The 5 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in The World

The 5 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in The World

Cigarettes are not a luxurious good, but it is still considered very expensive for several reasons. The government has set its price high on a purpose. In this article, you will get to know the 5 most expensive cigarette brands in the world with their various features.

Moreover, the price of cigarettes varies in different countries and you will be surprised to know their demand and supply across the globe. The primary reason behind the high price of cigarettes is to discourage the consumption of such products, and these prices are set by the respective government in each country.

If you are willing to buy the most expensive cigarettes then there are various online stores available for you. Now, let’s know more about the most expensive cigarette brands.

The 5 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in The World

There are various cigarette brands with different price ranges and you will be amazed to know that there are around fifty million consumers in the US only. This metric is showing the actual worth of cigarettes.

Here is The List Of The 5 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in The World

1. Dunhill

Dunhill cigarettes come under the category of the top 5 most expensive cigarette brands in the world. This brand is owned by British American Tobacco and also one of the largest tobacco-producing companies across the globe.

On average, this cigarette is available at $5.00 per pack and the most expensive is $9.30 per pack. Moreover, there are actually two versions of these cigarettes and these are Dunhill International and Dunhill.

You will find these cigarettes in most of the places across the world, but these are not readily available in every store. You need to order this beforehand to get it. At the same time, you can buy in bulk these cigarettes if you have a good budget.

2. Davidoff

This brand is Swiss naturally and fails to get mentioned in the people’s list. Davidoff is one of the most costly cigarette brands across the world and it is well known for its top quality.

On the other hand, this cigarette has the right balance of both tobacco and smoothness. On average, this cigarette is available at $4.80 per pack. If you belong from Switzerland or had visited in the past, then you know that Switzerland is popular for making the most expensive cigarettes around the world.

These are the most luxurious cigarettes that you will find in 2021, and it is also in the category of the best CBD cigarettes worldwide and thus, known as a premium brand.

3. Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman is a cigarette brand that is owned by one of the biggest tobacco companies in the globe. Moreover, this is a brand of luxurious cigarettes that was established in the year 1930.

On the other hand, these cigarettes are very difficult to find in most places due to their high price. It is excellent in burning and tastes amazingly well. This is the best choice for all cigarette enthusiastics.

At the same time, these cigarettes burn longer than other expensive cigarettes and thus satisfy all the smokers. This brand also never fails to satisfy its customers at any cost.

4. Kent

Another most expensive cigarette brand in the world is Kent. This brand is owned by the second-largest tobacco company in the US and also the most popular one out of all.

The average price of these cigarettes is $4.00 per pack, and the most expensive one is $6.60. Moreover, this brand is known as the first filtered cigarette across the globe.

At present, these cigarettes are manufactured by Lorillard Tobacco Company and established in the year 1952.

5. Karelia

One of the most expensive and popular cigarette brands in the world is Karelia. This cigarette brand is manufactured by one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in Greece and was founded in 1888.

Moreover, this brand offers different varieties of cigarettes to meet the demand of the customers. In most countries, these cigarettes are mostly cheap and affordable so that everyone can use them.

Also, this brand is one of the most premium brands that you may come across in Greece. On the other hand, this company exports its products to sixty-five countries across the world.

The Final Thoughts

Cigarettes are the most demanded tobacco item as many are fond of it. The above listed are the top 5 most expensive cigarettes in the world in 2021. You can also mention some more in the comment section below and we will list them on our list.

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