A Comprehensive Guide to Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Creating a Bitcoin paper wallet enables you to enhance the safety of your crypto assets. Most people worry about data theft and hacks. However, they can do little since third parties store their information on remote servers or beyond their reach. Primarily, hackers can access your information by hacking your account. A system with proper safety measures can quickly regain control and restore the stored data. Ready to invest in the market? Before you do, register on Immediate Nexus to connect with an educational expert and learn about investing.

However, things are different with Bitcoin. If somebody hacks your Bitcoin wallet, they can transfer your cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, that could mean a total loss since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. That’s why you may need a Bitcoin wallet paper.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet

What is a Bitcoin Wallet Paper?

A Bitcoin paper wallet is a physical object or document with a private key and a new public address that a person has printed out. The private keys are typically 12 to 24 words, known as a seed phrase. The private keys enable you to generate an almost infinite number of addresses. And you don’t store a copy of your private key on electronic devices. However, public keys are usually electronic and allow you to generate new addresses and observe your transactions and balance from a smartphone or computer.  

How to Setup a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

A Bitcoin paper wallet is ideal when you want to store many Bitcoins. People consider it safer than holding the coins in a hot wallet whose internet connection makes them vulnerable to hacking. When using a paper wallet, you must load the funds to your hot wallet to transfer them to your crypto exchange account. Thus, you must sweep or import the private key from the paper wallet to send the funds since it’s the only way to access your coins.

Here’s how to set up a Bitcoin paper wallet:

  • Visit bitaddress.org
  • Hover the mouse over the screen until a randomness amount shows 100%
  • Click on the Paper Wallet to get an option for creating a printable paper wallet.
  • Enter 1 in Addresses to get a field. Remember, you can make more than one wallet if necessary.
  • Click on the Generate button
  • Click on the Print button

Since your Bitcoin paper wallet should be private, ensure nobody watches you while creating it. Therefore, avoid doing this on a public computer and use a personal printer without an internet connection. That way, you ensure that nobody can hack your private keys.

How to Safeguard Your Bitcoin Paper Wallet

You may load funds to your Bitcoin paper wallet after generating it using the address on your left side. However, ensure the private key on your right side remains discreet and hidden. Here are additional methods for keeping your Bitcoin paper wallet safe.

  • Laminate it to prevent fading and easy tearing
  • Store it inside a secure location or safe that only a trustworthy person can access
  • Use a reliable device to make your paper wallet disaster-proof

You can also create several copies of your Bitcoin paper wallet, ensuring each has only a part of your seed phrase or private key. For instance, you can have three copies and ensure only two can produce the entire private key. With this option, you can have each document at a specific location, making it challenging for another person to get your private key even if they steal one copy.

Parting Shot

A Bitcoin paper wallet is almost impossible to hack. Thus, this option enables you to safeguard your Bitcoin from internet hackers. Moreover, you’ve no reason to worry about somebody infecting your computer with a virus or another person accessing your smartphone.

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