When you hear the term “self-confidence,” extroverted, styled people who know exactly what they want usually come to mind. You can be confident about your latest scores at the 22Bet app.

But these four traits also make up a confident character:



Of course, you always have one or two worries or want to change something. But if you are happy with your life on the whole, it means: you are self-confident, you have made the right decisions that have brought you to this point.


This does not only mean breakneck adventures like bungee jumping. Just the fact that you dare and gather new experiences and experiences that you really feel like, shows that you are aware of yourself and your desires and act accordingly.


If you confuse extroverts with confidence, you often see people who are at the start of everything. You immediately feel bad if you cancel a meeting with friends or want to say “no” when your colleague asks for a favor. But the opposite is true: Self-aware people take their own needs seriously and don’t always have to please everyone.


Just because a person is constantly on the go and at every party, that doesn’t necessarily speak for self-confidence. Much more often, these same people are totally insecure and can’t be alone with themselves. If you can really enjoy your me-time, you definitely belong to the more confident type of person.


How do people of strong character behave?

Much more important than parroting what people of strong character say is to pay attention to what they do not say. And it is even more important to learn what they say instead.

These are the sentences that strong people never say:

“I’ll try.”

No matter how they may mean the sentence, the recipient usually only gets the message that you will make little effort or, at worst, that you will not make any effort at all.

People of strong character, on the other hand, say exactly what the situation is. They value their time too much to waste it. If they can’t or won’t do something, they will calmly explain why and then say “no” firmly and simply. 

They are assertive and active rather than passive and indecisive. When it comes down to it, they are not afraid to let others down, but can protect and communicate their own boundaries.


People of strong character will definitely not necessarily say “yes” to everything. But even worse is saying “maybe” to everything. 

In fact, insecure personalities usually use the word when they actually want to say “no” but don’t want to reject the other person. So they say “maybe” to save face in front of the other person. While at the same time hoping that they can get out of it later.

Confident people never do this. They are never insecure in their decisions. And even if they are, they have no problem changing their decision. They communicate clear commitments or politely decline. 


“I just want to mention that…”, “We should just keep in mind that…”, “May I just remind you that…”, “I just wanted to check in…” 

These sentences are significantly weakened by the short filler word. “Just” suggests that what follows the word is less important or unimportant. This is a defense mechanism that insecure people use. An unconscious way to protect themselves from discomfort and rejection. Because if what follows the “only” is not accepted, then it wasn’t that important anyway.

People of strong character behave in exactly the opposite way. They are not defensive or even apologetic. They know they have the right to take their time and space and say what they think.

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