Introduction of Pre Shaving Routine for Men

Introduction of Pre Shaving Routine for Men

We’ve all been there: hurriedly shaved, without proper skincare steps, resulting in viscera, inflammation, cuts and infections. Whether you want to shave your entire face or clean your beard and neckline, you must perform healthy pre-and post-shaving operations essential for healthy skin and a safe, clean shave.

Consider what happens to the skin when shaving. You drag the sharp blade to your face and cut off the top layer of cells and all the stubble (and you may have to do this several times a week). This is bound to damage your skin, make it sensitive and susceptible to bacteria, clogged pores and redness. Therefore, the correct before and after shaving care plan is as important as the razor you use. For people with dry, sensitive or even oily skin, these general tips include you.

Best Pre-Shave Routine for Men

Clean with warm water

Before using any product (whether it is a regular shaving or an advanced skincare regimen), you need to “clean the canvas” and clean the skin. This will remove excess oil, dirt and sebum from the skin. Choose a cleanser that gently but deeply extracts everything from the pores. Since this step is related to shaving, cleansing your face with warm water will also open the pores. This will help loosen the skin and hair and make shaving frictionless. Moreover, by removing excess grease and dirt, the amount of grease collected and carried by the blade in each stroke can be reduced, thereby reducing the razor’s resistance.

Apply shaving oil

After patting the skin dry with a clean towel, apply the shaving oil to the beard and skin. For the same reason, this further nourishes the skin, prepares it for sharp blades, and further softens the hair. However, more importantly, the oil forms an invisible protective layer on the skin, allowing the razor to slide smoothly on the skin without compromising the intimacy of shaving, just like an invisible cloak on your face.

Best Shaving Routine for Men

Regardless of your skin type, the following are the general steps and things to consider in your shaving plan. Let’s start with the ancient battle against Cartridge Razor Vs. Safety razor:

Choose between both

Today, blade razors are the more traditional choice because they have 3-6 blades and a built-in cooling pad, and the shave period is thorough. However, men with sensitive skin or thick beards may have difficulties if the gap between them is too small or too many blades are involved. Like those guys, you might consider using a single-sided or double-sided safety razor, and use a single blade to clean the razor effectively. Both types of razors require constant blade replacement: the cartridge blades should be replaced every 6-8 shaving or 2-3 weeks (whichever comes first). The safety blade is relatively inexpensive and can be changed once for each shave, although it can usually be used 2-3 times or 1-2 weeks. Replacing them ensures that only the sharpest and cleanest blades are used.

Choose the shave agent you prefer most

This is just a personal preference. You can choose shaving cream, gel, oil and soap. Each of them will help reduce micro incisions and, together with the oil before shaving, reduce shaving irritation. Also, they can soften facial hair and should be applied to grains to help lift the hair. If you are anxious about the ingredients used, choose a shaving agent that touts ingredients such as aloe or chamomile as well as essential oils (such as eucalyptus, sandalwood or lavender) or natural oils that soothe and hydrate (such as argan or jojoba) oil). —Especially if your skin is sensitive or dry.

Shaving with a beard

Technically, shaving a beard with a growing beard will give you a closer shave-depending on how fast your hair grows. It can save you an extra few hours or a day of Shaving time. However, by shaving off the grain, you may sink your hair under the skin and become infected. These are how ingrown hairs form. As you know, they are painful, unsightly, and require permanent repair. When shaving with the best electric shaver for men in India, additional wiping or spot checks may be required after core shave, but this will save you pain.

Slow down

This should be a soothing and enjoyable experience. Therefore, please take some time to minimize burning and any errors. Throughout the process, perform certain percussion level (but not too hard) and rinse the blade in warm water.
Store the razor correctly

Let the best electric shaver in India stand upright in a cool and dry place and dry it, and then keep it away from dust and moisture until the next shave. This prevents bacteria and dirt from accumulating on the blade and ensures the next clean and hygienic.

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