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There is no love purer than that of an animal, a true animal lover would agree. Playing with furry four-legged friends happens to be one of life’s greatest pleasures, especially if you form a deep bond with them. If you too, wish to spend more time with them, and give back to them what they give you in abundance, we can help you out with our list of the best animal shelters in Delhi for you to volunteer at.

Here is a list of top 5 dog shelter in delhi:-

list of Animal SheltersWebsite Links
1. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care CentreVisit Website
2. PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society)Visit Website
3. JeevashramVisit Website
4. Kalyani Animal Welfare FoundationVisit Website
5. Delhi the Street Dog FoundationVisit Website

1. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre

India’s oldest and Asia’s largest all-animal shelter, the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC) was founded in 1980 from a legacy bequeathed by the late Mrs Ruth Cowell of New South Wales, Australia to Sanjay Gandhi.

A foundation set up in her memory, The Ruth Cowell Foundation, resolved to establish an animal care centre in Delhi that would serve as a prototype for other centres around India. The hospital-cum-shelter was envisaged as a 24×7 facility that would rescue, home, treat, and rehabilitate animals; serve as a training centre for vets and animal handlers; run an OPD; offer diagnostic services; provide burial facilities; and serve as a holding centre for animals of cruelty cases.

Inaugurated in September 1983, the SGACC is home to over 3000 animals at any given point. Spread over four acres of tree covered land in West Delhi’s Raja Garden, between Shivaji College and the Home Guards’ HQ, it assures space in a secure natural environment for animals and birds.

Tel – 011-25447751/25448062

2. PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society)

Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) came into existence in 1998 and started working the very same day. The purpose of the society is to make people aware about the care, management and nutrition of pet and stray animals. For PAWS, all animals on this planet are the pets of the society and hence we need to realize their importance in our everyday life and do our bit in exchange.

PAWS conducts regular awareness programs in and around Delhi besides its anti rabies camps for strays. The society is doing its bit to help eradicate rabies and control the stray population by immunization and undertaking the ABC (Animal Birth Control) Program. more..

PAWS runs a low cost sterilization and vaccination center for pets and strays in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Features of the shelter include indoor/ outdoor runs, cages, isolation areas and surgical facilities. The shelter provides x-ray , laboratory and intensive care facilities for animals with serious conditions.


3. Jeevashram

Started in 1990, Jeevashram is located at Rajokri Village, New Delhi. Jeevashram focuses on minimizing stress and abuse wherever human and animal interaction is involved.

It is recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India and associated to the RSPCA-UK, and affiliated to WSPA-UK. Jeevashram is a Veterinary Hospital for both large and small animals. We are working on Animal Birth Control Programme with M.C.D. under SOCIETY FOR STRAY CANINE BIRTH CONTROL. We are in Limca Book of Records for 1st Institute with burial ground for pets.

We also have an education programme for school children. Jeevashram realized the crucial role school children could play in preventing cruelty to animals,

The prime objectives of the organization are: “To promote the kindness and prevent or suppress cruelty to animals.” To successfully implement the above objectives Jeevahram provides excellent medical facilities.

Tel – 01124124114, 01124124118

4. Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation gives a permanent home in its New Delhi Shelter to more than one hundred stray and destitute animals, including handicapped, paralyzed, old, abandonned pets, who are not able to lead a stray life.

The Foundation is the brainchild of Late Kalyani Ghosh who was so deeply distressed by the suffering and abuse of stray animals that she decided to dedicate the twilight years of her life to their care and well-being.

Thanks to the help of many generous donors, since its inception in February, 2010, Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation has been successfully carried out the following Animal Welfare Activities:

Tel – 98189 11612

5. Delhi the Street Dog Foundation

Delhi the Street Dog Foundation was established in 2018 to address and combat the overwhelming stray street dog population in India. The Founder, Jessica Haltzman, was navigating a soul searching, solo-backpacking trip in New Delhi, India in 2017. While she was only hoping for a greater sense of self in her return home, she managed to not only find herself and her passion, but her forever best friend, Delhi the Street Dog.

While sitting in her hostel in New Delhi, Jessica was startled by horrific sounds of yelping and crying. Running out of her hostel not knowing what situation she was about to encounter, was a small puppy with a large wound, limping on his back leg. Jessica immediately took the aching puppy to a local veterinarian, whom helped clean the wound and bandages his leg. Jessica couldn’t bear the thought of leaving this puppy in his fragile state and made the decision that she was going to take this puppy home. All the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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