Top 6 Tips To Follow While Purchasing Boat Earphones

Earphones have become a must these days which used to be just an accessory earlier. Listening to music helps you with stress, and improves your mood instantly. Thus you must have a pair of earphones that elevate the listening experience. The few features that an earphone must have are bass, treble and even noise cancellation. There are more features that you must consider when you purchase earphones.

Purchasing Boat Earphones

First thing’s first. The brand that you get the earphones from matters too. You need to select a brand that satisfies certain conditions. One of these is your budget, the quality, the design and a few other factors. BoAt, an Indian audibles’ brand, is a perfect fit for many music lovers as:

  • BoAt earphones are under a budget – When you are out there to buy earphones, we don’t like to spend a lot on them. BoAt has a decent price range on its products, which you can save further when you use coupons while shopping for audibles from BoAt
  • They have great features – BoAt focuses on quality and thus has one of the best earphones in the market.

So, when you decide to get a BoAt earphone, you will be bombarded with options. There’s  earbuds, earphones, headphones and more to choose from. However, while choosing the perfect fit for you, you must consider a few points. Here are the considerations to follow while choosing a BoAt earphone.

Top 6 Tips To Follow While Purchasing Boat Earphones

1. Your budget

Budget is a crucial factor for us. What type of audible to buy mostly depends on our budget. You can get a good earphone (wired) below 1k from BoAt. If you are higher on budget, you can choose earbuds too. Earbuds or True Wireless Earbuds (TWS) are more compact. They connect with bluetooth and remove the hassle of tangling wires. This makes them little expensive but is an investment well made. They’re also in fashion. You would probably get good earbuds in a few thousands. But if you are really looking for robust audibles with bombastic sound and comfort, headphones would be your choice. These will cost you more than earphones or earbuds.

2. Noise cancellation

Earphones with noise cancellation feature provide crisp sound directly into the ears. This keeps the ambient noise away. This is especially good while travelling, and trying to sleep in buses, trains or flights. 

Make sure that the earphones which you choose have noise cancellation. You can try it on if you are buying from an actual physical shop. Most of BoAt’s earphones have this feature built in. But don’t forget to cross check before you finalise one.

3. Bass

Fans of hip hop music would love a bass enabled earphone. The feature will enhance the heavy beats of any song and will eventually make the music listening experience more enjoyable. 

Try on the earphone to check its Bass power. Play a beat song like Rihanna’s Needed me, or Honey Singh’s Blue Eyes to check if your earphones can do justice to these types of songs or not. 

4. Comfort

How you feel while wearing a pair of earphones is really important. Especially when you wear them for longer hours during travel or an online meeting that extends for long. In such a case, you should check the size of the earplugs and also the overall build. If maximum comfort is your focus, then you should prefer headphones that go over your head. As these have earmuffs that will be of maximum comfort for your ears. It also causes sound to be directed into your ears improving the overall sound experience. 

5. Weight

The weight of the earphones might be a factor overlooked while focussing on other aspects. However while wearing earphones, the weight does play quite an important role. This goes right from being intact inside of your ears to providing comfort. BoAt earphones are usually light in weight. Headphones can be heavier than earbuds. But heavy earbuds might be prone to falling down while jogging or working out. Thus, do a test before you buy an earphone. You can do a summer salt or a backflip wearing the audibles if you are trained to do so to test its stability in tough movements.

6. Driver size

The driver is that part of the headphones which emits the sound. Usually the drivers are measured as per their diameter and can be anywhere between 5 to 15 mm. The bigger the diameter, the clearer the sound. Usually the earphones that are quite underpriced have smaller drivers and thus the sound quality is poorer than those that are a little expensive. Investing in the right product will go a long way.

Things to keep  in in mind while using earphones

Everytime you get a new pair of earphones for yourself, also keep an eye on the warranty. Other than that there are a few more tips which will come handy in usage of your music delivering devices. 

  • Have a bag for your headphones
  • Get a wireless charger for earbuds
  • Record the charing time and don’t overcharge 
  • Use soft tissue to clean the product. Do not use water as that might harm if your gadget is not waterproof
  • Wear the exact size of the earcups
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors
  • Unplug them from the phone when not in use to avoid accidents

Final Thought

Earphones have evolved a lot. Many of us find the idea of spending thousands on an earphone absurd. Especially when earphones can be used and changed every year. But the type of features you can get really change with the price as well. You might get away with buying a Rs 600 earphones for your day to day life, but if specific requirements like gaming, shooting etc are your concerns, you might want to spend some more and get one that can actually be used to help you achieve your unique purposes.

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