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A Kundli is a cosmic log that contains the positions of different planetary bodies in the Zodiac Belt at the time of a native’s birth. It is simply a celestial photograph in terms of planetary positioning at the time when a native is born. Hence, a Kundli is also known as Janam Kundli.

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Job of an Astrologer

The planets as per their natural characteristics & placements in the Kundali of a native, cast their effects upon the native. These planetary effects are so powerful that the planets actually end up deciding the very course of the native’s destiny in life! जन्म कुंडली

An astrologer by applying the scientific principles of the sacred science of astrology, performs a deep & comprehensive Kundli analysis to decipher the planetary will for the native and hence, decodes the plans that fate has for the native in his/her life to come.

Empowered by these Janam Kundli predictions, a native can plan his/her actions in ways that would attract the beneficial effects of planets that are positively placed and also at the same time, avoid the malefic effects of those that are ill placed in his/her Kundali.

Planets and Our Karmas

Planets are the heavenly bodies that give us the results of our past life karmas in our current life that we carry along with us in the form of a Karmic Baggage.

Now, we all have accumulated both good as well as bad karmas in our previous lives. So, a planet that holds our negative karmic account gives us the results of our bad karmas in the form of obstacles, hurdles, losses, diseases etc. and the planet that holds our positive karmic account gives us the results of our good karmas in the form of wealth, health, name, fame, joy, love, success etc.

It is the analysis of our Kundali that enables an astrologer to identify the planets that hold our positive karmic account and hence are beneficial to us and those that hold our negative karmic account and hence are malefic to us. This way, a person can know well in advance, what to expect from a planet at the time of its “Dasha” or period of operation in his/her life and make informed decisions accordingly.

Power of Remedies

Astrology prescribes incredibly powerful & effective remedies to counter different hurdles & obstacles that a native faces in life. These remedial measures are based on the specific planetary positioning in the Kundali of a native and aim to address the root planetary issue that is causing the problem in the first place.

These remedies are known to have the potential of warding off all malefic planetary influences from the life of a native and literally empower that native to take charge of his/her destiny!

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