3 effective Ways to Earn Money Online in India for Students Without Investment

Thinking, how to earn money online in India?
There are various ways through which you can do it. But depends on what are you looking for. Are you looking for an alternate source of income or you want to get into a new profession or you just want to earn pocket money in your free time?

We have divided the entire post into three sections depending upon how you want to earn money.

Let us discuss and try to answer the question –

Do you want to Make a lot of money even if it takes time.

Are you seriously looking to start earning a passive income? And you want to make it your profession? The below ways to start generating passive income online are very effective.


Blogging is one of my personal favourites. Blogging takes a bit of time to start generating income however once it picks up you will earn while you are asleep. Blogging can change your life forever. With minimal investment, you can generate huge income.

Who can do it?

Literally anyone. You just need to learn the basics about Blogging and implement them correctly and start earning money.

Launch your own Blog by watching this step by step free 3 part video tutorial

How much investment is required to start it?

Minimal! You would need a computer, an internet connection and maybe a few thousand Indian rupees to take courses on Blogging. And you can implement the learnings to start off.

What is Blogging?

Blogging gives us platform to share our skills and experience with others. If you think you possess expertise or skill more than an average guy in a particular field then you can start a Blog to discuss those skills and teach others about it. This way you can share knowledge and earn money online in India and abroad.

You can do Blogging in many ways. Choose a platform which suits your niche and launch your Blog. If you create entertaining videos then Youtube is the best platform to create a Vlog. Similarly, Instagram is the platform for small videos and impactful images. You can also create a website like this one if your niche allows.

There are lots of information on the internet about Blogging but trust me you do not need anything else beyond this post to learn about Blogging.

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How to earn money online in India through Blogging?

There a lot of ways we can generate income through Blogging. A lot depends on the niche of your Blog as well. Some of the common and efficient ways are advertisement, lead generation, creation of useful content and sell it through your Blog, create and sell courses, affiliate marketing etc.

Can you give some examples of Blogger who are making a good income?

In 2017 Pat Flynn a known blogger disclosed his income at $ 125,819. Checkout Curly Tales on Instagram. Kamiya Jani is the founder of Curly Tales and she drives Mercedes. The point is to give you an idea of earning through Blogging. Blogging is at par with any other profession.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is my another personal favourite. Earning through Affiliate Marketing takes a little time to start but when it starts generating money it will easily put to shame some of the most profitable businesses.

Money through Affiliate Marketing is earned as a commission. You act as a middleman between the producer and the consumer. Affiliate Marketing is big and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

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How to Earn money online through Affiliate Marketing?

Suppose I joined an Affiliate program run by Amazon. Amazon will give me tracking links which are generally called Affiliate Links. I will put these links in my Blog post. When someone feels interested and clicks the link he will be navigated to Amazon. If he makes the purchase, Amazon will get to know that I referred the person. And then they will pay me the designated commission for that product.

You have to put these links in a place where there is high traffic so that the link can get maximum exposure. The main reason why I keep saying that affiliate marketing takes time to generate income because you need to build that trust in your audience before they start buying the product referred by you.

Who can do it?

A school-going kid to a retired person or an old aunty. Anyone can do this. You just need to learn the skills of Affiliate Marketing.

Can we generate a good income through Affiliate Marketing?

Of course yes. Below is the sheet of Pat Flynn’s earnings. Notice the income he made through Affiliate Marketing.

3. Start an Online Store using WooCommerce or Shopify

It is a very good option to earn money online. You can generate income by starting an online store and selling products on it. There are many ways to do it. You can create and sell E-Books, Online Courses or even sell products such as Clothes, Gadgets etc. Dropshipping agencies will solve your inventory and shipment issues.

Who can do it?

If you already own a WordPress website then you can easily start an online store using WooCommerce plugin. If you do not own a website then you can use Shopify to start your own online store. You can sell E-Books, courses or even other products. You can make use of Dropshipping concept to solve your inventory and shipping issues.

You can read more about Online Store and Dropshipping in this post – Details about Online Store and Dropshipping.

Online Store can turn out as a good source of income for you.

Want to start earning money immediately

If you want to start earning money online immediately then there are ways you can do so. Things will be easier for you if you already have a skillset in a particular field.

1. Content Creation

Do you already have a skill which you can monetise? Let me explain it. Suppose you are good at writing. You can bid for writing projects available on various freelance websites and can start earning. Similarly, you can earn if you are good at any other skill such as editing, photography, graphic designing, coding, finances, translation and so many other skills.

What if I do not possess any skill?

No problem. You can always upskill yourself. Figure out your area of interest. Identify whether that interest can be offered as a service to others and in turn can generate income for you. Once you have done this exercise you can learn the skill and start bidding for projects online.

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Who can do this?

Anyone can do it. You just need to have the skill or willingness to learn a new skill.

Can I start earning immediately?

Yes, if you already have a good hold on a particular skill then you can start earning as soon as you grab a project online. Content Creation starts generating income faster compared to other ways to earn money online.

What do I need to start it?

A computer, an internet connection and a good hold on a skill.

Investment required?

This is probably one of the ways to earn money online without any investment.

2. How to Earn Money through Translation Service

However, if you have a good hold on any language other than those which are commonly spoken by many then you can put this skill to use. You can start bidding for projects online. Complete the projects and claim the money. Create your profile on sites such as naukri and monster and upload your resume as well. There are many companies which take big translation projects and get them done by the freelancers.

3. Trainer

You can also become a freelance trainer. If you are good at any skill such as soft-skill, programming language, Datascience, blockchain, IoT or any such skill then you can bid for online training projects. on freelance websites. There are many companies that hire people for providing online training. To grab those opportunities you would need to create a profile on naukri, monster or shine, etc.

Want to Earn Online in India for pocket money or just for fun in free time

If you are free for a few days and want to utilise those days in generating some income temporarily then this section is a must-read. However, the below ways can be done professionally as well for a longer time span. Moreover, they can very well answer the question of how to earn money online.

1. Earn for Surfing Internet

There are many ways or rather fun ways of how to earn money online in your free time by just surfing the internet. For example, there is a company called Wonder which pays, if you provide valuable answers to their questions. You can become an AskWonder researcher by creating an account in it.

Swagbucks, pay you for answering their surveys and polls on an hourly basis. You can earn as much as INR 500 per hour. Other sites such as SurveyJunkie, Toluna, OnePoll, LifePoints etc, are sites that pay for taking surveys on an hourly basis.

2. GPT Sites or ‘Get Paid To’ Sites

GPT sites pay you in cash or vouchers on completing certain activities on their website. Some examples are InboxPounds, Swagbucks. The business model for these websites is very simple yet robust. Brands pay them for the inputs from consumers. In fact, they collect inputs from users like you and us and pay us for the same in real cash.

3. Earn for watching online videos or for online shopping or online suggestions

A website called InboxDollars pays you for watching online videos. Create an account and get started on the site

The company MyPoints get rewards for online shopping and to print the coupons.

User Testing
Company User Testing provides its clients with real-time answers on management, marketing and branding. Furthermore, you just need to create an account and answer the questions as per your understanding and knowledge.

The above ways to generate income are the best answer to the question – how to earn money online in India for students.

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