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Are you looking for Google Expert In India? Then your search ends here. Learning more about Google is my passion, I live and breathe them. Having spent hours & hours reading about it, even now i keep reading about the developments and applicability on client accounts. Sansoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd put 100% into any new SEO work account. Any new field provides the challenge and opportunity to drill into the micro details of new venue and my engineering mind unleashes all its curiosity to uncover the same.

Google Expert in India

Rahul Yenurkar

For example: A SEO work account for Heat Exchanger would involve, in depth study about the product itself, its application, usage countries and cities, related industries, keywords for searching with help of google keyword planner, many other keyword tool like keyword word, semrush, ubersuggest & many others and thinking from targeted customer perspective and continuous optimization for ensuring HIGHEST ROI’s from the very beginning. As a expert in SEO expert my duty is to make sure nothing is hidden and our client gets 100% visibility on Google.

We spend 10 hours a week per account ensuring continuous optimization the websites for maximum ROI and Add positioning in Top 10 and Top 3. My habit is to follow daily Search engine land blog and Moz to get know trends of google and with my hard work and expert knowledge are getting good results for my clients. Because of these we re known as one of the Best Google Expert Company in India @Sansoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd.

At present, you may find many Google Expert and SEO Company in India but deliver the desired result matters! Look at the Google search engine where SEO Company in India stands and what they actually do. Don’t worry! Now you are in touch with the best SEO Company in India. Talk to our SEO Expert to be on toppers list on any search engines.

We are Top rated on Upwork and Fiverr . Having worked on numerous projects, Sansoft has gained unmatched business and technological expertise. We have built a large database of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet customers’ needs, expectations and budget.

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  • Completely White Hat SEO

If you are new to Online advertising or SEO Expert and want to know what is SEO Services or How to choose a SEO Expert or google expert and want to know more about online advertising then

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