Top 5 Best WhatsApp alternatives Apps in India

Switching from WhatsApp – Top 5 best WhatsApp alternatives apps for privacy and security

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp a few years ago, one of the promises they made was that users would continue to enjoy the privacy and data protection they had grown accustomed to on the messaging app. However, Facebook has failed users severally as they continue to strip the users of privacy.

The new privacy policy to take effect in May 2021 is the latest attempt by Facebook to access private user data on the WhatsApp platform. Once you accept these new terms, you will allow Facebook to access your personal information, including your status update data, group chat data, contacts, phone number, and user name. Failure to accept these terms will see to it that users are locked out of their WhatsApp accounts.

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Features to look out for in messaging apps

Before choosing the best replacement for WhatsApp, it is essential to know what features to look for in the best alternative.
Compared to WhatsApp, the replacement application needs to have a clear-cut user interface that is easy to navigate. It is also important that you choose an app with message, voice and video capabilities as these are the features that make WhatsApp a favorite application to many.

The final and most important point is security. You are looking for a replacement because you feel Facebook is infringing on your privacy online. Therefore, the best alternative should offer password security for your app and end-to-end encryption for data exchanged on the app.

The new privacy policy panic is real. If you feel spooked and prefer not to have your data harvested, here are the best WhatsApp alternatives apps 2021 that care about your privacy.

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives apps in 2023 that care about your privacy

5 Best WatsApp Alternative AppsSite
1. ElementVisit Site
2. Wickr MeVisit Site
3. TelegramVisit Site
4. SignalVisit Site
5. ThreemaVisit Site

1. Element

This messaging application uses Matrix back end, and it is an open-source platform for anyone looking for a safer alternative to WhatsApp. This includes open-source programming for the chat client, video conferencing program and the chat protocol. This goes to show the extent gone by the developers to guarantee user privacy.
Open-source means that the programming code is available to the public, ensuring no backdoor spying programs are installed. Registering on the application does not require your phone number, which is perfect for added security.

2. Wickr Me

This is an application commonly used by journalists and world leaders due to its privacy-oriented nature. Like Element, this application does not require your phone number to create an account. It comes with all the fun features you would want on a messaging app.
To guarantee your security, Wickr does not store metadata or contacts on its server. It will also permanently delete messages from the app and your phone when you ask it to. It is a free application, ad-free and upholds encryption for user data.

3. Telegram

Telegram has been termed as the most worthy alternative to WhatsApp. It comes in an easy to use interface, making it easy to get used to the app. It will take you through the interface step by step to show you your way around it in no time. It also comes with all the features you find on WhatsApp such as video and voice capabilities, messaging capabilities and group chat for up to 200,000 participants.
Telegram uses a mobile number-based login system, a wide range of emojis, stickers, channels, chatbots and groups. You can integrate it with your digital assistant, and use it on Mac, Linux and Windows desktop apps. Telegram also has a web application for messaging and supports end-to-end encryption.

4. Signal

Private communication on Signal is based on the user’s phone number, and it can be used as the default messaging applications for Android devices. Signal is also an open-source app, which makes it a safer alternative to WhatsApp. This application is the perfect balance of security and fun.

5. Threema

This end-to-end encrypted messaging application does not use the user phone number to register. Available for Android and iOS platforms, it is not a free application as it costs $2.99, which explains the high-security protocol used for the application for anyone looking to keep their data safe from prying hackers.

Additional tips to boost your privacy

Always use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Before doing anything online, ensure you download and activate a VPN. Downloading a VPN app to protect your online privacy ensures all the data transmitted online through your network is encrypted, rendering it unreadable and untraceable to prying eyes.

HTTPS Everywhere

This browser extension ensures all the websites you visit are encrypted. This extension will protect you from numerous online hacking attempts, including man-in-the-middle attacks and data theft. Whether you visit secure or unsecured websites, HTTPS Everywhere ensures you are protected.

Limit data sharing online

As a rule of thumb, only avail the necessary personal information on online sites. This is especially important for social media platforms where personal information can easily be stolen for fraudulent activities. Leaving too much of your data in the public eye makes you an easy target for cybercriminals.


With the upcoming privacy changes on WhatsApp, it is only natural to start looking for alternatives. Any of the five applications in this article are valuable alternatives to WhatsApp. With the added security tips, you will worry less about your privacy and security online.

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