How to Select Earrings as Per Hairstyle – Some Useful Tips

So far, it has been seen that earrings are selected according to outfit, occasion and skin tone. But this time we will let you know another peculiar factor in its selection. How often you have considered your hairstyle and select the earrings. If you have not done this yet. We will recommend you to practice this even in your daily routine.

Stunning earrings for girls hold a lot of significance since this jewelry type also elevates their personal style and charm. So, adopting this skill will be really helpful to enhance your facial features. Here, in this script we will be discussing some conventional hairstyles and the earrings type perfectly resonating with it.

Let’s get started with it.

1. Long Straightened Hair:
We know these are just your hair. But, making your hair different every time requires you to also pick the right earrings for your perfect look. For your untied long sleek hair, stud earrings would be a top choice. There are so many types of earrings, e.g., jhumka earrings, hoop earrings, drop earrings and jacket earrings, etc.

Among all these, you should pick a stunning stud earring set made with pearls or crystal because when your hair is down your face tends to look thin. And wearing drop earrings or other big earrings would be just fine, but not too good.

2. Bun Hairstyle:
We know it very well that hairstyles change face shape and the same case is with earrings. Bun hairstyle which is very common and carried by almost every other female. Whether it is a high bun or low bun, it is suggested to wear jacket earrings or hoop earrings. These two earrings style apart from the other ones and resonate well with this hairdo.

Because long earrings will cover up the space that exists between your ears and shoulders. Ears get quite visible when you make a bun hairstyle and so your choice of heavy earrings will make you look fabulous.

3. Half Up Half Down:
When you tie your hair in a manner that half hair is up and half down, you can wear both studs as well as jhumkas and jacket earrings. This hairstyle is very conventional and trendy. Girls love to adopt this hairstyle. It could be made for short hair and long hair.

It is just perfect if you don’t want a special hairdo. Without the restriction of straightening or curling, just simply uplift half of your hair and tie them up with a pony or clip, and embellish your look with a pair of an elegant dangle or sterling silver hoop earrings.

4. Side-swept Hair:
Have you tried this hairstyle? If not, then do so. You will not be disappointed at all. It will make you more stylish. What you need to do is to sweep your hair on one side of your shoulder. For such a hairstyle, pendant and drop earrings are the best among all.

This hairdo shadows your one ear with hair and the other one gets visible. When you wear jhumkas or drop earrings they just add more spice to your look. Hence, make your feminine appearance more elegant by trying drop or pendant earrings.

5. Curly Hair:
Whether short or long, curly hair has its own charm. They are unruly, disordered, and somewhat unpredictable, but they look amazing. More or less every girl wants to add curls to their hair. Whether you do it on your half hair or full hair just remember that with this type of hairstyle you are supposed to prefer small stud earrings.

Let me tell you the reason and that is curly hair gets tangled with earrings often. This is quite disturbing, so chandelier or jhumka earrings may get you in trouble. Studs are more appropriate for curly hair girls.

6. Ponytail:
Do you try this hairstyle? This is a must for your graceful and sophisticated appearance. You could make a ponytail in two ways. First one is a high ponytail and the second one is a low ponytail. For high ponytail, it is to say that long earrings – danglers, chained, hula hoops will be suitable whereas low ponytail will ask you to wear earring cuffs or hoop earrings.

Your purpose of maintaining an ideal look will be fulfilled.

Final Thought:
There are innumerable hairstyles which you could carry out easily. What matters is to polish your look with a catchy statement earring which sits well with both face cut and hairstyle.

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