’t boring anymore! We are delighted to state that Indian ethnic clothing has a distinctive style that is not matched by the most elegant of western attire!

The fast-growing and high-growth fashion market has resulted in Indians being aware of brands. This is a sneak peek into our selection of Indian ethnic clothing brand names that’ve made their impression within the Indian fashion business. Indian fashion lovers of ethnic wear will be delighted by these affordable and top 8 ethnic wear labels from designer labels we’ve scoured for you to indulge in.

Best Indian Wearables for Women

List Of Indian Ethnic Wear Brands Which Brand Is Best For Clothes In India

It is no secret that the world has been captivated by the growth of Indian women’s fashion throughout the decades. The Indian clothing industry has expanded and India is now among the top fashionable nations in the world. With India having the world’s biggest young population, the majority of them are becoming fashion-conscious due to the mass media and social media penetration. This has opened doors to more competition and innovation in the fashion industry. India is fortunate to have several of the most impressive ethnic brands that include many renowned designer clothing brands that are designed by fashion-conscious designers, as well as equally excellent local brands that cater to the requirements of Indian women.

It is no question there is no doubt that the Indian fashion industry and the speed of growth can be attributed to a handful of our highly skilled Indian designers who have put their hearts and souls into their work and created a lasting impression on the world. Their distinctive style and designs have left fashion-conscious women in awe.

With India making women feel different in classes, cultures, and nature, the clothes of fashion have varied significantly across the nation. The market for clothing is more towards ethnic attire. Western clothing is being praised due to the increasing number of female workers has helped to boost the female market for western attire. However, many working women prefer an easy woman embroidered kurti because of its elegant style and the level of comfort it can provide. As western trends gain traction across India it has led to a fresh ethnic design known as the fusion dress that has elements of each Indian and western design.

Ethnic Wear Brand Names

A majority of Indian women are drawn to wearing ethnic clothes in India and that is the reason why there are numerous Indian companies catering to this desire. It is true that ethnic clothing looks subdued and elegant, and you are able to incorporate elements of your own style into your outfit as the clothes you wear are a reflection of who you are. Some of the most well-known brands such as Global Desi, Aks, Soch, Rain & Rainbow, and Biba have an impressive collection. If you’re in search of designer ethnic clothing, many fashion designers have unveiled their collections on the internet. Our top picks include Bunkari as well as Biba. The purchase of a designer label will be a wise investment since ethnic clothing will never go out of style and you can wear the pieces on a variety of occasions. Designer ethnic clothing is priced higher, and not everyone could purchase an outfit from these trendy labels, which is why we’ll be speaking about ethnic brands in both categories, designer fashion labels as well as budget-friendly but fashionable ethnic bands to select from.


BIBA is an Indian brand that has played an important part in the women’s ethnic wear market in India. They provide trendy and contemporary ethnic clothing online and offline for a price that is affordable. The popular brand offers an extensive selection of ethnic clothing that includes salwar-kameez sets, kurtas, bottom-wear, and dupattas mixing and matching clothes such as floor-length Anarkalis and other outfits. With BIBA you can get the latest in trendy ethnic clothing that will meet the occasion as well as your personal style. The word “BIBA” comes from a Punjabi word that means beautiful, young girl and you’re sure to be beautiful and attractive in it. *wink wink* . The most striking thing about BIBA is the fact that it comes with many different styles of clothing that caters to little girls starting at age 2 up to age 12, so when your fashion-conscious child needs something stylish for her festive attire you’ll know where to buy from.

We love their spring/summer collection Mix-and-match collection and their huge selection of western-inspired indo clothes.

2. Bunkari

If you like lots of color as well as the traditional Rajasthani aspects in your attire, Bunkari will be your ultimate shop. Bunkari is one of our top brands to choose from the many brands we’ve included today. Their ethnic clothing is all adorned with luxurious Indian cultural sensitivity. They are brimming with gorgeous combinations, colors, stunning designs, intricate embroidery, and threadwork, their traditional collections will surely assist you in finding the perfect ethnic attire for this holiday season.

Look at their traditional kurta sets for women that have been tailored to perfection. They also have a lot of interesting details like latkans. Tassels, beads, threadwork ethnic jackets, and sequins are lightweight. The best part of Bunkari is that they can always discover them at a bargain price on online shopping websites such as Flipkart, Paytm Mall, and Amazon India.

3. Buta-Buti

If you’re in search of top quality, guaranteed festive items or handcrafted Indian heritage hand-looms, Buta Buti is the place to go. Traditional kurtas, stoles, and ethnic clothing are made by using traditional techniques and techniques. The products of this brand are produced with hand-crafted techniques. Their products are hand-crafted modern, timeless and contemporary. The prices are a bit higher, but this is ok since they offer hand-crafted products made from the highest quality silk and cotton that are available in India. In everything from block print to organic silk and khaki, Fab India is all ready to amaze you. When you put on the Fab India kurta, you’re inspired by India’s traditional crafts and the natural process which is behind every piece of clothing.

4. Aks

Aks also has an Indian brand that showcases its contemporary approach to ethnic style. It’s apparent in every kurta or anarkali outfit they offer. You will absolutely love their trendy high-low kurtas, asymmetric kurtas, floral printed kurtas, collared office wear kurtas, straight kurtas, and A-line kurtas. Their gorgeous collection is guaranteed to entertain you and bring many compliments for being an edgy fashion-forward diva everywhere you travel. Aks by Nidhi can be purchased at numerous online stores. The best place to buy Indian clothing in the online market can be found at Flipkart and Amazon because Aks always has a discount of 50 percent discount on the latest fashions there.

5. Soch

Soch is an ethnic brand that has developed its colors, prints work, as well as fabric. From exclusive designer clothing to sophisticated fashions, Soch is the one-stop shop for all your needs in the field of ethnic. Soch has an exclusive range of ethnic clothing including Kurti suits, dress fabrics, and sarees, everything is designed to perfection. The brand is known for its hand-picked fabric and dazzling color choices, exquisite embroidery, and deep Indian fashion, it has created the concept of ‘ethnic fashion’ within Indian traditional culture. The collection includes sarees, skirts, and tunics. They also have salwar-kameez and other dress materials that reflect the latest trends in fashion.

6. Global Desi

The name “Global Desi” describes the entire thing. The brand is an Indian-inspired young boho-chic label with a global appeal to every outfit. Because of its mix with Western as well as Indian rich traditions the brand is extremely popular among young women in India. Any woman with an interest in bright Indian prints, vibrant colors, and textures will be awestruck by their selection!

Take a look at their collection of festive designs for 2018 with Kangana Ranaut as the brand’s spokesperson, stunning fashionable outfits are available to purchase! The brand is a feather in an array of brands from the Anita Dongre Label.

7. Rangmanch/Akkriti By Pantaloons

Pantaloons is one of the most renowned fashion and lifestyle retail formats have created its own line of products that highlight Indian ethnic fashions with innovative designs. Some of their Ethnic brand exclusives include the mix-n-match collection by Rangmanch and fusion wear from Akkriti and event wear from Trisha. Those who like to create new looks by mixing ethnic pieces will enjoy the Rangmanch collection. Those who prefer unique designs and styles may opt for the Akkriti label.

8. W for Woman

“W for Women” was one of the first to launch the concept of ‘Mix and Match’ in retail. It is well-known for its fusion clothing and fusion wear, it is among the most popular brands in the field of ethnic clothing brands in India. The brand draws inspiration from the latest fashion trends and predictions from western culture to transform these into styles and silhouettes suitable for women of today. Indian woman. Their ethnic clothing is the most traditional and offers clothes for all Indian women. This is the very first Indian brand specifically designed for women which cater to the best ethnic clothing to every Indian woman’s shape, fit, and size, as it provides up to 7 sizes as opposed to the standard three sizes. The clothing line W for women is enjoyed not only by Indians but as well Indian women who have moved abroad since they have exclusive stores around the world!

9. Aurelia

Aurelia is another excellent ethnic wear company from India that is a member of TCNS Clothing co. ltd the same brand which started W for Women. The clothing collection of Aurelia is much more fascinating and affordable, as well as easy to wear since it uses a fusion style that is an array of contemporary designs that are a perfect mix of traditions and modernity. Similar to the Latin word ‘ Aurelia which means “golden and sparkling They provide fashionable Indian females with ethnic attire for a reasonable price without compromising the luxury experience! All this means you’re certain to look stunning in your ethnic finest.

Take a look at their bottom wear because they’ve got it right with their chudidaar pants and vibrant palazzos, on at a reasonable price!

10. Karigari

Karigari is another clothing company that is popular on e-commerce sites for its ethnic clothing. The Kurtis offered are minimalist and contemporary with tribal and Aztec elements. Bottom wear that is ethnic and fashionable Kurtis, you’ll find what you’re looking for from Karigari! The clothes offered by Karigari are distinctive and are something you’d be tempted to wear every day.

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