Google Pay Referral Code

Google Pay Referral Code

Google Pay Referral Code 2020 (47rg5y) | Refer&Earn Rs21 Per Refer

If you are finding a Google Pay Referral Code to send first payment and receive cashback then you are in right place.
Your referral code is [ 47rg5y ]. put that code in your google pay app and get assured ₹21 in your bank account.

We also show you steps in which you find your own referral code for further earning from google pay. Let’s started,

How to use google pay referral code

  • Open your Google Pay app. On the top right-hand side, you are able to see 3 dots click on it.
  • There you will see an option referral code. Click on it.
  • Copy this Google pay referral code (47rg5y) and paste it. You must have to do this before your first transaction.


If you are unable to apply google pay referral code just uninstall it and re-install it from the above link.

Do the above process correctly you will get 21 in your bank account within 24 hours.

Google Pay App Download

Google Pay App Download

Google Pay App Download

  • Now open Google pay app, it will ask you to select language. Select your language.
  • After that, it will ask you to enter a mobile number. Enter the mobile number which is linked to your bank account. Sim must have to be on your phone. Then click on next
  • It will send you a verification code, Google app will automatically verify the code. Then click on next.
  • Set a screen lock for Google pay app. You can select your mobile phone lock are you can set a new 4 digit pin.
  • This code is useful to open google pay app
  • Now it’s time to enter referral code. if you have downloaded from the above link Google pay app will automatically take referral code. If not click on the top Right menu and select Referral code.
  • Apply this Google pay referral code. 47rg5y. you must do this before the first transaction to get 21 rupees.
  • Now on the next page link your bank account, Google app needs to verify your sim so it needs to send a message, Keep at least 1.50 rupees main balance in your sim is SMS balance.
  • On the next page select your bank account. Now set a UPI pin, if you have already UPI pin just enter it. (Don’t say this UPI pin to anyone) .
  • Now send at least a rupee to any of your friends are sent to me.

How to earn ₹21 in google pay through referral code [ 47rg5y ]

Refer your friends to google pay and earn up to 9000 per year. To refer your friends scroll down to the bottom of the app and you can see invite a friend to click on it.

Share your link to your friends and just say them download from my link and make a UPI transaction of minimum 1 rupee.

Right after that, your friend sends the money to any of their friends you get referral amount at the time of the post-Google pay is offering 111 per refer. it may increase are decrease the referral amount.

Where to enter referral code in google pay

  • Open Google pay app.
  • On the top right-hand side, you are able to see 3 dots.
  • Click on that menu.
  • Copy the Google pay referral code and paste it.

Google Pay Referral Code

How to find your referral code

  • Open google pay
  • Navigate top corner menu
  • See option invite and earn
  • Copy code or tap invite

You can use your own code to earn money to inviting others in google pay. it is a simple way to invite.

Share the code or your referral link to anyone to invite on google pay.

When anyone puts your code in there google pay and makes the first payment then you get money between ₹21 to ₹50.

the amount is changed as per google.


Google pay is one of the best payment and easy to use app available in India to make everyday digital payment fast and secure.

It offers a lot of cashback scratch cards to new users as well as old users. The app’s referral cashback amount is also very high as compared to other payment apps.

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