Top 13 Best Ludo Earning App in India 2023

Hello friends, Today in this article, I will show you some best Ludo earning app where you can play Ludo and earn money in India 2022. If you want to play online Ludo games and win real cash in Bank then this article will be very helpful for you.

There is a lot of money earning apps and websites available that provide real money for playing many different kinds of games. From fantasy cricket, rummy to Ludo, poker, Quiz everything we can play on our smartphones nowadays. Not only this, but we can also win real cash and withdraw it to our Bank account easily through the earning apps.

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Best Ludo Earning App in India

List of top 13 Best Ludo Earning App in India 2023

1. GameZy Ludo Earning App



Starting off as a classic board game, Ludo is one of the biggest & most popular games played with a rich history. The origin of the Ludo game dates back to 3300 BC in India, where it was also called ‘pachisi’. Ludo has now evolved into a game that is readily available on every smartphone, and now online ludo can be played between 2-4 players. When playing on Gamezy, you can play online Ludo for coins/ tokens or even real cash!

If you have a smartphone with the Gamezy application, you can play ludo online. Even though Ludo is played on other platforms for entertainment purposes, on Gamezy, Super Ludo can be played for real cash! You can now play in two variants – Classic Ludo or 2-Dice Ludo (where you can plan ahead with your next move!)

To play Ludo online on Gamezy, you can compete head-to-head with just one more player in a 1v1 battle. The main objective of the Classic Ludo variant of the game is to score maximum points before the timer ends. When playing 2-Dice Ludo on Gamezy, you can win the game by killing your opponent three times.

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2. Real11 Ludo App



Developed by Indians, Real11 Ludo Game Online is a strategic board game that can be played between two or four players. The objective is to compete with four of your tokens and finish the race ahead of everyone. The race on the other hand doesn’t really depend on an individual. The number on the dice helps an individual to decide their next move. The strategies come into the picture as you can eliminate all the tokens of your opposition. Under such conditions, the token needs to start afresh. The game Ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi and is played by a lot of Asian and European countries.

Like older times, Ludo still connects people and brings people together. When Covid-19 was at its peak, it was Ludo which helped people stay connected and gave them that fresh air of optimism. As we are living in the middle of a digital revolution, it is only expected that the online presence of Ludo is doing the rounds. Unlike other online Ludo games, Real11 Ludo is unique in its own way. Play Ludo online on your favourite fantasy sports destination and reap the benefits.

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3. Paytm First Games Ludo App



This is also one of the best Ludo earning apps in India 2022. In this app, you can play online Ludo and earn money in Bank. Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is the brand ambassador of this app. In this app, you can play fantasy, rummy, normal games along with Ludo games.

For the first time, you will get a ₹50 SignUp bonus. Also, for every referral, you will get up to ₹5000 deposit cash in your PFG wallet. This bonus will help you to join Ludo contests without any investment. You can say this app is one of the best ludo earning apps without investment. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100. You can withdraw your money in Bank or UPI within a second without any instant withdrawal charges. That’s the beauty of this app.

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4. Ludo Fantasy



Ludo Fantasy is a dream game project of VIVSON Games Pvt. Ltd. Ludo fantasy is start-up based in India. Founded in Feb 2019, LudoFantasy has been growing at an increasingly tremendous pace, Ludo Fantasy managed by a professional management team., You can play this game among your friends,family, and with online friends. Ludo Fantasy is the most interesting game and it gives a chance to earn money in real-time & offers instant withdrawals. It is not only a dice game but also it’s a very strategical game that needs your game planning and master plan to play.

“VIVSON Games Pvt. Ltd is based in Sector 37 d Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001. The company has its own 24 * 7 Customer & Technical support to cater to each & every individual participating. Vivson Games Pvt Ltd is working very hard to bring revolution in the gaming industry by launching some exciting games very soon. All real money games by the company would be only skilled games & all the winnings & earning would be liable under all govt. taxation policies. Stay Connected For More Excitement…

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5. MPL Ludo Earning Apps



MPL offers a fresh and exciting take on the classic board game of Ludo, where players can win real money – the Ludo Win game. Ludo Win is a fun ludo variant where you have three tokens, limited moves, and limited time to get a higher score than the opponent to win the game. The ludo game download is free and supported on Android and iOS devices. Below are the simple steps you can follow to download the best online Ludo app on your devices. Once you download the app, you can play unlimited online ludo games and stand a chance to win cash.

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6. LudoSkill



LudoSkill is a real money ludo game application that allows you to play ludo online with real players and earn paytm money. It is the classic ludo game that you have been enjoying playing since childhood. Ludo is a popular board game played by individuals of all age groups. We know how much you enjoy playing the game, and we know you would love it even more when you earn money for what you enjoy doing.

Therefore, we brought an online version of the game you love in the form of LudoSkill. Our attractive graphics and advanced technology make sure that you enjoy playing the game seamlessly on your mobile. LudoSkill is a multiplayer online ludo game available for Android users. Apart from providing you exciting gaming experience, the application is secure and absolutely safe. Our app is loaded with unique features that offer one of a kind feel while playing Ludo.

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7. Ludo Supreme Gold



There are two options in this app such as play online and play with friends. If you choose the play online option then you can play Ludo games with unknown and online persons. And if you choose the play with friends then you have to create a room or join an existing room created by your friends.

If you register on this Ludo Supreme Gold app then you will receive a ₹5 signup bonus and if you applied our Ludo Supreme Gold referral code CJ3NOUT then you will receive another ₹10 in your wallet. Apart from this, for a new referral, you have a chance to get up to ₹100 on a friend’s deposit. This applies to a friend’s first deposit.

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8. Ludo League



Ludo league is unique professional ludo app which offer four game mode i.e play online ,Play 2 Peg live ,Play Free Game & Play Private.

In this app you can play by creating your own tournament or by joining paid tournament or free ludo game play .

This app also offer rs 25 sign up bonus by using ludo league refer code and you can earn more refer cash for free game play .

Their is one game mode that is flash mode where who ever cut first Goti of other player that player is winner.

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9. Ludo Ninja



Playing Ludo is always fun and enjoyment .Ludo ninja is one of the advance level ludo game where you will get two modes of play ,first is Turbo mode & second is Ninja mode .

Turbo mode will allow you fast game play and Ninja mode allow you smart game play both allowed paid and free tournament.

By participating in ludo paid game you can win unlimited free paytm cash and chance to play as much as game you want.

To try out this game you will get Rs 10 sign up bonus first time in this app and Rs 30 per refer which use your link.

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10. Aqua Ludo



Aqua Ludo is newly launched playing app which giving joining reward of Rs 10 . This app gives three different type playing mode which makes you love this app.

In this app you can play multiplayer ,computer & play with friends .

They have launched Rs 10 joining bonus plus Rs 10 for each refer . You can use this cash to play Paid LUDO games & convert it in to the cash and withdraw it in bank or UPI.

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11. Halo ludo



Halo Ludo app is going to be very best app, if you create your account in this, you get instant 5, in this you just don’t pay attention to bonus, because it has a lot of features, so there is no sign up bonus in this. If you were looking for New Ludo Earning App, then this app is going to be very best app.

Friends, this is an application in which you can earn money by playing those ludo and in such a situation many people want to earn money by playing online ludo, then this application can also prove to be very good for you. You must read this article completely to know everything about.

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12. Ludo King



Ludo King is one of the best and oldest Ludo app which makes ludo app popular online . This app gives voice chat feature during ludo game play plus you can earn lots of coins by daily bonus & doing lots of other activity.

In this app you will get 4 mode that is Play online with random player , Play with friends ,Play with Computer & Pass and play classic game.

If you wanna enjoy real ludo and entertain your self you must have to download and try out this app.

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13. Ludo tez



Ludo Tez, an app that is an initiative of Upskillz Games Private Limited, is one of India’s most popular Ludo earning apps.

With the referral program offered by the App, you have a great opportunity to earn a lot more money.

The minimum withdrawal amount is only Rs. 10 that can be instantly transferred to your Paytm wallet, UPI account or bank account.

You’ll get a Rs. 5 sign-up bonus and an additional Rs. 5 with your referral code as soon as you download the app and register your account.

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FAQs: Play Ludo and Earn Money

1. Which Ludo app gives real money?

There are a lot of Ludo apps available that provide real money for playing Ludo games online. I have tested a few of them. And as per my opinion, GameZy, Real11, Ludo Supreme Gold and Paytm First Games along with MPL gives real money for playing Ludo games online.

2. What are the best Ludo Paytm earning apps?

I think GameZy, Real11 and Paytm First Games are the three best Ludo Paytm earning apps in India 2022.

3. Which Ludo app is best?

Ludo King is the best Ludo app to play with friends. But if you want to earn money by playing Ludo games then I feel GameZy, Real11, and Paytm First Games are some of the best Ludo earning apps in India.

4. What is the best Ludo earning app without investment?

Real11 is the best Ludo earning app without investment.

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