15 Best wireless gaming mouse under 1000 in India

There are numerous choices over the market for the best wireless mouse under 1000. All these have exceptional durability and quality at a reasonable price. However, it is known that there are in many ways a wireless mouse is better than a wired mouse.

Wireless mouse grants a portable and wire-free experience to its buyers. With the advanced technology, a wireless mouse becomes a perfect choice for it has a convenient, cordless part with easy and not to worry handle for it doesn’t get tangled up in any bag. So In this post, we are going to share the best wireless gaming Mouse under 1000 in India.

Best wireless gaming mouse under 1000

No doubt with the portable nature of wireless mouse it is the best choice for all. A wireless mouse can be used anywhere and everywhere. from across the room whereas wired mouse can only work if it tethered with the laptop or PC with the cable.

There are many impressive mice available, but due to our limited budget, we have listed some of the best wireless gaming mouse under 1000 rupees.

Here is the 15 Best wireless gaming mouse under 1000 in India

1. Ant Esports GM200W Gaming Mouse Wired, 6 Programmable Buttons

Ant Esports GM200W Gaming Mouse Wired, 6 Programmable Buttons

Ant Esports is one of the companies that provides a complete gaming experience. They are ready to bring new and robust with a comfortable line-up of gaming chairs. This brand has a wide range peripheral to choose for a flawless gaming experience. This gaming mouse is a perfect choice that comes with adjustable DPI with special backlight and advanced chips.

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2. Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1 Gaming Laser Mouse

Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1 Gaming Laser Mouse

It is a gaming mouse with five control buttons that are programmable and comes with a Special gaming laser sensor. It is one of the most popular low budget and best gaming mouse in India. The gaming mouse is suitable for almost every surface and has an ergonomic design for right-handers. You can get Dragon War Leviathan gaming mouse online for an average price of ₹ 599.

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3. TRUCASE (TM) 3200 DPI


If you are in an entry-level of gaming, this is the perfect option for you. It is one of the best gaming mouse pads under 1000 that will provide you with wonderful gaming experience. The mouse is adjustable up to 1000-3200DPI and has an Avago sensor Omron microswitch. The gaming mouse is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS.The gaming mouse is 100% brand new and of high quality.

It helps in tracking systems and is optical. It comes with lights that keep on changing colour.It is ergonomically designed and has long-term use. There is an external software called ” X Mouse Button Control”. You can buy this gaming mouse online at a price of ₹ 599.

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4. MFTEK Tag 3


Mftek mouse is a competitive gaming mouse, which does its job in microseconds. The mouse surface comes with a unique anti-slip and anti-sweat texture for enhanced grip and comfort, due to which you can enjoy long hours of gaming experience.The mouse LED colour changes which help to increase the DPI. The design of the mouse is ergonomic that perfectly fits your hand. It prevents unnecessary strain on your hand and enables a comfortable grip even during your most extended games. You can get this gaming mouse at a very cheap price of ₹ 449 online.

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5. ABOTEK Warhammer GX950

ABOTEK Warhammer GX950

This mouse has intelligent connectivity. You do not need to code, plug, and play. It comes with an ergonomic design and metal backplate. The mouse has a high DPI resolution of 5400.The design and performance of the gaming mouse both are good.

During the time you play, you can use the forward key and back key, which helps to make the task more convenient to scan web-page and files. You can purchase this mouse online easily for ₹ 689.

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6. Logitech M235 Mouse

Logitech M235 Mouse

Logitech mouse is for the one with small to medium size hand users. The name has much recognition as it is the product that ranks at the top and best among the computer accessories. The pricing is more if compared to many other products in the market. There are numerous other products in the market but one would regret the reliability and smoothness this product grant is nowhere else found. The tracking and sensor of this mouse are extremely good, with the battery backup of top-notch; it continues up to 8 months in a single AA battery.

There is an On/Off switch and smart sleep mode, which automatically off the mouse for a few moments when nobody is using. This is a method to extend the life of a battery. In this way, the battery life extended.

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7. Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M221 is the one that can be worked on as a silent mouse. This mouse is for the right-handers. There are curved lines that give rest to the thumb also increases the grip on the whole. With the simple plugin one can start working with no difficulty as any software or set up installments are not required in this mouse. Some features to count on are the durable nature, a high-quality perfect performance that comes with a 1-year warranty. The battery life is amazing with the best can keep up to 24 months. The smart sleep mode grants an automatic system to go on sleep when not in use. It is one best alternative among many to get at the cost price under Rs 1000. It is for small size hand users.

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8. HP X3500 Wireless Mouse

HP X3500 Wireless Mouse

Hp X3500 has a dual feature of plug and play. It gets to start with just a simple plugin of the wireless receiver to any of the USB port on a laptop and get started using it thereafter. This kind of mouse is for both left, and right-handed persons. With the craft of stylish shape, it has a comfortable hold. There is an adjustable DPI sensor to adjust accordingly as the DPI 1000, 1200, 1600 in a comfortable manner.

There is no lookout for frequent battery replacement as the battery life extends to the time of 12 months. Adding more to it the good part is the stretch of the three-year warranty whereas the other companies grant only a 1-year warranty. Thus it can be ranked as the best wireless Mouse under 1000 if anybody’s priority is on a warranty and regular uses basis.

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9. Logitech M 187 Wireless Optical Mini Mouse

Logitech M 187 Wireless Optical Mini Mouse

Logitech M 187 Wireless Optical Mouse looks exactly like a small tiny mouse. This mini mouse is best suited to people or girls with small hands also in another way it looks good in Mac Book Air with the white colour and texture. Logitech has become one of the leading brand sellers with superb quality keyboards and mouse at a cheaper and affordable rate. There is a 1 x AAA Battery with a sensitivity of 1000 dpi. The colour choices are many with white, black, blue, and red in hand. There is a tiny nano receiver and an on/off slider switch.

The pros of this mouse are good to build with a great design with an exclusive stylish look that looks perfect in the small hands’ users. Adding to it there is a warranty of about 3 years of domestic carriers in limited hardware. With the small size, it is rather difficult for average/large sized palms. It is best among others for outdoor usage on any laptop.

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10. HP Wireless Mouse Z3700

HP Wireless Mouse Z3700

I have used this HP Wireless Mouse Z3700 mouse personally and love the way it handles and fits in my hand. The scroller button in this mouse is very smooth and you use it very easily. This HP Z3700 Mouse slim profile, long-lasting battery life, and all-around good looks make this a very good choice for an on-the-road worker and you can use it anywhere.

It is very lightweight (136g) mouse comes with 1200 DPI optical sensor so you carry it easily. Z3700 wireless Mouse also comes with 2.4Ghz wireless connection, nano receiver, and compatible with windows, Mac, and chrome. Overall it is a great buy if you want to purchase a mouse for lots of daily works.

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11. Lenovo 300 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo 300 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo 300 wireless mouse is also a very good option for the best wireless mouse in India. This Mouse has 1000 DPI and works on 2.4 GHz wireless technology, this mouse Shape is somewhat ergonomic, Scroll is smooth, Buttons are clicky and responsive, Optical Sensor is also very responsive, weigh of this mouse is 59 grams and uses single AA battery. The best part about this mouse is its shape, because of this beautiful shape it gives fewer strains on your hand, and the battery life of this one is also pretty good. This mouse comes with a Wireless Reception Range of 10m so you can use it easily.

If we talk about the cons of this mouse then some users complain about double click issues after using 6-7 months otherwise it is a very good choice for daily users.

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12. iBall G500 Premium Wireless Optical Mouse

iBall G500 Premium Wireless Optical Mouse

This iBall G500 Premium wireless optical mouse is one of the best options we have under the best wireless mouse under 1000 rs in India. It comes with a Nano USB receiver that fits easily inside the mouse which has a reliable connection of 2.4Ghz wireless technology. You can use this mouse within 10m of radius, it will work smoothly.

The best part about this beautiful mouse is its click, it will produce no noise while clicking and automatically turn to power saving mode if you kept it long without using. These features save your mouse battery life and 1AA battery is required for using iBall G500 Premium wireless mice.

The weight of this mouse is also only 63.5g and according to the company it has a battery life of 1920 hours, Generally, you can use 4-5 months on a single AA battery. The shape of iBall G500 Mouse provides excellent gripping while using.

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13. Dell Wireless Mouse WM126Dell Wireless Mouse WM126

Dell Wireless Mouse WM126Dell Wireless Mouse WM126

Dell WM126 Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse weight is 90.7 gm with only a 1-year warranty. The mouse has a contoured design that makes a comfortable hold in hand. The battery life is splendid which is powered by 1 AA size battery. The physical dimensions are about 14 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm with color blue.

There is a remarkable resolution of about 1000dpi. With a good battery life that extends to around 1 year as per company depending on normal usage but you can easily use it 4-5 months on a single battery. There is no involvement of software and setup to the users to get an easy installation with its plug and play feature that can make one start within minutes. This mouse doesn’t have auto-off features so you have to off manually otherwise your battery will drain fast.

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14. Targus W600 AMW60002AP Wireless Optical Mouse

Targus W600 AMW60002AP Wireless Optical Mouse

Targus W600 wireless optical mouse has only one AA battery which makes your device less weight (54.4gram) and Builds quality and design is best of its range. About usage, very good on your palms and Bluetooth receiver has a good range. In the preview, it may look small but it is of medium size which can be comforting for all people.

It is good for CAD Design purposes or any regular work. This product comes with a 3 Years replacement warranty. This mouse has 1,600 DPI optical sensor for precise response and it is best in this price range and it is also compatible with Windows and Mac both.

Personally I use this mouse but my experience with this Targus mouse is not so good. It is stooped working after using 3 to 4 months but you can claim replacement and get new one easily.

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15. Microsoft 3500 Wireless Mouse

Microsoft 3500 Wireless Mouse

This mouse is one of the best wireless mice in India, although this will not come in the category of the wireless mouse under rs 1000 but is mentioned here because of its quality and technology used. Mircosoft 3500 wireless mouse works on BlueTarck Technology and uses 1 AA battery. This technology ensures that Microsoft 35000 will work on any kind of surface without any lags. It is a very well designed compact and lightweight(90.7 g) mouse. You can easily use this mouse for long hours without any strains because of its build quality.

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So Finally we have come to a conclusion where we have to choose the best wireless Mouse in India. After analyzing all wireless mouse specifications with pros and cons I will recommend you to buy HP X3500 Wireless Mouse or Logitech M 187 Wireless Optical Mouse because of these two muses are best in terms of regular use and battery backup but you can also try other listed mouse here.

Wireless mouse is a great choice than wired one is known to all. There are inevitability cons involved with so many pros of a wireless mouse. It works with a receiver that is connected with the laptop or PC, and however, if the receiver is lost then the mouse will work no longer. Nowadays, we see most of the mouse comes with a placeholder that holds the receiver and therefore saves it from being lost. Another disadvantage is an unnoticeable latency drop that may be witnessed in a wireless mouse. The pros are much more vital to neglect the cons in every situation possible or the best alternative of it may be found for the comfort of the audience.

FAQs, best wireless gaming mouse under 1000?

Q1. What is the best wireless mouse under 1000?

According to our review and use experience, we can say that Hp X3500 and Lenovo n100 wireless mouse is best in this price range.

Q2. What is the best wireless mouse for Mac Laptops?

If you want to use a wireless mouse in your Macbook then use USB interface mouse. We recommend you to use Hp X3500 for your Mackbook laptop.

Q3. What is the best wireless Mouse brand?

Every brand has its own wireless mouse range and they offer quality and specification accordingly. Here we talk about the best wireless mouse for Rs 1000 price range then we can say HP wireless mouse tops in this price range. Logitech is also giving tuff competition to HP.

Q5. Which wireless Mouse has long battery life?

We tested all listed mouse on this page and found Hp X3500, HP Wireless Mouse Z3700 has best battery life among all.

Q6. Which Wireless Mouse have low click sound?

If you want to use Low click noise wireless mouse then go for Logitech M 187 and HP Wireless Mouse Z3700.

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