Is Using a Torrent in India illegal? What punishment?

Is Using a Torrent in India illegal? What punishment?

During the lockdown, the population around the world is consuming entertainment in large quantities. People are watching movies, web series episodes, playing games on the internet, downloading software, etc., in huge numbers. And this made it possible for them by using torrent and no cost is required.

Torrenting is one of the fastest growing methods to share information worldwide on the internet. This is illegal but if someone misuse it by using the copyright version then it makes torrent illegal. Nowadays, the use of torrents is increasing at a rapid speed on the internet.

Is Using a Torrent in India illegal? What punishment?

Torrent is banned in several countries and in India too. Those who are found using torrent sites can come under the loop of serious punishment by the government. Many countries consider using torrent sites illegal and thus, the government banned these types of sites from time to time.

On the other hand, many torrent sites do not require any signup procedures. You just have to visit the site and you can start downloading your favorite movies or episodes. You don’t have to pay any amount, which means it is completely free to use.

Why is Torrent illegal?

Torrents are illegal because they don’t have contents of their own. They host third party content on their server and redirect it to other sites.

Several movies such as Tera Kya Hoga Johnny, Udta Punjab, Paanch, etc., were leaked before the official date. So, now you can consider how much loss it can cause to the film industry.

Obtaining pirated content is seen as an offense not only in India but in several other countries and they are treated equally as per the law. The torrent can be used to download, share, and view various content such as movies, games, and software.

According to the digital piracy authority of MUSO and the reports of 2020, the use of torrent sites has been increased by 62% in India, 66% in Italy, 50% in Spain, 43% in the United Kingdom, 41% in the United States.

The primary reason for using torrent sites in a large number is that it is completely free to use all over the world and anyone can access those sites. When Putlocker was introduced, it used to receive millions of traffic per day.

Sites such as Putlocker, Movierulz, 13377x Unblock, Moviesda, etc., receive millions of traffic to its proxy servers respectively, on the internet. Now, you can consider the popularity of these torrent sites.

What if you are Found downloading a movie illegally?

If you are found downloading a movie illegally, you can even go to jail. Torrent contains a copyright version of the third-party servers and redirects you to other sites.

As per the rules and regulations by the law, if you are found using a torrent site downloading movies, games, or any kind of software then your offense in jail can be from 6 months to 3 years, and the fine is between fifty thousand to two lakhs of rupees.

As it is already described above that the official sites of the torrent sites are banned by the government from time to time such as putlocker. It is strictly prohibited by the law to use these kinds of sites.

It is always better to be safe from using torrent sites to download your favorite movies as per your choice. However, you can start using legal sites to download movies such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Crackle, etc.

Popular Alternatives To Torrent Sites

There are popular websites to visit and start downloading your favorite movies and shows legally. The best alternatives to torrent sites are described below.

1. Netflix


Netflix was founded in the year 1997, California, and known as an American media service provider. It offers online streaming of movies, web series, shows, etc. It is popular all over the world and it is a type of OTT platform.

Moreover, in the year 2010, the company expanded internationally, followed by the Caribbean and Latin America. The features of this site are really amazing and will hold your attention for a while.

2. Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video is another legal platform to watch and download movies in various formats. The name of this site includes Amazon because it is developed and operated by Amazon itself.

It offers shows and movies of every kind and you can also rent your favorite movies for a limited time if you want to. To access this website, you need to purchase a membership account.

3. Hotstar


Hot also contains serials, premium shows, or movies. You can also watch live IPL on Hotstar by paying a certain amount of membership. It is popular all over the world because this site is completely legal to use.

The Bottom Line

The legal sites are provided for you to be safe and secure from the loop of crimes. In India, torrent is not legal and you must avoid visiting and downloading movies from those sites though it is completely free to use.

It is better to use legal sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc., for downloading your favorite movies or shows. However, if you still want to use torrent then you can choose a VPN connection that will hide your IP address and keep you safe from the loop of crimes. This is all you need to know before using torrent sites on the internet.

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