Free Directory Submission Sites Lists High DA PA

900+ Free Directory Submission Sites Lists High DA PA

A Directory Submission Site is a website that stores the information of your blog or website like any type of telephone directory. It helps in increasing your website rank, domain authority and support to generate more and more traffic as well as enhance the search engine rankings. This is also called the best off-page SEO technique to grow your website.

Types of Directory Submission Sites In India

There are various types of directory available like free, paid, and reciprocal. You have to choose the directory according to your recruitment. Let’s look at the listed directories.

  • Free Directory Submission Sites

As the name indicates, this submission site is the free version of the directory sites. It has neither any guarantee nor assurance that your site will be approved or reviewed. If you want to submit your blog or website free of cost then it will be the best choice
for you. This process may take a few weeks to approve your URL which needs some effort and certain skills to get the work done.

  • Paid Directory Submission Sites

This process is the opposite of the first one. If you want to get links very fast and grow early then it is the best option for you. In this process, you can submit your website URL with any certain amount of money and they will serve you the backlink within 24 hours. This is the best, nice, and clean process.

Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites

In this process, you have to add a link on your website or blog before it gets approved by the administrator of the directory. When it is approved by the owner, then your website link will be able for the submission.
Benefits of using web directory Submission Sites

● This process helps you to get more traffic on your website or blog.
● By this process, you can easily create a backlink.
● It is the fastest way to get a backlink.
● The search visibility of your website will be increased.
● It helps to grow the domain authority of your website.
● You also create high-quality backlink.
● It will help in increasing your SEO ranking. Why we do directory submission in SEO

This process is counted as the best and one of the trending off-page SEO techniques for growing your website. You should always choose the best and suitable directory to submit the details of your website like name, link, and description, etc. It will help to increase your domain authority by practicing it regularly. You will able to get more and more traffic from Google and other search engines. This process also increases the domain authority of your website in Google search results. It is the best and most reliable source that helps to generate more traffic to your website and give a top position in search engine ranking.

How to do Directory Submission

This process involves a lot of work in filling submission forms. So it is better to use an auto-fill plug-in or extension. This process follows the following steps:
1. You should read the instructions and guidelines very carefully on the given page.
2. Choose your niche and sub-category carefully. Don’t skip this step.
3. Then fill all the required details.
4. Check the submission twice.
5. Then click on the submit button.
6. If you get the submission URL, save or copy that link carefully somewhere else. This is very important for your website.
7. Then open the next site on the directory submission list and place your required website or blog. There are also available a number of around 900+ directory submission sites. You can also check the free directory submission site list 2019, free directory submission site list 2018 to get the appropriate directory.

Here Is a 900+ Free Directory Submission Sites Lists High DA PA

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