Kabaddi Betting in India & Welcome Bonus

It is the oldest game in Asia, having originated in India over 4,000 years ago. Exactly who invented the game, we do not know, but it is known that it was not always just entertainment. It was originally used to train the strength and stamina needed for work and daily life, and also for self-defence.

By 1918, kabaddi had become the national team game in India. But unified rules were formulated and adopted much later, after 1923. The popularity of the game became immense and in 1990 it was included in the Asian Games, making its debut in Beijing.

Kabaddi Betting in India

Since 2014, a new wave of development of the game began. This involved the formation of the first professional league called the Pro Kabaddi League. Today it comprises eight teams. The league was initiated by businessmen who saw potential in the league. They recruited players through an auction process and within just a couple of days, the national teams were formed.

The matches are regularly broadcast on television, attracting huge crowds of fans. It is logical to assume that the betting market for this sport is enormous.

How to bet on Kabaddi in India?

Not all bookmakers accept bets on kabaddi. Only unique, locally-grounded bookmakers accept kabaddi betting.
Kabaddi is indeed an interesting game, in the process making it difficult for fans to take their eyes off the action. Knowledge of the entertainment itself is not enough for bettors. They need good preparation, which takes up half of the basic need and the morale to win. The other part is the tactics that are needed to use their power effectively.
If you feel the urge to bet on kabaddi, you first need to find a suitable betting apps that accepts bets on the sport in its entirety.

Kabaddi Betting Line

Types of kabaddi betting:

  • Net win in a match – Home/Tie/Away
  • Total – under or over.
  • Individual total.
  • Handicap on a match.
  • Double bets

Additional outcomes – even or odd, first half and second half, player statistics, defensive points and other bets, depending on the width of the spread at a particular bookmaker.

Sign up & Bonus

Betting on the official website or in the betting app is only available after registration. You can register within 5 minutes. This procedure is standard and can be done directly on the app.

There are a few important points that bettors should keep in mind. First of all, it should be understood that many bookmakers require documents to confirm identity, as well as other information that can identify the player. For their part, bookmakers do their best to ensure that every customer is able to find out detailed information about the licence, head office address and other useful information without restriction.

When you register with a particular bookmaker, you will be notified if you receive a bonus. This is usually a first deposit bonus. It can be up to 200% of the deposit amount. For example, you deposit 10,000 rupees and get 20,000 as a bonus. Each bonus has to be wagered – every bookie has different conditions, so read the rules carefully.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

After registering with the bookmaker’s office, in order to start placing bets, you must make a deposit by one of the possible methods. A deposit is a deposit into your account. Money will be withdrawn from this account for the bets placed, and winnings will be credited to this account afterwards.

While registering, you should pay attention to the currency of the account. Usually, Indian bookmakers have a choice of currencies like Rupees, Dollars, Euros and Pounds Sterling.

To make a deposit, you should read the relevant rules of the particular bookmaker, where there should be a list of deposit methods. There are often quite a number of different deposit methods available, including bank cards, money transfers and popular payment systems for a particular region.

In order to withdraw funds, visit the relevant section of the website or betting app and check the limits. If all is in order, you can order a withdrawal. Of course, the account must be verified.

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